Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Team against Team! ( Chapter 68 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Powerful turbo jets from the four, majestic Voltron Lions heating up the sands of the beach as the Voltes Team stared at them in incredulity.
“Here comes the alien cavalry!” Mark Gordon sneered as he looks at the descending Voltron Red Lion, more irritated than impressed.
“Watch out team,” Steve cautioned his team mates. “Remember not to underestimate the enemy!”
Big Bert snarled like a bulldog before the descending Voltron Yellow Lion; never voicing out his concerns but his piercing eyes could be read.
Jamie continues to look calm as she watches the Voltron Blue Lion touches the burned sea shore sand.
She then readies in a fighting stance.
The giant Voltron Lions settled down, there seems to be no life coming out these huge metallic monuments.
Pidge runs towards the waiting Voltron Lions, eager to join his rescuing team mates.
“Hey look…” Little John pointed at Pidge. “That Voltron kid is getting away!”
Suddenly, the hatch from the Voltron Black Lion opens and out came the Voltron Force's leader: Keith Kogane.
“Pidge, get back to your lion!” Keith barked his orders, seemingly disapproving what Pidge had done while the Voltron Force was in sick bay.
“We'll discuss this matter, after we deal with these Voltes punks!”
One by one, the rest of the Voltron Force emerges out of their mighty Voltron Lions, and then stared vindictively at the ever ready Voltes Team.
Hunk was about to reply from Keith's harsh barking at Pidge when he noticed most of the Voltron Force are all out from their lions and standing face to face at the Voltes Team.
Gladly, he joined them and was pleased to bend his steam on somebody else.
“So, we meet eye to eye Voltes punks!” Keith growls at Steve and the Voltes Team. “I say why don't we test it here…In this beach team against team…Mano y mano!”
“Why…this Voltes Team is just kids…”Princess Allura voiced her observations. “And these children need spanking!”
Hunk flexes his knuckles as he stared at Big Bert. “…And I'm itching to give it to `em!”
Steve gave Big Bert a stern look; He seems about to whistle mad like a boiling tea kettle.
“You aristocratic murderers!” Big Bert could bare it no more, snarled back at the Voltron Force. “You dared to show your mug at us after you killed most of those soldiers in the Earth International Defense Base!”
He was about to lunge at Hunk when Steve calms him down.
“No Big Bert…” He explained. “We are the Voltes Team and we have to show these invaders that we are but noble warriors protecting the Earth!”
Steve looks at Keith and raised his fist.
“Keith,” he begins.
“Did you see the ten billion people and my father on my shoulders?...It is their strength you are fighting!”
Keith shook his head in disgust and stared back at Steve.
“This planet is just a small speck among so many others, you're fighting against Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
Steve ignored Keith's irritating reply. “Voltes V and the Voltes team are defenders too…We are honorable fighters and before reducing ourselves to “savages” I suggest you and your Voltron Force better leave us in peace!”
Mark Gordon suddenly butts in; he was tired of Steve's philosophies.
“I say let's give these aliens the thing that they deserve.” He took out his thick bull whip and snapped a thundering whip crack at Lance. “Talking is cheap and a waste of time!”
In reply, Lance suddenly leaps up and tried a “flying kick” at Mark, who dodges the attack by swiftly turning around. Mark then delivered a sharp side winding kick that hits Lance flat at the rib cage.
“You're gonna get it little Fatso!” Hunk blurted out as he starts to mow Big Bert down the ground; Football style!
Using the gentle maneuver in Aikido, Big Bert calmly yet firmly used Hunk's own weight against him; Big Bert side steps before Hunk could grab him.
Big Bert then held Hunk in a split second and used his legs as leverage.
Hunk was already down the sand before he realized what has happened to him.
Meanwhile, Princess Allura stared at the quietly standing Jamie.
Assuming that Jamie is nothing but a dainty looking “flower base” Princess Allura took out a hand held laser pistol and pointed it at Jamie's direction.
But there was no Jaime to shoot at: Immediately, a surge of sudden anxiety a washed Princess Allura.
Surely, she could have felt the young girl's departure as she had reached for her gun in just a matter of seconds.
Absently, Princess Allura turns around, only to see Jamie standing next to her.
Because of shock and sudden disbelief, Princess Allura instinctively fired the laser pistol, hitting the hull of her Voltron Blue Lion.
Jamie wasted no time; like a panther, she leaps up and kicked the laser pistol from Princess Allura's hand.
The pistol flew away from the ninja girl's kick.
Jamie lands a meter away from the bewildered princess.
In great shock, Princess Allura stood frozen.
Her eyes grew wide as Jamie started to move towards her.
“D-don't come any closer…Don't come any closer…KEEP AWAY!”
Suddenly Jamie leaps up and like an arrow, made a sudden vertical velocity at the quivering Voltron Princess!
Jamie's fatal assault looked so fearful and accurate…her hand moved…only to pinch Princess Allura's ear.
Princess Allura fainted and fell down the sandy ground, Jamie stood besides her smiling.
“I always love “Fairy tale” princesses.”
She giggled and moved away.
Lance started to stand, only to hear the thundering crack of Mark's bull whip!
The material wrapped around Lance's neck.
Mark pulled Lance towards him as Lance tried to struggle free from the whip's grasp.
Mark suddenly leap up and use his own “flying kick' at Lance.
His heel burying at Lance's back near the spine.
This sends the space explorer rolling down the sandy terrain.
Meanwhile, Hunk was able to right himself and stared angrily at Big Bert.
Big Bert did the same; studying Hunk's every move and finding his opponent as an untutored.
“You're going to pay for that Voltes gook!”
Hunk said then he lunged with all his might at Big Bert.
Big Bert dodges Hunk's attack and that action sends the attacker slamming hard against a mangrove tree.
Pidge watches the whole thing slacked jawed; he could not believe a mere group of teenage upstarts can clown around with the Voltron Force without even sweating!
Keith stared at the skirmish with equal disbelief; The Voltron Force being disgraced by punks in tights?!
He looked at Steve who is at the moment watches his own team do their fighting.
Keith's patience slowly runs down. “Damn you Voltes punks!”
He took out a service laser gun and aimed it at the youthful Steve.
“Will you shoot an unarmed man?” Steve spread his arms at Keith, showing that he was not carrying any weapon.
“Are the Voltron Force that so savage?”
Unable to shoot an unarmed youngster, Keith cursed under his breath and approaches the members of the Voltron Force engaged in this one sided brawl.
“Get up all of you!”
He helped the Voltron Force stand up and instructed each of them to get inside their Voltron Lions.
Lance was about to protest but seeing the grave, stern look from Keith made him change his mind.
Soon, the Voltron Lions blasted off and zoom out into the blue skies.
“I seem to felt sorry for them…” Big Bert finally made his opinion heard.
Little Jon looks at Big Bert. “Why is it so, Big Bert?”
“They are ill-trained in hand to hand combat…They'll need special trainings to fight whatever enemy they're facing in their realm.”
“Still,” Mark came in second. “Those aliens are dangerous and we must not just assume that they lacked extreme fighting skills.”
“Mark's right!” Steve replies. “Let us remember they are with Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”