Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Dream... ( Chapter 58 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

A lone medical transport skims the darkness of the tunnel carved by powerful earth movers provided by the Galaxy Alliance.
The medical transport went through a large medical station where several nurses and doctors from the alliance tended the defeated Voltron Force.
Koran stares back at the medical station with grim feelings; he never thought of seeing series of defeats for the Voltron Force.
It was frustrating and it dishonors the respectable house of King Alfor, not to mention, the series of defeats bring hopelessness to the people of Arus.
The Voltron Force was stripped-off of their Voltron uniforms and their bodies were covered by large medical blankets to warm them and for decency.
Large neuro scanners as well as other medical devices surround them as the doctors began to treat them from possible internal damages made by their fight against the Godaikin Daimos.
In her sleep…Princess Allura starts to twitch and moan, a nightmare of some sort suddenly entered her slumber;
She could see herself as a child running through the darkness of her old castle, flashes of lightning glares the dim passage as she scrambles to get away from something that pursues her.
Soon, she found a door and she felt great relief. She was about to open this door when suddenly, a large figure of a demon samurai blocks her path.
Her heart pounded faster, Princess Allura slowly inches herself away from the door.
Only to see the looming demon samurai being joined by a brightly glowing ghost that threatens her also.
Then a figure of a large demon wearing a karate-ka robe joined the two monsters blocking her path.
The demon samurai slowly neared her and when the lightning flash at its face, she could see the face of Voltes V.
Princess Allura cried as she felt her self being driven at the corner of the room.
Suddenly, five multi-colored lions starts to appear and charges at the looming gruesome trio and starts to attack.
At first, the child princess thought the lions had finished -off the three looming figures, but it turns out that the demon trio had special swords and knows some strange fighting moves and had beaten up the fighting lions.
And to her horror, the child princess could see the black lion being slashed by the demon samurai in a V-shaped strike!
The black lion fell dead and immediately, it blew up on contact with the ground.
Crying wildly, the child princess tried to claw her way through the thick stone corners, her fingernails bleeds as they scrape the large blocks.
The looming trio continues to approach her, now all of them wield special swords, ready to dice her to bits.
Suddenly, an enigmatic glow came from above.
A glow so vibrant so reassuring, so royal.
The little princess saw her father, King Alfor standing in front of the three armored demons.
He does not even move…he only stood there and stared at the three dark ones that slowly disintegrate into dust.
After that, the image of King Alfor turns to look at his little daughter.
He simply carried her and whispered.
“Be brave…little one…be brave…”
The little princess closed her eyes and when she opened them, she saw herself waking up and in a medical ward where Lance, Pidge, Hunk and Keith stares back at her with concern.
“Team…” Keith called back at the Voltron Force. “She's waking up!”
“I'm glad you're back, Princess...” Pidge greeted her excitedly. “I thought you're a goner!”
Keith neared her with concern. “You're under a comma for two days…We thought we'll loose you.”
Tears suddenly came out of Princess Allura's eyes and hugged Keith tightly.
“Me too Keith…I thought we had it!”
Suddenly, Koran entered the room, his face seemed pleased.
“I have good news for the Voltron Force…”
The rest of the Voltron Force looks at Koran.
“What is it, Koran…?” Lance inquires.
“The Galaxy Alliance had provided us with a small warping transport were we can go back to our own universe.” Koran informs the team. “I shall offer you Voltron Force with an R and R.”
Pidge was enthusiastic. “Now I can go visit my brother Chip!”
Lance also smiled with pleasure. “With this kind of fighting, a guy really needs some vacation!”
“…And I know where to start!” Hunk came in second as he moves to pack some of his things.
Keith stayed quiet, and then he looked at Koran with such seriousness.
“I can't go into R and R, Koran…”
“Keith…”Princess Allura tries to sit on the recovery bed. “What are you saying?”
Koran stared back at Keith and seems to anticipate the answer from the Voltron Leader.
“That Voltes V dishonors Voltron and King Alfor…” Keith snapped angrily. “We can't let that happen and turn our backs from it…”
The other Voltron Force members look at Keith then at Koran.
Hunk considers his luggage and tosses these back into his room.
“Keith is right…” Hunk replies. “We can't just leave without finishing the job!”
Pidge stayed quiet for some time and then suddenly raised his head. “I'm not going anywhere without seeing Voltron pulverizing that no-good shnobot Voltes V!”
Lance just sits back and exhaled.
“Well. There goes R and R!”
Koran just nodded as reply for Lance.
Then he sat at the middle of the Voltron Force.
“Field Commander Razz had just created a “Voltes V test droid” fitted with some of the enemy's arsenals and functions.”
The Voltron Force stood there speechless.
They realized how grave the situation aside from fighting and loosing in continuing sequence against Voltes V and the other Earth Godaikins, now they have to train themselves using a classified test droid that bears all resemblance of their current enemy.
“Plus old data from your battle records against sword wielding ro-beasts were uploaded into the “Voltes V test droid's” memory banks.” Koran continued.
Keith looks around at his team mates and then, back at Koran.
“Koran, when will we start training?”
Koran took a deep breath. “As soon as you're ready Voltron Force, as soon as you're ready!”