Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The re-match ( Chapter 56 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Everyone inside the Space Dynamo, even Dr. Hook stood speechless; the huge monitor displays the great Godaikin Daimos literally back from the dead.
Mean while in their incredible Volt Machines, the Voltes Team also bears witness to the return of Godaikin Daimos.
“Steve…Its Daimos…Richard is alive!”
Little Jon announced to his big brother.
“C'mon Steve, let's help Richard!”
“Yeah Steve…” Big Bert comes in second.
“Godaikin Daimos is pretty much beat up!”
But Steve only shook his head.
“No Voltes Team; let Daimos have this fight!”
The Five magnificent Volt Machines rocketed through the blue sky towards the Space Dynamo.
Leaving the noble Daimos squaring off once again with Voltron: Defender of the Universe!
“T-there's vengeance in this giant robot's eyes Keith…” Lance started to caution his leader.
“Remember we let his sweetheart kidnapped just to level the score!”
“What'll do now Keith?” Hunk came in second.
“We can't just stand here and watch what'll do next!”
“Keith…I'm afraid…”
Princess Allura announced as she shivers.
Using anger to hide his fear, Keith snarled back at the silently accusing Daimos.
“I'm not afraid of you…You karate-freak…Voltron will finish you off!”
“Yeah,” Pidge supplies;
“You're the one who supposed to be shaking in fear because you've just messed around with Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
“C'Mon keith…” Hunk coaxed Keith.
“Let's finish him off for real!”
Keith straightened himself like some noble knight.
“O.K. Voltron Force, Let's sick him!”
Suddenly, like thunder, the superb Godaikin Voltron swings the majestic Blazing Sword to cut the uncanny Godaikin Daimos in half.
In their surprise, the Voltron Force realized that Daimos had already jumped high into the air.
Then unexpectedly, Voltron received a rapid series of kicks and hard punches from the karate-ka Godaikin in speedy sequences.
”Bammm…Bammm….Kablam…Kablammmmmm!!!!!R 21;
Bright sparks of chipped armors flies in all direction in each powerful blow.
Dazed from the constant series of impacts, the mighty Voltron struggles to balance itself.
Another chance for the great Karate-ka Godaikin Daimos to administer another round of high impact punches that seared Voltron's mighty form.
“Bammm…Bammm…Bammm…Pow…Pow!!!!̶ 1;
Again, the Voltron Force was subjected to varied hurly-burly inside their Voltron Lions.
“Keith!” Princess Allura half commands, half pleaded.
“Let's use the Blazing Sword at Daimos…it's our only hope!”
Keith tried his best to collect his wits and pushed the necessary controls to activate the Blazing sword.
But to his dismay, the karate-ka Godaikin Daimos had already kicked the head of the Voltron Green Lion who holds the prime weapon.
Voltron slammed hard on the stony ground with an atomic impact.
From his still functioning monitor, Keith could see the Blazing Sword sailing away into the sea.
“Damn it…!”
Keith slammed hard at Godaikin Voltron's turbo accelerators to make the giant defender stand up on its feet.
But the karate-ka Godaikin Daimos is already pressing on; using powerful punches that hammer the great Voltron's face!
Suddenly, the powerful Godaikin Daimos delivered a stupendous blow at Voltron's torso; sending the defender of the universe crashing at nearby canyons in a soul searing shudder!
Inside his Godaikin, Richard watched as the mighty Voltron started to rise; electronic sparks from ripped-off wires and other damaged electronic conduits suddenly spurted out in all directions.
Desperately, Voltron released one of its powerful weapons.
“Electro-cross force!”
The powerful beam hits the rocks just beneath Daimos.
The giant Karate-ka Godaikin was able to launch itself into the air just before Voltron's Electro-cross Force hits its unintended mark.
“Now its time…” Richard utters to himself.
Then he began to cross his arms to his chest.
“Double Blizzard!!!”
As a finishing maneuver, the Godaikin Daimos uses super powerful fans from Daimos' chest to cause a windstorm that looks like two tornadoes.
This “storm” envelopes the great Godaikin Voltron in the wind and forces it up and down ripping the giant robot off from where it stands.
Inside their cockpits, the Voltron Force was subjected to high intense centrifuge, like they were all thrown in to a powerful washing machine!
“Keith…” Princess Allura cries out. “What's happening?”
“I…” Keith could not find the right words in the turmoil.
“I don't know….!”
Inside his great, karate-ka Godaikin Daimos, Richard aims to end the whole ceremony.
“Daimos Death Blow!”
The Double Blizzard left the Voltron Force inside their invincible Godaikin in a daze.
They're all not in the position to maneuver their machine…They were all paralyzed by nausea and centrifugal force…
“N-No matter what happens…” Keith barely utters the words to his team, “Voltron…still…defender…of…the…universe !”
The great karate-ka Godaikin Daimos flew straight up to intercept the falling Voltron.
And like a huge stake, the great Godaikin drove its powerful fist at the body of the falling defender of Arrus with a loud tremble!
The almighty impact blasted the magnificent Godaikin Voltron in five pieces; each Voltron Lion was dislodged from the stupendous collision and thrown back into the sea…
Victorious, the grand karate-ka Godaikin Daimos stands triumphantly hovering in the skies…
Only then did Richard felt relaxed.
Suddenly, his com-link unit blinked an alarm.
“Yes…this is Richard…”
“Richard!...” Professor Jourgan gleefully announced.
“Princess Erika is here with us!”
Richard's eyes widen with excitement.
“Erika…Oh Erika…”
He reactivated his com-link.
“…Professor Jourgan…I'm on my way!”