Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ An encounter with the Battle Machines! ( Chapter 59 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The great skies of Earth welcomes five strange looking Earth defense machines hovering through the clouds; at first glance, the five machines looks similar to that of the Volt Machines of Voltes V with their color code of red, white, chrome and dark blue parts but in truth this group of machines are different altogether.
They are Godaikin machines called the Combattler Battle Machines.
Five powerful battle vehicles as large as the Volt Machine V's.
Just like the Volt Machines, the ferocious Battle Machines were powered by intense super electro-magnetic energy, piloted by a group of highly skilled Earth defense team called “The Battle Team.”
The Battle Machines lines up to the task of patrolling the skies for possible Voltron activities and just like the Volt Machines of Voltes V, the Combattler Battle Machines had designated vehicle names:
The Combattler Battle Jet, a sleek and gleaming red armored space fighter soars ever majestically through the air, joined by the heavy image of the Combattler Battle Clasher, a profoundly armored space vehicle.
Behind these is the Combattler Battle Marine, a gleaming dark blue and chrome aerial submarine machine that carries the Combattler Battle Tank; powerful dark blue war pod fitted with missile launchers and other hidden arsenals.
Last but not least is the Combattler Battle Craft (Battle Kulaft); a sleek blue and white conveyance armed to the tilt!
Youthful Glen Hyouma, leader of the Battle Team and pilot of the Battle Jet checked some of his scanners that scan the small islands just beneath his patrolling team.
“Dr. Yotsuya's report bears the range similar to the latitude and longitudes of these islands.” Glen announces at his team as he switch his machine to auto pilot.
Jason Naniwa, second in command of the group studies Glen's observations casually.
Being the pilot of the Battler Clasher, Jason sometimes seems too over confident even to consider hidden on coming threats. “We might as well look for the giant armored pussycat down among those islands…”
Bob Nishikawa pilot of the Battle Tank carefully adjusted his consoles for a possible island search and investigation. “I agree with him Glen.” He voiced out.
“Who knows, we may even find some enemy war factory hidden among these mountains.”
Stephanie Nambara, the young female member of the Battle Team and pilot of the Battle Marine came in second.
She looked calm and lovely as Jamie. “We can even make an all out search at the surrounding islands if we can't find any Voltron activity in this one.”
Kevin Kosuke is the youngest member of the Battle Team, pilot of the Battle Craft agrees with Stephanie. “Sure thing so we can have some action.”
He winced as he re-adjusts his sitting position. “My butt's been killing me for sitting in the same spot for about four hours now!”
In his cockpit, Glen smiles and nodded. “O.K. Battle Team, let's hunt some lions!”
In unison, the Battle Team activated their ship's stealth mode and proceeded towards the island in question.
Out in the blue skies, the Combattler Battle Machines turns around and gracefully skims the surface of the ocean, into the thickets of the island's jungles.
Gaudy birds and other exotic fowls start to scream and fly-off as the giant Combattler Battle Machines passes by; the Battle Marine releases the heavy looking Battle Tank on to the ground before the Battle Marine dives into a nearby bay.
The Battle Craft with its drills began to plunge itself underground as the Battle Jet and Battle Clasher patrol the higher atmosphere.
Somewhere in another part of the island, another looming giant figure scares the island birds away.
The gigantic figure moves with caution, studying possible obstacles, natural and other wise.
Out in the clearing, the image looked like the Godaikin Voltes V searching for its opponent.
Suddenly, from out of the jungle's thickness, five gleaming Voltron Lions began to pounce at the looming giant target.
Inside his cockpit, Keith studies the huge Voltes V training droid before him.
“It doesn't move like Voltes V, Koran…” he informs Koran who is busy monitoring the five Voltron Lions from the almost repaired Stellar Ship Explorer from a neighboring island hide out. “…It should move like some living giant person, not like some clunky old…”
A powerful barrage of laser bolts hit the Voltron Black Lion.
The impact sends the leader lion crashing on some boulders just beside a cliff.
The Voltron Red Lion produces a “red dagger” from its mouth and began slashing at the giant Voltes V-like training droid.
Sparks of molten metal flies around in every direction as the Voltron Dagger came in contact and scratches its metal surface.
But the Voltes V training droid slams its armored forearms against the attacking Voltron Lion; throwing the armored beast aside like some discarded toy.
In his Voltron Green Lion, Pidge felt the adrenalin rushes as he aims his target at the Voltes V training droid.
“I'm going to destroy you Voltes V!”
The Voltron Green Lion released several missiles that almost hit their target.
The Voltes V training droid somersaulted into the air and when it lands, releases a barrage of laser fire.
The laser fire hits the Voltron Blue Lion at its side, Princess Allura felt herself being flunked around violently.
“Keith…” she announced. “I think we need another strategy.”
Lance made his Voltron Red Lion fly in high speed and slammed it self hard against the Voltes V test droid's back, sending the gargantuan training machine slamming hard against the rock floor.
“That's for the Princess!” Lance jeered in his cockpit.
Suddenly, a mighty length of chain came wrapping itself around the Voltron Green Lion.
Lance realized that the Voltes V test droid is already on its feet and threw a chain rocket at his lion.
The Voltes V test droid began slamming the Voltron Green Lion violently at a nearby mountain side.
Lance could not move, like his body's being glued at his seat.
The Voltron Yellow Lion jumped high and landed behind the Voltes V test droid.
The metallic paws starts to scratch and dig in behind the test enemy.
The Voltes V test droid went off balanced; toppling hard down the dirt with aloud shudder.
Then, the five Voltron Lions stood triumphantly behind its back.
“That thing does not move or fight like Voltes V at all…” Keith voiced out his criticisms.
“There's only one thing they made right though…the thing emits powerful electro magnetic energy…”
Keith saw Koran's expressions change in the monitor.
“But Keith,” Koran said with puzzlement.
“The test droid does not need electro magnetic emissions…there is no …”
Suddenly, out of the thickets, five gleaming Earth defense machines began to burst out before the surprised Voltron Force.
The Combattler V Battle Machines!
“So!” Glen hollers from his cockpit. at the Voltron Black Lion, “You can't beat Voltes V so you guys settle for test dummies?”
“C'mon Glen…” Jason taunts the Battle Team leader. “Let's waste these bozos!”
“Yeah…” Bob came in second. “Let's show these invaders what Combattler V can do!”
In his cockpit, Keith turns around and scans the surrounding area;
Another Godaikin enemy…
The Voltron Lions were surrounded by hovering combat-ready Combattler V Battle Machines!