Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Jamie's personal mission ( Chapter 75 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Reaching the summit area, Jamie punched several keys from the Volt Lander 5's console. The display monitor before her changed mode into an x-ray scanner's display.
A device inside the Volt Lander Five machine scanned the Summit building; she saw several Galaxy alliance grunts entering the premises.
She turned so levers at her side and scanned the top hall of the summit building…nothing there…
She turned her scanner's lever downwards, hoping to find her father…she's in luck, Commander Robinson rides safely down an elevator shaft reaching 200 feet below sea level.
She maneuvered the Volt Lander 5 near a park perpendicularly aligned with the summit building. Several switches flipped up and the machines hidden hatch was opened.
Jamie threw herself onto the ground and with barely her toes touching the earth, the young “Kunnoichi” springs up, her legs anchoring from tree branch to tree branch and her body seems to float with the wind as she jumped like a springing leopard.
Like a ghost, Jamie passed the guarding grunts overhead, scaling walls without any sound…Soon; she was inside the summit building, working her way with the dexterity of a passing shadow.
She entered room after room, a swift moving phantom in yellow and red spandex and mini skirt and pony tails. Occasionally, she bumps into an unprepared guard and without a sound; she immediately lashes out her shurikane ninja star that cuts the wind pipe of the surprised soldier.
She was in luck, there's an elevator that leads down deep into the Summit Building's basement. Once inside, Jaime felt a sudden chill…she must act fast.
Two Galaxy alliance grunts boarded the same elevator and found nothing inside. They punched in the proper button that goes up. Jamie is still inside that elevator, she was at the mobile room's ceiling; powerful suction cups were strapped behind the back of her palm and she waited for the right time.
Once the two grunts seemed to relax, her thumbs pushed a small button located at the side of the suction devices. This released the air and she let her body fall down just behind the two grunts.
The grunts never had the chance to scream; a deadly knife as sharp as any surgical blade, sliced through the soldiers' throats. Their struggle to stand gave Jamie enough ample time to change the elevator's climb to the fourth floor, back to its original course.
But the elevator had already reached fourth floor; where a company of “grunts” stood waiting.
“What the hell?” one of the waiting grunts cried in surprise after seeing his comrades struggling to stand and a pretty looking young girl in bright uniform stood just behind the elevator doors.
It took a couple of seconds for the grunts to realize what was happening after they saw a mist of blood spurting out of the two dazed grunts. That couple of seconds is enough for Jamie to take one of the dying grunts' grenades and threw this outside at the waiting grunts.
The whole corridor blew up; sending smothering pieces of the unfortunate soldiers just after Jamie closed the elevator's doors. She took some of the dead grunts' fusion charge grenades and some of their survivalist knives, and waited for the elevator to reach the basement level.
Meanwhile Commander Robinson sensed the new turmoil boiling from the upper floors of the summit building; the heavy bodied commander looks up and smiled faintly…
“The Voltes Team is here!”
Suddenly, one of the elevator panels blinked a red light. Commander Robinson hid himself into the darkness and readies his shurikane ninja star blade.
The door slides open and Jamie came out, the Earth Defense Commander gave his daughter a warm hug.
“Are you alright Jamie?” Commander Robinson said with concern as he brushed his daughter's hair.
“Yes father…” Jamie curtly nodded. “I got to get you outa here…”
Commander Robinson's face suddenly frowned in disappointment; “Are the others with you…does Dr. Hook knows about this?”
Jamie's face turned towards her shoulder; “No dad…I came her by myself…”
Suddenly, Jaime received a powerful, stinging slap from her father.
Jamie's teary eyes stare at her old man in disbelief. “Father…”
“You must never abandon your team like that!” growled Commander Robinson. “Our immediate responsibility is in the defense of Planet Earth, people around the world are counting on Voltes V…what if something wrong befell on Big Falcon or on Voltes V itself?”
Jamie stood frozen…she understands what her father's telling her…
Commander Robinson fell silent for some moment, when he speaks, his voice's a little more calmer; “Look, we vowed our lives to protect the Earth and its people…Our umpteenth priority lies for the safety and well being of the human race…and we may never see each other again in the process.”
There was another swelling of emotion deep inside Jamie, but she clamed it up and only wiped the tears from her cheeks…”I understand sir…”
Commander Robinson smiled more like a satisfied military officer than a father.
“Good…For now, you're under my command…try making contact with the Voltes Team and Dr. Hook and check their situation, if things get worse, you have to leave me here and get back to your formation, understand?”
Like an obedient soldier, Jamie nodded curtly. “Yes sir…”
They were about to look for some means to communicate with Camp Big Falcon when a powerful explosion sends both father and daughter flying and crashing among a pile of crates, old office furniture and other debris.
Jamie stood up and checked on her old man; the commander was unhurt, he tried to stand up just before Jamie came to his aide.
“I'm alright Jamie…I”
Both father and daughter stood staring at the huge metallic visage of the Voltron Yellow Lion growling in victory before them. The massive machine had dug a tunnel under the summit building.
“Reunion's over Mr. Commander!” Hunk sarcastically announced on his Voltron speakers. “…and that goes with your `purty lil daughter too!”