Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Combattler V resurected! ( Chapter 62 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Suddenly, like having a life of its own, the battered but still magnificent Combattler V starts to stand.
Glen Hyoma as well as the Battle Team could only sit back and watch their consoles re-configure themselves.
“The power of intense electro-magnetic energy…” Kevin could only utter to himself even thou he really has no idea of what's happening.
The whole thing just lasted for several minutes and when the great Godaikin stood firmly to the ground, Glen starts to activate his machine's controls.
“Come on Battle Team; let's hunt that Voltron lion robot invader!”
“Go Combattler V!” was the Battle Team's reply in unison.
Meanwhile, Voltron recovers from the bright light crash.
Keith and the Voltron Force checked all their consoles, panels and other instrumentations for possible damages and other types of malfunctions.
“My consoles' O.K. Keith…” Lance reported.
“Mine's a bit awry…” Hunk came in seconds. “But they all checks out…”
“What happened to the enemy?” Princess Allura starts to ask.
“Maybe they hit the self destruct button and blew up!” Pidge answers her. “You know those gooks; they rather die than face the consequences of their actions!”
Princess Allura nodded at Pidge's words when suddenly, her central scanners picks up an intense rush of electro-magnetic energy.”
“Keith…” The princess immediately informs the Voltron Force leader. “My scanners picking up a surge of electro-magnetic energy…could it be?”
Outside, Voltron turns around and receives a mighty flying kick that was delivered by the rejuvenated Combattler V!
The giant mechanical kick threw Voltron's massive figure crashing down the rocky jungle floor with a screaming crash that sends another batch of exotic birds flying in all directions.
Then, the towering figure of Combattler V made a somersault and lands in front of the slowly rising body of Voltron.
Once again, the Voltron Force was subjected to intense pinball-like turmoil inside their cockpit.
Keith immediately activated his monitors, only to find the great image of Combattler V standing in a battle stance mode.
“So...!” Keith tries to sound like proud and unaffected but in truth, a great swarm of fluttering butterflies seems to hover inside his stomach. “You're still standing?”
“Let's cut the chit-chat and focus on what's happening…” Glen rudely cuts Keith's words. “You and your stupid Voltron Force are about to die!”
After that, Combattler V unleashed its final weapon of choice.
“Electro-Magnetic Spinner!”
Combattler V's hands retracts back inside its armored fore arms and what replaced them, is a huge armored drill.
Inside Combattler V, the Battle Team braced themselves on to their control seats as the massive body of Combattler V begins to move.
Then, the mighty Godaikin threw itself and once airborne, the massive cybernetic super warrior begins to turn around…Around and around until its whole body is a blurring 57 meter high drill that flew like a torpedo and aiming at Voltron straight on the chest.
Like wise, Voltron threw everything it got against the raging Combattler juggernaut.
“Voltron Eye Beam!”
“Voltron Electronic-Cross Force!”
“Voltron Wing Attack!”
“Voltron Blazing arrows!”
“Voltron Royal Shield Blast!”
But all of these just bounced back upon contact with the unstoppable Combattler V Electro-Magnetic Spinner!
The impact sends Voltron and the Voltron Force crashing back first beside a huge mountain.
The giant Combattler V drill continues to press hard against Voltron's chest.
Soon, thousands of sparks went flying through the air as the giant Combattler V drill starts making contact with the armors of Voltron's chest.
The Voltron Force screamed and moaned as thousands of electrical sparks rained down their bodies.
Keith desperately tries to look for something to counter the powerful pressure brought by the huge monster drill.
“There's got to be a way to stop this thing…” Keith uttered as he frantically tries for the controls.
Soon, the Insert key's/Mega thruster activation panels starts to explode.
Keith tried for the monitors but they blacked out.
He could only hear the cries and moans made by the Voltron Force pinned inside their cockpit.
Princess Allura in her cockpit screams in panic and this made her faint…In an unconscious state, she saw herself being pinned against a huge rock wall by some large, demonic drill.
But suddenly, a gush of warm wind swept her to safety.
When she opened her eyes, she could see the image of her father, King Alfor shielding her with some gossamer-like veil from the raging drill.
But the drill continues to press on, gradually penetrating the veil, sending sparks of lightning from all directions.
Princess Allura woke up screaming, only to find herself and the Voltron Force, in the safety of a sick bay inside a recovery submarine, dispatched by Koran.
“Wha…what happened Voltron Force?”
Keith stood up from the recovery bed and gave Princess Allura a warm hug.
“Koran uses the Vector beam on Voltron to escape that raging maniac, Combattler V.”
“…And in the nick of time!” Lance buts in.
“Still…” Pidge came in second. “Voltron doesn't prove anything…doesn't defeat that Combattler V creep!”
Princess Allura slowly sank down to her bed and starts sobbing.
The pressures seem to weigh its toll on her.
The rest of the Voltron Force stayed quiet and just looks at her.
Meanwhile, the spinning Combattler V gradually slows its pace as the great monster drill begins to reach the other side of the mountain; slowly the auxiliary energy depletes and the great Combattler V bogs down tired as its powerful engines automatically shuts down.
Just like the great warrior behemoth, the Battle Team slumped down their cockpit seats half unconscious; unable to hear the low thud of copter rotors circling their position.
Outside, about twelve giant military choppers, the kind that carries tanks, artilleries and other armors into battlefields readies to retrieve the great Godaikin Combattler V back to the Nambarra Connection.
Inside his Battle Jet, Glen could only watch the unconscious Stephanie in her cockpit from his monitor.
He studied her face as if he was watching a sleeping baby.
Then, he heard the roaring military choppers as they start to haul Combattler V back to its base.
He looks back at the image of Stephanie in his monitor.
“Everything will be alright Stephanie…” He muttered to himself like a lullaby. “…Everything's going to be alright…”