Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Raid on the Summit ( Chapter 73 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The banners of many countries flutter lively in the morning air; the summit meeting featuring Planet Earth's military might is about to start. Commander Robinson entered the great building and shook hands with the other dignitaries attending the summit.
Men of sciences and men of war, combined to form a congregation of defenders the world had ever known; they work to stop the possible invasion from the great Galaxy Alliance and Voltron: Defender of the Universe.
“Fellow officers and members of the core,” he starts after he climbed the raise dais. “This is the most critical turning point in the history of the world. As you all know, we are under attacked by malevolent creatures from Planet Arus and we're also about to face a vast military strike from an alliance of conquering planets aptly called “The Galaxy Alliance!”
There was a great murmuring from the other dignitaries.
“Can our combined strength defeat this new menace?” One of the military dignitaries started to ask.
Commander Robinson took a breath then continued with his speech. “Fortunately, we made a meeting with other Earth defense groups and they agreed to join forces and assist the military to combat this new threat and their so-called alliance!”
Suddenly a powerful explosion rocks the great conference hall.
After that, another wild tremor sends shockwaves after shockwaves, sending most of the military dignitaries scrambling for safety. Soon, the outside of the hall echoes in resounding sounds of war as varied military troops squares off with troopers from Galaxy Garrison.
The off world troopers pour in vast multitude, threatening to over run the earth bound soldiers. The Earth soldiers fought bravely yet their tanks, choppers and other armories were no match against weapons deployed by the Galaxy Garrison.
“Great mother of mercy…” Commander Robinson utters as a thick cloud of smoke from the battle begins to engulf the interiors of the summit hall. He tried to look for the exit ways; only to discover these locked from the outside.
Soon, the summit hall's main door burst and from this, Galaxy alliance grunts came marching in, carrying heavy looking assault riffles.
Commander Robinson wasted no time; he threw a shuriken ninja star blade at the first grunt to arrive.
The grunt was hit on the forehead and he dropped dead still with his eyes opened. The next trooper also suffered the same fate. The following two troopers opened fire at Commander Robinson. The heavy bodied ninja commander threw himself into the air before the laser riffles could hit him. He released another deadly rain of ninja star blades at the firing grunts.
P-chuck! P-chuck!
A grunt was hit on the throat and the other grunt was hit on the right eye. Both of them collapsed, dead before hitting the ground. The successive group of Galaxy Alliance grunts started firing their laser weapons before entering the room.
Skillfully, Commander Robinson tries to dodge the attack but to no avail; a stun laser ray hits the adroit military officer at the back. The burning pain sends Commander Robinson slamming hard against a wall but he still very much conscious.
A Galaxy Alliance grunt starts to stand behind him and pose victoriously. The commander unleashed another shuriken ninja star that sailed though the air and cut through the soldier's Kevlar suit and digs into his flesh.
Yelping in pain, the Galaxy Alliance Grunt received a violent kick in the face from Commander Robinson, sending him smashing at his on coming comrades. This gave Commander Robinson time to sneak out through the haze and managed to squeeze himself into the summit hall's basement.
The basement of the building was dark yet roomy. Commander Robinson was given ample space to sense out on coming enemy soldiers. Hearing the grunts getting much closer, Commander Robinson took out a fusion charge grenade and hurled it at the growing assembly of Galaxy Alliance grunts forming at the basement's entrance; the fusion charge grenade explodes via contact with the ground. Sending most of the grunts flying and their limbs ripping out of their sockets!
Commander Robinson had more time to go down much deeper into the dark basement. He took out a com-link unit and radioed Camp Big Falcon for assistance.