Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Jamie left for her father... ( Chapter 74 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Camp. Big Falcon receives the news just before the local media had its hands on the newest Voltron attack.
“The Summit is under attacked by the forces of Voltron…” Dr. Hook announced in a grim, poker faced stance.
Jamie's eyes widens in terror, “The Summit...Father!”
Steve stood up and voiced his concerns. “We've got to rescue Commander Robinson…!”
Mark also stood up and faced the eagle-eyed Dr. Hook. “Those Voltron pigs will do anything to level the score…I say we have to…”
He was not finished with his words when a powerful explosion blasts the sides of Camp. Big Falcon; a swarm of Gekkas begins to pour from the clouds; dull colored yet armed to the hilt, the Gekkas were all piloted by chosen volunteers from Planet Pollux and Planet Arus.
Dr. Hook smiled impishly at the Voltes Team as if trying to make a point. “That Voltes Team is the main reason why I'm reluctant in sending you away to rescue Commander Robinson.”
The Gekkas landed with a loud splash and begins to wad from the sea onto land. Suddenly, the giant armored beasts begin to fire powerful laser beams at Camp. Big Falcon.
Thousands of gun emplacements were blown out of their positions as the Gekkas climbs up Falcon Island. The armies and attack pilots from Camp. Big Falcon was deployed to do battle with the Gekkas.
Inside Camp. Big Falcon, Dr. Hook points at the electronic cubicle transport of the Voltes Team.
“What the Hell are you waiting for, sick those armored invaders!”
Immediately, the Voltes Team boarded the Volt Machines and once again, Camp. Big Falcon opens its wings to unleash Volt Machine V.
Powerful Ultra-Electro magnetic boosts roared like frightening thunders propelled the five Volt Machines up into the air;
Metallic red, white. blue and chrome machines emitting deadly bolts of electro-magnetic bursts raced through the sky. In his cockpit, Steve glance at terra firma; it was a great chaos as elements of the Earth defense army struggles to battle the ever nearer Gekkas.
“Voltes Team,” Steve called out from his com-link. “Put all weapons to maximum and fire when ready!”
In each Volt Machine, the Voltes Team adjusted their sights and lasers at maximum power. Then, like Kamikaze war planes, the massive Volt Machines dived down and fired their Volt Machine weapons simultaneously.
A thick haze of fiery explosions rocked the western side of Falcon Island, the great blasts drowning the screams of the advancing Gekkas.
The soldiers of Camp Big Falcon were relived by the sight of the electrifying Volt Machines. Most of them retreated joyfully as the first, second and third wave of the armored enemy vaporized in a wall of blazing destruction.
Inside her Volt Machine, Jamie tried to focus on the battle but her mind wanders about her father. “This is all an enemy ploy…” She told herself. “They send these monsters so Voltes V won't be able to rescue father!”
Teenage emotion swelling up inside her, Jamie turns her Volt Lander V sharply towards the horizon.
Suddenly, her screen lights up and the visage of Dr. Hook glower at her from the monitor.
“Jamie…Jamie…get back into formation…Jamie…Jamie!”
Jamie just closed her eyes and speaks “Sorry Dr. Hook…Sorry Team mates, but I have to rescue father …”
After this, she closed the com-link from her console.
To the other Voltes Team, the sight of the Volt Lander V disappearing into the horizon frustrates them.
“Where the hell is she going?!” Mark screamed and stammered at his console.