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Legend of Voltron: Adventure of Pidge



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<center>Legend of Voltron: Adventure of Pidge</center><BR><BR> <BR>

Once upon a time in the Denubian galaxy, there lived a beautiful <BR>princess. Her name was Zallura. She was captured and bespelled by <BR>an evil mage named Haggon. She was bespelled for many centuries; <BR>her people waiting for the day when the one of prophecy would come. <BR> Meanwhile, Haggon had free reign over her planet of Arrule. <BR>While Haggon did fear the prophecy, he did not fear it would come <BR>true for the prophecy was "One of a lion green would find the gem to <BR>break the spell", and there were no green lions on Arrule. So after <BR>many years passed, Haggon had complete rule over Arrule. One day, a <BR>Green Lion fell from the sky. Haggon called all his minions to him <BR>and told them to seek out and destroy this lion and whomever was <BR>with it.<BR> <BR>

And so the story begins . . .


"Mayday, Mayday" yelled Pidge, the youngest member of the Voltron force, <BR>Pilot of Green Lion.<BR><BR>

"My engines just went dead for no reason. Mayday, I am over the <BR>Restricted planet of Arrule. I am going to have to make and <BR>emergency landing Mayday. Keith, if any of you can hear me, I'm <BR>sending out my beacon." `I hope they get this message' thought <BR>Pidge as he tried to crash land and walk away after. When he hit <BR>the ground, he was knocked out.<BR><BR>

Later upon awakening, he got out of his lion to survey the damage. As <BR>he climbed down, an old woman stepped out of the shadows. Pidge <BR>stopped and took out his gun saying "What do you want old <BR>woman?"<BR><BR>

"I have come to ask you to fulfil a prophecy." She said. "I and my <BR>princess have been cursed. She to sleep, `till the prophecy comes <BR>to pass and I to live in this form `till she wakes. Please young <BR>sir, help us."<BR> <BR>

"What is this prophecy?" asked Pidge putting away his <BR>blaster.<BR><BR>

"I shall tell you" replied the old woman. "I am called Nana. My <BR>story is a long one and we should not stay in the open for long. <BR>Come to my home."<BR><BR>

Later after Nana told her story to Pidge, he agreed to help her and her <BR><BR>princess. They went back to the lion to see what needed fixing. <BR><BR>The only thing not working was the COM unit. "Great." said <BR>Pidge. <BR>"The only thing I can't do is call for help."<BR><BR>

"If you are the Destined Hero, then you will not need help. It is your <BR>destiny and yours alone to break the curse on us." Explained <BR>Nana.<BR><BR>

"Wonderful, and I have always had back up from my friends. That is what <BR>I have always counted on." Stated the young hero.


"If you need them, they will find a way to come" said the old woman. <BR>Pidge started his lion and they were about to lift off when an army <BR>of robots and moblins and started to attack them.<BR><BR>

"Lift off," yelled Pidge. The army attacked the lion, but they flew <BR>away. Nana told Pidge where the Princess was and they flew towards <BR>the strong hold of Haggon to rescue Princess Zallura from his spell <BR>of sleep.<BR><BR>

As they landed, they were attacked by Octorocks and Goriyas (but No <BR>Robeast ^_^). Pidge jumped out of the lion and started blasting the <BR>creatures into oblivion. They just disappeared in a flash of light, <BR>and started running towards the castle. When he reached the castle, <BR>he met Stalfos with bows and had a hard fight, nearly losing his <BR>life with his blaster, but he was able to pick up a crossbow on his <BR>way into another chamber. In that chamber, our young Hero found a <BR>sword in a stone; the inscription on the stone said, "This is the <BR>sword of the Destined Hero. Pull it out at your own risk."<BR>


Pidge thought to himself. 'The old woman seems so sure that I was the <BR>Hero, so I'll give it a try. <BR><BR>

Pidge put his hand on the hilt of the sword, which literally jumped out <BR>of the stone into his hand. Pidge yelled in startlement, and almost <BR>dropped the sword. Then he heard a laugh behind him and he turned <BR>around, fast, sword at ready. Haggon stood before him laughing at <BR>the small Hero. "Do you really think you can beat me?" said Haggon. <BR>"Hah, you can barely hold up that sword."


Pidge exclaimed, "I think that I can!"<BR><BR>

Haggon just continued laughing. And then Pidge attacked. Haggon ducked <BR>aside and threw a fireball at Pidge who jumped out of the way losing <BR>the sword. Pidge thought 'this is it'. While taking out the <BR>crossbow.


"Here, use this Silver Arrow. It should destroy Haggon!" yelled Nana; <BR>throwing the silver arrow to Pidge. Pidge caught the arrow, loaded <BR>it into his crossbow and fired it at Haggon; striking him full in <BR>the chest. Haggon fell howling in fury at his thwarted plans. And <BR>then a secret door opened in the back wall of the chamber, revealing <BR>the room that the princess was kept in. Pidge went into the room <BR>and walked over to her. He saw she was very beautiful and his age, <BR>but she was not awake.<BR><BR>

"What's wrong? I killed the wizard, shouldn't she be awake?" exclaimed <BR>Pidge. <BR><BR>

"Try kissing her," said a transformed Nana. Pidge turned around and saw <BR>the mirror image of the princess, only she was transparent. <BR><BR>

"You're her!" Yelped Pidge.<BR><BR>

"No, I am her soul" said the spirit, "Now, you must wake me."<BR><BR>

So Pidge kissed the sleeping Princess and she opened her beautiful green <BR>eyes and said "Thank you, now the spell is at last broken. Will you <BR>stay until my people come out of hiding?" asked the princess. <BR><BR>

"Sure, as long as I can tell my friends where I am?" replied Pidge. <BR><BR>

"Of course you can now that the prophecy is fulfilled." Said Zallura.


So Pidge called his friends and they all helped Zallura rebuild her <BR>Planet, which joined the alliance and everyone lived happily ever <BR>after.<BR><BR><BR>