Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ An attempt to venture into Boazania ( Chapter 78 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

An attempt to venture into Boazania.
A small ordinary supply vessel escaped the gravitational pull of Planet Pollux. The humble cargo ship wanders around for a moment, and then suddenly it realized its course as its navigator locked in on a chart towards Planet Boazania.
Behind the huge cargo cases sits Sven and Princess Romelle, their mission is to talk to Baron Hrothgar, a.k.a. Dr. Michael Armstrong, Steve, Big Bert and Little Jon Armstrong's father. Both of them believe that the most reasonable way to end this war is to talk senses with the new Boazanian Global Government.
Sven looks out from one of the portals, thinking about Voltron and the Voltron Force. Then he turns to Princess Romelle.
“I've done some extensive research about Baron Hrothgar…” he said as he slips his hand beside a small leather file bag at his side and showed these to Princess Romelle. “He was an honorable Boazanian scientist.”
Princess Romelle looked at the files and studied the contents. “Hmmm…According to this, The young Baron Hrothgar was born without horns and his family made this anomaly, their “best kept” secret…Hrothgar graduated as the highest and brightest student in the Boazanian Ministry of Science Academy…and he detests their system of extreme discriminations and had great sympathy for the non-horned Boazanian slaves…”
“Further more…” Sven added, “He was an heir to the Boazanian Emperor's throne but he was cheated by a rival named Zanbasil, he heard of Zanbasil's plan to invade the universe and his first target was Planet Earth…Baron Hrothgar was thrown into prison but managed to escape with the help of the other Boazanian slaves!”
Princess Romelle stood up and looked outside the small space portal.
“His wanderings reached Planet Earth and created Voltes V…”
Princess Romelle turns at Sven; “Perhaps he will listen to us…perhaps we can end this conflict between Voltron and Voltes V…and…”
A technical alarm sounded and both Sven and Princess Romelle turn to see who their detractor was; a larger patrol ship from the Galaxy Alliance was there to make its routine check. Smaller, “Burro Crafts begins to secure their grappling arms around the smaller vessel. “This is Patrol ship 098 from the Galaxy Alliance…Please Identify…”
The navigator nervously issued a serial code to confirm his ship's identity.
“This is supply/work ship Santana from Planet Pollux serial ID code 525307…”
The code reader from the Galaxy Alliance patrol ship screened the issued serial code. His computer notified him that the incoming serial code checks out.
The code reader made a smirk…it's just another routine job…nothing exciting…
He punched in an affirmation code at the computers of the Burro Craft's operators and immediately, the grapplers snapped open, releasing the smaller ship Santana from the restrains.
Princess Romelle felt relieve…she knows that if the Voltron Force and the Galaxy Alliance learns about her venture into Boazania, they will only hush her up or worst, put her to prison as a deserter…
Inside the Galaxy Alliance patrol ship, the code reader was about to focus his attention elsewhere when suddenly, the robed image of Paul the Imjad appeared right before him!
“You fool…you let them get away!”
The code reader was startled by the Imjad's sudden apparition that he almost fell from his seat.
“B-But great Imjad…their serial code checks out!”
The Imjad stammered angrily, “Machines…Princess Romelle is in that ship…and she was trying to venture into Planet Boazania; an evil, murderous world…and if she was captured and tortured…guilt shall befall on your shoulders!”
Both frightened and confused, the code reader issued an emergency pursuit operation…
“Captain, that ship carries Princess Romelle…she was going to some demonic evil world…quick, let's stop her!”
As a response, the Patrol ship's captain launched several Burro Crafts, all were armed with grappling retrieval units, and disabling beams, designed to immobilize their target.
The small supply ship accelerates its speed but to no avail; the Burro Crafts were upon them before they made the jump into hyper space.
“This is an outrage!” Princess Romelle screamed in anger…
Sven grabbed the helm from the skipper; he tried all his best to evade the pursuing Burros without launching a strike against them.
But the Burro crafts continue to pounce on the small supply ship using their devices, until the fugitive craft no longer moves.
Sven frantically checks out the navigational displays at the captain's post; the central propulsion unit of the ship was shut down by an outside force…the wing rudders were burnt to crisp.
Princess Romelle went out of hiding to face her captors; 12 armed Galaxy Alliance grunts had entered the small supply ship via teleportation. Sven clenched his fists, he dared not to slug one of the grunts and escape with the princess via nearby escape capsules. He just stood there and raised both his hands as a gesture of surrender.