Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Pidge's Sentiments ( Chapter 63 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

A calm morning greeted Camp Big Falcon.
It's grand and imposing image blends with the puffy white clouds in the sky.
The Voltes Team is seen in their usual training routine:
*Steve in his motor cycle doing stunts and shooting at briskly moving targets.
*Mark riding his thoroughbred, doing dangerous bronco-stunts and using his whip.
*Big Bert twirls his battle staff at human-like cyborg test dummies.
*Jamie jumps from tree to tree as powerful machine guns fires at her in speedy sequences.
*Little Jon is underwater battling a mechanical shark.
“O.K. Team…” Dr. Hook called out to the Voltes Team.
“Trainings over for now…”
“What is it Dr. Hook?” Steve asked.
“Commander Robinson and I just talked about the continuing alien aggression…”
Dr. Hook replied as the Voltes Team approaches.
“The attack against the Space Dynamo was pretty daring.” Dr. Hook begins.
“You can just imagine if they try the same maneuver against Big Falcon and just this morning, the Battle Team intercepted the aliens' training ground using a dummy Voltes V test droid to sharpen their skills!”
The Voltes Team stood slack jawed by the news.
“So, this means Voltron can recover that easily after what Daimos did…” Mark replied.
“How remarkable, don't you think so Jaime?”
Jaime replied back just by nodding.
“Then we have to be very careful…” Big Bert commented. “They maybe figuring a way to go around Voltes V's attacks and defenses, that's why they're using a training droid!”
Dr. Hook nods back at Big Bert then starts to turn around and re-enter the base.
“I've been doing some revisions for Voltes V, care to come along?”
“Yes sir…” The Voltes Team nodded in unison then they proceeded at the large logistic factory where the impressive Godaikin Voltes V undergoes further modifications.
There are about fifty electronic arms, cranes and other automated repair units going around the standing Godaikin.
Each mechanized arm had specific programs and errands repairing, programming, cleaning and recharging Voltes V's complex multi-tasked components.
The great Godaikin had hundreds of electronic cable hook-ups, making sure that the magnificent ultra-electro magnetic machine is in tip-top shape.
As the Voltes Team watched the Godaikin Voltes V's operation in awe, a small red robotic octopod races though the air; its tentacles twirl in a gyro-like fashion.
“Octo One!” Little Jon greeted his mechanical creation with so much enthusiasm.
“Little Jon, Voltes V's modifications are in advancement.
Everything's progressing in proper time frame…” The robotic Octo One informs.
“That's right, Little Jon.” Dr. Hook came in second.
“I placed a compatible “Rapid Fire” program in Voltes V's central main frame.” Dr. Hook informs as he indicated the area.
“I also updated the machines' “Counter Balance” module supports for the hips, legs and foot weights.”
“That's neat!” Little Jon replied.
“The Counter Balance module easily overrides and distributes any unbalance weight produced by sudden movements in the Godaikin's body!”
Mark scratched his head and looks at Little Jon.
“Can you be a bit specific, Little Jon?”
“Sure…” Little Jon reassures. “All that I'm saying is, aside from the skill of a samurai warrior, Voltes V now has the agility of a skilled martial artist!”
The Voltes team just opened their mouth in disbelief…the huge; square bodied Godaikin before them is now more agile than before….
Mean while, beneath the hidden island base which serves as temporary sanctuary for Voltron and the Stellar Ship Explorer, the Voltron Force are all in sickbay while Koran and Commander Hawkins are discussing to re-open a dimensional doorway what was known as "the Threshold", into another universe.
Meanwhile at Sickbay, Pidge is the first to wake up.
He stayed in his recovery bed thinking of what had happened to Voltron and the Voltron Force in the battle against the karate-ka Godaikin Daimos and the recent encounter with the super magnetic Godaikin Combattler V.
“That's unfair…Voltron can never be defeated…Nothing can stand against Voltron…” Then he looks at the sedated Voltron Force. “…But why?”
Cheddar and his group of space mice stared at Pidge with deep sympathy.
Never in Voltron's history did the Voltron Force suffered from succeeding defeats.
Pidge squats before Cheddar and his group.
“Voltron is and always be the Defender of the Universe…We are the champions and we stand proud before other galactic foes…”
Cheddar can only squeak in sympathy.
Pidge got up and looks at his team mates; still sleeping and recuperating from the two encounters they just under went.
“You don't deserve to be beaten up like this, guys…” Tears began to flow from young Pidge's eyes.
“Those yellow monkeys in their giant robots…yeah…they'll gonna pay!”
He approached a large, poster-like surveillance frame of Godaikin Voltes V.
Pidge felt the pang of sudden anger at the image.
He took a small bottle of hydro-choric acid and threw it at the image; the acid burns the image, distorting it.
Pidge threw his fist at the melting image.
“You yellow monkeys are all looking for trouble…just wait and you'll be dealt with by Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
Cheddar's squeaking attracted Pidge's attention.
He turns around and saw the Space mice pointing at another surveillance image; this time, the image is that of Camp Big Falcon.
A plan crossed Pidge's mind and it made him smile.
“Cheddar you're a genius!”