Warcraft Fan Fiction ❯ [Epic] What Happened in 49' ❯ Preface and Disclaimer ( Chapter -1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Author's Notes: This story takes place in a slightly distorted universe ressembling the world of the Warcraft series. The characters are taken from a custom game known as Defence of the Ancient (though the lack of humanoids also led to some original characters, all in the spirit of the fantasy world of warcraft, of course).

The story takes place in one continent, Kalimdor. North of Kalimdor lies a frozen ocean and the glacial lands of Northrend, where the Lich King, immortal creator and ruler of the Undead Scourge, manages his empire. The Scourge comprises both renegades from the Kalimdorian races, actual undead creatures (ghouls, skeletons, banshees, and the like) and the ressurected remains of the once-considerable Nerubian kingdom (a spider-like race of insectoids who were destroyed early on by the necromancy of the Scourge). A few free Nerubians still exist, led by their prophet-like leader, the Weaver-these fanatical killers known as Watchers, wage their own private crusade against the undead and the human kingdom in Kalimdor. The Lich King has also allied himself with the magnataur tribes of Northrend (nomadic mammoth-like creatures of low intelligence) and the formidable Naga Empire (reptilian mermen led by a demigod-like empress that occasionally surface from their underwater kingdom to raid fishing villages and the like).

The North of Kalimdor has been a battleground between the Scourge and its enemies for generations, and the area near Elthop Forest (a vast expanse of deciduous woodlands) is claimed by both participants. The area was once populated by a significant group of blood elves (the survivors of a Scourge genocide on the original high elf population of Quel'thalas) who rose in rebellion against their human oppressors and were put down. The blood elves later emigrated after a series of strange incidents near the forest (which is considered haunted).

South of the expanses near Elthop Forest lies the largest of the kingdoms on Kalimdor, the human-dominated "Alliance" (once a true alliance of human, dwarven, and blood elven nations but now one central human kingdom that claims control of several smaller dwarven and blood elven vassals). The Alliance is a human monarchy with a strong tradition of feudalism and a monotheistic state religion that worships "the Holy Light". Religious beliefs are enforced by the Inquisition, an organization that hunts down and burns religious dissenters. The Alliance also contains the somewhat autonomous city-state of Dalaran, known as the capital of magic, where human mages fulfill their training and carry out research. Dalaran was somwhat recently racked by a civil war (known as the War of the Magi) but is now united once more in opposition to the necromantic heresy of the undead Scourge. Dwarven engineering and mining skills are a little less enthusiastic in their support of their monopolistic human overlords, but they have not yet failed to provide support against the Scourge in the form of gunpowder (a secret they guard most jealously).

West of the Alliance are the serene forests and glades inhabited by the night elves, an ancient people ruled by their warrior priestesses of the moon goddess. Druidic magic and panther-riding women soldiers have fought the Scourge since its creation.
West of the Alliance is the orcish Horde, ruled by a benevolent Warchief. The orcs are a noble if warlike people, following primitive shamanistic customs and making their home with the bull-like bipedal tauren of the plains and the voodoo-practicing trolls of the jungle.

Long ago banished by the most powerful wizards of Kalimdor but still hungering for revenge is the Burning Legion, a horde of demons that once controlled the Scourge. The Lich King's servants still employ demons in their service, but Ner'zhul (the Lich King) no longer bows to a demon overlord. The Burning Legion now inhabits Draenor, where they destroyed the native populace (the dranei).