Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Target: Vavilos! ( Chapter 69 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Meanwhile, somewhere in the farthest regions of the universe, the magnificent Godaikin Vavilos and its commander/pilot Shaider, ventured forth to solve the mysteries of Voltron.
Shaider punched in several key units from his console.
His electronic mind wanders about the potential threat that may come from this so-called “Galaxy Alliance”.
“Crippling this Galaxy Alliance agency may stultify Voltron and the Voltron Force from conquering the Universe!” Shaider reminds himself.
“But first, I must seek Voltron's weak spot and the follies of this Galaxy Alliance!”
Suddenly, a noisy alarm sounded from Shaider's warning beacon.
Attentively, the armored galactic police switches on some video buttons to reveal the source of the admonition: A vast armada of about 3,000 starships from the Galaxy Alliance circles around Vavilos.
At the middle of this grand assembly, are groups of linked space explorer vehicles designated as Air Team, Sea Team and Land team: The Vehicle Voltron Force!
“Calling fugitive alien space craft…This is the Voltron Force!” a call from one of the linked - up space exploring craft sounded on Shaider's communication units.
“You are under arrest for the death of Commander Garth and his fleet!...You are hereby to comply in the most convenient manner as possible!”
Shaider activated the monitors from his console and receive and incoming video transmission from the messenger: It was Jeff Dukane, leader of the Air Team.
“This is Shaider from the Intergalactic Police…” Shaider replies.
“My actions against this Commander Garth was purely “self defense”…On the contrary, shouldn't you and your Voltron Lion cahoots were the ones to be in trial here?...The death of the soldiers from the Earth International Defense base stains your hands!”
Jeff tried to ignore what Shaider had just said and pushes with his “arrest”.
“You have 20 minutes to comply or else, we will be forced to take appropriate actions!”
“Is that so?” Shaider bluntly replies as he reactivates Vavilos' “Time Space warp” jump.
Inside the Sea team link-up, Cric the alien leader with a funny Indian-like accent felt uneasy; as if something thoroughly dreadful is about to happen upon engaging with the Vavilos.
He clicked in the communicators and relayed his message to Jeff.
“Jeff, this is Cric…”
Jeff received Cric's transmissions.
“Read you loud and clear…”
Cric starts. “I'm having a bad feeling about this alien starship…I suggest not engaging with it in battle!”
Jeff felt irritated. “What do you mean “not to engage” isn't this what we are looking for?...Justice for Commander Garth?”
Cliff, leader of the land team intervenes with both Jeff and Cric's conversation.
“I think he's right Jeff, remember what that bloody alien Shadier and his Godaikin starship did to the late Commander Garth's fleet?...Perhaps, we should approach this fugitive with caution…”
Jeff snarled at his two team mates on the screen. “Nah!...I'm gonna test this Shaider and his space ship how truly powerful they're really are!”
When he turns back at the Vavilos, the Godaikin starship had already jumped into “Time/Space warp” mode; leaving the converging Galaxy Alliance dreadnaughts and the Voltron Vehicle Force behind.