Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Junior Encounters ( Chapter 66 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Little Jon and Octo One hid themselves quietly and they waited for the trespasser to enter his father's study center.
Soon enough, Pidge enabled to squeeze himself into the dimmed room.
“What kind of place is this?” he muttered to himself. "Am I in some kind of galactic trash compactor or something?”
Cheddar and his group are the first to look around; the place seemed like a large warehouse filled with left over airport equipments.
Modest-sized power converting machineries in lined with bookshelves, secondary information retrieval units, seats and a host of other mechanical equipments, some familiar to Pidge, some thoroughly alien.
“Boy!...Is this Camp Big Falcon?” Pidge muttered audibly.
“From the looks of it I say its one heck of a pig's sty!”
Pidge activated a compact night vision torch and tries to look for the light switch as
Cheddar and the Space mice test the scent around the room…they seem to notice another presence sitting quietly…waiting….
“I tell you one thing…” Pidge talked to Cheddar, “These Voltes Team gooks are sure a sloppy force to reckon with…They're not as bright and disciplined as the Voltron Force!”
Suddenly, a voice came out of the darkness…
“You know, for a space fighter you got a big mouth!”
Startled, Pidge turns around only to receive a smashing flying kick.
The kick sends Pidge tumbling down, into a row of dusty machinery components.
Immediately, Little Jon came out in the open.
He grabbed Pidge at the collar and gave him a head butt.
Then he gave Pidge a knee kick that sends the young Voltron Force member, crashing in another pile of machineries.
Pidge stood up but could not see; he realized that his glasses were smashed up and the night vision torch he was handling is no where to be found.
“I will not allow you foul mouthing my team mates, you invader!” Little Jon snarled at Pidge from the darkness. “Were the Voltes Team and were all gonna send you Voltron Force miscreants to Hell!”
Suddenly, the room becomes brightly lit. Little Jon was taken a back and saw Cheddar and his Space mouse group flicking on the light switch.
“Thanks Cheddar,” Pidge said as he tries to make a boxer's stance. “Now I'm gonna give this Voltes brat a T.K.O!”
Pidge moves to give Little Jon some nasty punches; a left hook, a right wing and an upper cut.
But Little Jon dodges the attacks skillfully; each lethal blow was evaded nonchalantly.
Pigde starts to get irritated; “Hold still you punk!”
Little Jon does hold still, and intercepted Pidge's punch by grabbing it!
“What the…?”
Little Jon then grabbed Pidge arm and suddenly twisted it using his whole body as leverage.
Pidge moaned in pain as Little Jon sends him down the floor.
Alarmed, Cheddar and the Space mice tries to jump at Little Jon's neck to aid Pidge when suddenly, they were whisked away by Octo One's powerful tentacles.
“Intruder alert!”
Octo One spewed mace at the space mice and Cheddar.
“Aliens in the base, repeat aliens in the base!”
His group disoriented, Cheddar quickly climbs a stack of machineries and headed for a small book shelf.
He then pushed one of the books and let the other books fall down on Octo One.
Octo One received a barrage of percussions from the falling books.
Cheddar was jumping up and down with joy from the shelf but Octo One immediately recovers.
The little robot octopi rotate his tentacles and floats up towards Cheddar.
Frightened, Cheddar races hurriedly, further into the secret study center as Octo One follows in pursuit.
Mean while, Pidge was able to grab a large wrench and tries to smash Little Jon's legs with it.
Little Jon instinctively dodged the wrench, thus releasing Pidge from his twisting grab.
Pidge stood up and faced Little Jon once again; this time he held up the wrench at him.
“I'm going to enjoy turning your gook's mug into pulp!” he snarled at Little Jon.
But when he was about to pounce at Little Jon with the wrench, the youngest Voltes Team member released an extremely sharp bowie knife and threw this at Pidge.
Mean while, Octo One cornered Cheddar against the wall; the poor space mice tried all his best to escape but to no avail, he even tried to jump up from Octo One but Octo One hangs there like a brick wall.
Cheddar also tried to squeeze out under Octo One but the Space mice considered the powerful heat emitted by Octo One's exhausts
Soon, the space mice tired down in his attempts and Octo One successfully took Cheddar by the tail and drags him down back to Little Jon.
The surprised Pidge saw the menacing flash of the bowie knife hissing into the air and landing with a loud thud beside his groin.
Pidge stood there dropping the large wrench, transfixed with surprise and fear.
Little Jon could see Pidge's body shaking in shock, wetting his pants.
“I believe you have to get out now…” Little Jon said as he took some of the knives around the shaking Pidge.
Then, Little Jon took another bowie knife and waves it at Pidge.
“…And if you're not out of here by ten, it'll be curtains for you!”