Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Back on Earth... ( Chapter 72 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Silence engulfs the whole Voltron Lion Force.
None of the members tried to talk about anything regarding their recent defeat in hand to hand combat against the Voltes Team.
Keith sits quietly on the lounge inside the still under repaired Stellar Ship Explorer.
Princess Allura noticed Keith's sudden disinterests in books.
She remembers Keith leafing through one of these books before they've met and encountered Voltes V and the Voltes Team.
Now Keith just sits there like some displeased primitive idol, looking sharply at the silent Voltron Force.
Suddenly, Keith stood up and punched Pidge's face so hard, the little guy crashed against the rows of bookshelves inside the lounge area.
“That's for going into combat without the rest of the Voltron Force!” Keith growled at Pidge who tries to stand and wipe his tears at the same time.
Hunk helped Pidge to stand.
“I can take care of myself!” Pidge half sobbing said to Hunk.
Lance stood up and faced Keith.
“…What the heck are you doing, Keith?”
Lance tried to some few advances at the Voltron Lion Force Leader.
“You can't treat us like that you…”
“…Me what?!” Keith scowled at Lance as he took out a laser pistol and aimed it directly at Lance's head!
“Oh yeah, “Lance retorted at Keith. “Go ahead…Shoot!”
Keith's gun holding hand shakes…He never aimed a gun to any one…Much less a member of the Voltron Force!
“Shoot me you bastard!” Lance continues to coax Keith.
“Or is it true…” Lance continues to press on. “What that Voltes leader kid's been saying; that the Voltron Force is going savage...?”
“Stop it Lance…” Princess Allura begs for Lance to stop.
“Stop it both of you!”
Lance started to turn around and head for the canteen.
“Don't you turn your back on me, Lance?” Keith snarled at Lance.
Lance looks over his shoulders. “Go ahead…shoot me at the back…that Voltes V punk has a point anyway…The Voltron Force have gone savage!”
“That's enough!”
The voice made the Voltron Force turn around and look at its source; it was Koran.
“I don't want anymore of this!” Koran sternly warns the Voltron Force.
“Instead of fighting among ourselves, we should be planning another strategy.”
Koran looked austerely at Keith who is now lowering his weapon.
Keith bowed down in shame.
“I'm sorry team…”
The rest of the Voltron Force could only look at Keith with sympathy.
Lance on the other hand could only offer smug indifference.
“Now, let's go down to this matter objectively…” Koran starts.
“Commander Hawkins and I have conceived a new plan to end this conflict peacefully.”
“What is it Koran?” Princess Allura asked.
Koran made a deep sigh. “We will take Commander Robinson and tell him that the Voltron Force means no harm; he will be attending a global summit meeting of Planet Earth's military forces.”
The Voltron Force looks at each other in confusion.
“Easier said than done, Koran…” Lance reply with objection.
“But what if he doesn't listen?”
“He WILL listen…” Koran reassured Lance.
“We will take him by force!”