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Chapter 2
Authors note: all right, Chapter two here. Have fun reading and your contributions are more than welcome. This story will have longer chapters than its prequel but the story should be better. The purpose of this story is to amuse and allow readers to enter the world of WITCH which is not limited to the books or show but rather the combined imagination of all of its fans. I'm still waiting for whimsical names for the “Bad Guys” whose title I haven't come up with {would be another thing to contribute} and other twists in the story. Please R and R. Thanks to all those who have reviewed just for the first chapter BTW it really makes me feel special. On with the Story
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The mage stood before the group in her usual menacing way as she pondered the question. “The group you speak of I have heard many stories of. But I know little of them.”
There was a moment of silence as everyone pondered the reason that the bandits had attacked the village. As far as any of the villagers knew, it was an unprovoked attack. Many of them wished that they could be involved in a counter strike but the guardians had forbidden it, mostly because they didn't know who they we're. Then Cornelia asked the question that had been on everyone's lips.
“Could Silome have done it? Is he still alive?”
“I'm afraid I cannot say,” came the reply much to the fear of the rest of the group. Now at least it was a possibility and Will and Cornelia really didn't want to go through the experience of becoming animals again. “The curse Silome used could have been cast by anyone who knew the incantation.” The mage added. “If He is still alive then you will have little alternative but too stop him once again.”
The group pondered this for a few hours after they had left the mage. Silome had to have been dead. He had a sword in his back. They had checked he was dead before they had left. He couldn't have come back to life could he? There were a lot of questions on the matter. Perhaps it wasn't Silome after all.
“Come on guys,” chirped Hay Lin trying to lighten the mood, “We shouldn't be worrying about those guys attacking again. There's more important things in life.”
“Yer' like watching out for the school dinners.” Added Hay Lin followed by a concern look from Caleb who quickly looked away.
“We should be planning what to do if they do attack again. Splitting up when faced with an army, however small, probably wasn't smart.” Taranee said wisely but perhaps a tad pessimistically.
“Agreed. Next time our priority is to save the villagers,” said Will.
“You should all stick together to make sue no of you are picked off.” Added Caleb as they walked off. He felt guilty about Wills Injuries but unfortunately, he was powerless to do anything. Cornelia hurried to his side as if sensing his annoyance and saying: `its okay, you and I aren't going to lose one another.'
A scream rang out through the heavens as the group stooped. They hurried to the source battle ready when they came to a clearing in the dense forest they had been walking through. There in the centre lay a girl screaming and cowering as a beast towered over her growling and snarling. Will instantly recognized who it was as there eyes met for a second time. It was the same half wolf creature that had attacked her in the village, whose teeth marks were still engraved into her shoulder. Unknowingly, Will put her hand on her shoulder but in a battle stance. The guardians plus Matt and Caleb all stood staring at the beast daring it to make a move on the girl in front of it, who quickly got the message and scurried off.
“Raiding villages not good enough for you now?” Will said sarcastically, “Or is hunting innocent girls now your preferred hobby?”
“I see my mark still resides upon your shoulder.” The beast replied ignoring Wills comment. Everybody looked at Will shoulder momentarily which unfortunately was exactly the beast plan. From the sky, two huge birds came down baring there razor sharp claws. There was a snatch as two members of the group we're taken from their firm footing into the hands of the flying beasts. The sudden rush gave Will and Cornelia little time to react to there sudden capture but no sooner had they left the ground than they we're unconscious, not even the wind howling through their hair woke them.
Wolfs, at the command of the wolf man that was attacking the girl, surrounded the remaining guardians whose powers suddenly diminished with there leaders unconsciousness.
“A retreat would seem the only logical alternative here.” Said Taranee gritting her teeth. The group had formed a circle as they were slowly encircled by there aggressors.
“But we have to fight.” Said Caleb rashly.
“They've got Will and Cornelia!” Finished Matt who was equally willing to exact revenge on there lovers kidnappers.
“You can do it later but right now we are gravely outnumbered. A fight now would be futile.” With that the guardians walked slowly for the path, the wolf's breaking there circle to let them through.
“We've got out of worse scrapes than this.” Said Irma confidently as they picked up the pace once on the clear forest path. “We'll find a way to help them. I'm sure.”
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Authors notes: Thanks to all those who reviewed and contributed. Your ideas have been taken into account and as a result I have been able to plan the story out. Please don't feel offended if your ideas weren't used but I have to keep the plot relevant so each of the animals chosen will be both amusing and practical. Perhaps not Caleb who will only be amusing but you'll have to wait and see.