Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Flight of the Volt lander ( Chapter 76 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Jamie released volley after volley of shuriken ninja stars against the huge visage of the Voltron Yellow Lion, which viciously snarling at her and her father, Commander Robinson.
The sharp blades of the Ninja Stars had no effect on the ultra massive armors of their foe.
“Jamie, Go back up!” Commander Robinson pointed at the express elevator hurriedly.
“I'll try to hold this thing so we can escape!”
Obediently, Jamie just nods and does as she told; the express elevator rushed up to the building summit's ground floor and Jamie saw rows of communication units and immediately contacted the Voltes Team.
“You just violated Earth Defense policy…” Dr Hook hollers at her from the com-link.
Strangely for that moment, Jamie seems to welcome all of the words Dr. Hook hollers back at her. It's as if she could hear that the Voltes Team and big falcon is out of danger.
“Voltes Team…I'll be going back and help you with the invaders…”
“No…” Steve replied “We've just destroyed the advancing invaders…we'll be joining you and rescue Commander Robinson, do you copy?”
Jamie's eyes lighten up with relief…
“Roger that…” she replied back.
She was about to get out of that room when a barrage of .50 caliber bullets rained down on her position.
But Jamie's ninja instincts are far sharper; she managed to evade the oncoming bullets by tumbling like a human wheel in split seconds phase. The grunt that's holding the machine gun had his neck broken as Jamie launched herself up in the air and landing on the grunt's shoulders. Then she wrapped her thighs around his neck and suddenly snapping it into two.
Before she launched herself away from the slowly falling corpse of the grunt, Jaime took the dead soldier's machine gun and trained it on the on coming reinforcements. A hailstorm of bullets zings past the charging guards and this gave Jamie enough time to squeeze out one of the Summit building's blasted windows and back to her parked Volt Machine.
Running like a cheetah, Jamie reached her Volt Lander Five, but then she saw a dozen Galaxy Alliance Tanks circling the area. Slipping inside her cockpit, Jamie readies her Volt Machine's launchers and set her target at the lead Galaxy Alliance Tank.
Suddenly, she rests her thumbs away from the firing buttons; Jamie knows that these alien battle tanks are surrounding the Volt Lander Five in a converging circle. She smiled to herself and thought of a trick of her own.
The enemy tanks began firing at the Volt Lander Five, their lethal missiles whistling through the air like arrows; only to hit the other converging tanks!
The Galaxy Alliance tanks were blowing up as they hit each other around that constricting maneuver as the Volt Lander Five hovers up and then speeds away through the sky.
Mean while, Commander Robinson charged the remaining four fusion charge grenades and hurled these with all his might at the looming face of the Voltron Yellow Lion.
The Voltron Lion moved its head in utter confusion. A diversion Commander Robinson needed.
Sprinting faster as if his life depended on it, the Earth Defense Commander/Ninja Master Commander Robinson propelled his body into a nearby express elevator and punching the right coordinating keys, he made the device rush up back to the surface; at the summit building's ground level.
Commander Robinson made a smile like smirk, hoping to get back and join his daughter when suddenly, powerful metallic lion claws tears up the elevator shaft, sending pieces of twisted metal and dirt on the rocketing express elevator.
Commander Robinson realizes that the Voltron Yellow Lion tunnels further into the earth and reached the express elevator's vertical pipe shaft.
He also realizes that soon, this persistent Voltron Lion will eventually capture him before the Voltes Team could come for his rescue.
But no…He thought…He will not let himself be captured!
He will cut the guts of whoever tries to capture him first!
He would rather die fighting than die as ashamed prisoner…
Suddenly, powerful blasts of explosions rocked the already collapsing wall of dirt and concrete; Commander Robinson could see the Voltron Yellow Lion wince as chrome drill missiles seared its back.
“The Volt Lander Five …” Commander Robinson utters in relief to himself. “Jamie made it to the Voltes Volt Lander Five…”