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Chapter 2.
Authors notes: second chapter is here for your enjoyment. Most of this stuff is adlibbed. That's too say I haven't an ending just yet. This is a child friendly version. If you want a version with a little more Lemon or such, you can find it on a parallel story I will right on this one's completion. Which means that I'm gonna need help writing this one and the next one. Any reviews opinions or such you can send me but like I said, “Its not finished yet”
A girls scream rang out that could be heard three blocks away. Cornelia hopped around the room fluttering her arms wildly as if her new found bunny ears would somehow come unglued and her friends shout, `SURPRISE' and admit that it was all a joke. No such luck. Will sat on the bed weeping slightly as the others had to try and calm Cornelia down. “This is all your fault,” she kept saying but each time a different culprit was named for a different reason. Wills cat ears drooped and twitched as she thought of all the problems these would cause. What would Matt think? Would he laugh, cry, run away and leave her. Will couldn't bear to think about it.
Cornelia finally settled on the Bed she was lying in before and she too began to cry. This day was all getting a bit much. Caleb sat down with her and she leant her head against him sobbing every now and then. “Please!” she sobbed. “Please let this be a dream!” Suddenly she zoned out. Then both Will and Cornelia collapsed onto the floor clenching their stomachs as if they'd both been hit hard.
“What's going on?” asked Haylin panicking. “What's wrong with them?”
Everyone stared on as the girls lay on the floor in great pain. Caleb knelt down before Cornelia and tried to sooth her but to no avail. There was a final scream from both the blond and the red head before finally they both stopped. Again everyone looked stunned but no one said a word.
Will felt different. She felt a tingling feeling at the lower end of her spine and it made her almost laugh. Something soft brushed against her but she figured it was only one of the girls until she opened her eyes and saw every one of the rooms occupants present in front of her there it was again but still she ignored it until she examined Cornelia closely. Cornelia had, just poking out from the top of her skirt, revealing a small section of her panties and butt, a small fluffy rabbit's tail. Will gasped in amazement as she realized what was tickling her back. She rose slowly and put one hand behind her back. She brought it forward and showed herself the long slender cat tail that was flicking around by itself. She rose fully as Cornelia turned over, so now everyone was looking at the red headed cat girl. Cornelia felt her stood up and then just like Will had done felt the spot just over her rear. Then with a dull thud she fainted. And was immediately attended to by Caleb. Taranee was gob smacked obviously but Will then turned to Haylin who tried to muffle a quick smile and failed, dismally.
Edward Brough