Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Face To Face with Combattler V ( Chapter 60 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

A dozen battle missiles from the Combattler Battle Jet hit the metallic hide of the Voltron Black Lion in brisk sequences.
In his cockpit, Glen Hyoma leader of the Battle Team maneuvers his deadly conveyance in a playful yet threatening pace checking every move of Keith's Voltron Black Lion.
The Voltron Blue Lion charges at the Combattler Battle Marine with all its maximum speed, only to receive a great discharge of bombs, salvo after salvo.
Pidge in his Voltron Green Lion aimed his sights directly underneath Kevin's Combattler Battle Craft.
“I have my sights on you…” He snarled as he adjusts his targeting sights. “…You interloper!”
The Combattler Battle Craft receives a barrage of missiles from the Voltron Green Lion.
Kevin instinctively adjusts his machines' stabilizing units as the great craft plunges down a clearing of palm trees.
“Is that all you can give?” Kevin teases Pidge as he prepares to execute a swooping dive at the Voltron Green Lion.
“Well now, eat this!”
The great Combattler Battle Craft retracts two drill-like missiles before its front part slams hard against the body of the standing Voltron Green Lion. Automatically, the drill-like missiles activated; sending sparks upon contact against the Voltron Green Lion's body.
The drill produced a series of loud, screeching noise that made Pidge inside his cockpit yell hard and instinctively, he tried to cover his ears. (Even as he wears his helmet.)
The drill missiles were released and send of a crescendo of devastating explosions.
Dazed but not out, Keith receives a call from his com-link; it was Hunk!
“We can't just let these upstarts ruin our training session…”
“You're right Hunk…” Keith replies. “They'll pay dearly to Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
“Were with you Keith…” Princess Allura replies. “Let's go Voltron Force!”
Suddenly, the Voltron Lions disengage fighting with the Combattler Battle Machines and starts with the ancient rituals of long ago:
“Insert keys, mega thrusters activated, turbo thrusters are go…”
“Let's form Voltron…!
Form feet and Legs…Form arms and Body….
And I'll form the Head!...
The magnificent form of the great Godaikin Voltron flashes before the waiting squadron of Combattler Battle Machines.
Glen in his Battle Jet made a loud guffaw after seeing the defender of Arus standing in front of them.
“That huge giant thing looked like a multi-colored circus clown!”
“Yeah…” Kevin in the Battle Craft smartly replied to Glen's observations. “I just can't believe those aliens go around riding that?” He then slumped back into his seat, feeling sorry for the Voltron Force. “sheesh!”
“Better them than us…” Jason in the Battle Clasher came in second…”As far as I'm concerned, Combattler V had red and blue color scheme just like Superman!”
“…And that's what Combattler V is…” Bob in the Battle Tank joins in. “The Superman of Robots!”
“O.K. Glen…”Stephanie in the Battle Marine smartly buts in. “Let's “combine”!”
Glen smiled secretly after hearing Stephanie's voice.
“O.K. team…let's Combine!”
The five roaring Combattler V battle Machines soared like eagles through the breezy air and positions to “combine”.
The Combattler Battle Jet releases a powerful stream of super-electro magnetic energy that connects with the other Battle Machines.
Then the Combattler Battle Crasher pushed itself through the rear section of the Battle Jet.
The non-flying Combattler Battle Tank is reeled up by the intense super electro magnetic energy to push itself through the Battle Crasher and then, the Combattler Battle Marine came next, inserting itself through a cavity behind the Battle Tank.
The Combattler Battle Craft came in last by dividing itself into two halves that connects into a slot found beneath the two sides of the now legs-like Battle Marine.
The grand combination of giant Battle Machines forms the great Godaikin Combattler V that rights itself in mid air and stood face to face before Voltron: Defender of the Universe!
“Combattler Veeeee!”
The giant super machine made an obligatory salute by punching straight up into the air as a form of defiance.
Keith and the rest of the Voltron Force could not believe their eyes because they seem to be seeing Voltes V's twin brother.
“So that's Combattler V…” Pidge voiced out. “That thing looks just like Voltes V!”
“Keith…” Princess Allura. Comes in second, “I suggest extreme caution…”
Keith stared directly at his monitor, displaying the huge shinning blue, red, silver armored Godaikin before them. “I had enough of Voltes V's…let see what this bozo can do!”
“Electro-Cross Force!”
Suddenly, a powerful cross-beam came out of Voltron's crest and aimed at Combattler V's chest.
Immediately, Glen countered with:
“Combattler Gatling Missiles!”
The giant Godaikin Combattler V released a series of atomic missiles from its fingers; blasting Voltron's Electro-cross force out of range.
Glen smiled to himself. “Now this is interesting…”
Like some adroit oriental dancer, the uber-sized Godaikin Warrior somersaulted into the air, its mega-massive foot giving Voltron, a powerful earth shattering kick in the face!
When the giant machine landed, it wastes no time dispersing some of its most deadly arsenals.
From the top of Combattler V's headgear, a fiery V-shaped laser hits Voltron squarely at the crest on his chest.
The impact of the laser V sends the gigantic warrior of Arus crashing on top of the downed Voltes V training droid.
The jolting shock seemed to re-activate the downed training droid and automatically made it move; to punch the face of Voltron in a powerful blast that can render any highly trained pilot, senseless!
Dazed and utterly confused, the Voltron Force tried their best to recover from the sudden shock; only to receive another jolt of pure violence from the Voltes V training droid.
“Damn it!” Keith could only utter. “The enemy and the training droid are pouncing almighty strikes at Voltron and the Voltron Force!”
“We got to reach Koran or Field Commander Razz about this!” Hunk pleaded to Keith.
“…or else were goners!”
Voltron turns around and gave the mighty Combattler V a taste of Voltron power.
“Voltron Kick!”
The Voltron Lion Kick hit's the giant Combattler V in the midsection, sending the mighty electro-magnetic champion crashing hard against rocks and dirt.
The action served its purpose; Combattler V being downed will give Voltron enough time to re-position itself.
But as the great Godaikin turns around to scantly scout the surrounding area, a hurricane-like blow sends the Godaikin crashing against rows of boulders at the side of a rocky mountain.
The Voltes V training droid stood in a lethal fighting stance.
Inside his Combattler Battle Jet Cockpit, Glen studies his console readings before re activating his giant Godaikin.
“That training droid's moving by its programming!” he announced at the Battle Team. “It's attacking Voltron as well!”
“We'll have to contact the Nambarra Connection and Camp Big Falcon…” Jason replies. “They'll be apprehending Voltron in no time!”
Glen smiled secretly.
“I have a better Idea…” Glen said as he clutches at his flight sticks so hard. “…Why don't we clobber this giant pussycat first before handling it to the authorities?”
“Sure thing, Glen…” Bob agrees. “We can even test how powerful Combattler V is!”
Outside, Combattler V suddenly jumps high and landed feet first on the ground creating a mild earthquake!
Voltron and the Voltron Force gradually recovers from the training droid's blows, noticed that the giant enemy Godaikin stands like an all-mighty fighter before them.
“That big show -off!” Keith snarled under his breath.
“Voltron Eyebeam!”
From Voltron's eyes a powerful beam of energy blasted Combattler V's chest, sending the red, silver and blue Godaikin tumbling down the hard stony ground with a cataclysmic shudder!
“We got e'm Keith…” Pidge celebrates wildly inside his cock pit. “We put that blasted thing on ice!”
“Yeah…” Keith replies. “…And we're gonna dice it to pieces!”
Unknowingly, the giant Voltes V training droid silently went behind Voltron when it was preoccupied with Combattler V.
Immediately, the training droid slammed two of its fists violently at Voltron's back; sending the massive robotic conveyance sprawling down the dirt floor.
Coincidently, Combattler V is already standing before Voltron could raise itself and come face to face once again.
“Chodenji Yo-Yo!”
Two powerfully charged electro-magnetic yo-yo suddenly materialized at the red, blue and silver colored Godaikin.
Immediately, Combattler V aimed these and utilized both weapons' extreme lethal powers at Voltron.
The Chodenji yo-yo hit their mark; one at Voltron's side, sending off molten sparks of angry metal.
The other one twirls around Voltron's neck in a deadly neck-cutting constriction!
Instinctively, Voltron grabbed the high tensile Chodenji Yo-yo's wire trying to pull these off from its neck.
Inside Voltron's head, Keith seem to feel what Voltron feels as inch by inch, the Chodenji Yo-yo's wire penetrates the thick, armor hide of Voltron's neck.
“There's got to be a way of getting out of this jam…” Keith can only mutter to himself.
“That giant Yo-yo's wire is cutting through Voltron's neck…One false move and Voltron would be decapitated!”
On Combattler V's side, Glen continues to coax Keith in his com-link.
“This is what you get from hitting off with Planet Earth smelly alien beasts!” He intensifies the pressures from the computerized hydraulics that made Combattler V's arms move.
“Anytime, the Chodenji Yo-yo's wire will cut Voltron's head and we will be singing V…V…V…Victory!”