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Bloodsword part 1
One time in small little village lived an orc who wanted to grow up and be an adventure like his father. One day when the orc who was named golem was out on a walk with his father when he first saw the humans the humans had never seen a orc before they went over to golems father and begin to examine the creature with caution then they moved closer and golem and his father stepped back then before the orcs notice they were cornered the humans had them trapped golem didn't no what to do the father didn't either
The humans came and took golems father ran off with him poor golem ran back to the village to warn the other villagers but he saw smoke the humans had come to the village and attack the orcs when golem walked in the village looked around all he saw was fire and bodies but there wasn't that many only 5 and they were all humans there was no other orcs or humans in the village then a dark cloud past above him and then he saw a figure.
Chapter 2
The meeting
The figure was pale and almost dead he looked at the figure
The figure looked at the boy and said what is your name the said golem what's you... your name then the figure reached down to the boy my name is john now come with me there isn't much time before they come back to check if anyone has come back the boy was taken back to a little camp were there was many dark figures some were dead some were pale others were bones then john said out loud would you like something to eat maybe beef or human then golem said ill pass thanks for the offer what ever said john as he picked up a piece of human leg and bit in to it its really good no I'm fine said golem but a nice glass of fresh water would be nice so john went into a cabana and game out with a cup of water golem drank it taste funny then jaohn said it is only the freshes water in the whole undead camp even the dead need fresh water
Chapter 3
The dead
The dead screamed golem spiting out all the water he drank yes what do u think we are just ugly people ya said golem that and carnivores no my child we are dead we like to call our self's the undead but we are carnivores we do eat each other when needed but we haven't done that in thousands and thousands of years o really no worry no tell me what happened to your tribe said john well said golem I was on a hike with my dad when these people with tan flesh and long hair with shiny stuff on them came to me and my father and took my dad then I ran back to the village were all I saw was fire and buddies but most of the bodies were those people
And then that's when I meet u and ya that's were we are right now aghhh said john those people were called humans there nasty aren't they yea said golem now lets get some rest we are soon to move tomorrow.
Chapter 4
The attack
When john and golem work they looked around john felt that something was wrong they walked around outside and then packed up to move out 3 hours later they were on there to the town of the undead when they saw arrows flying at them the tribe leader screamed halt all of the carts stopped john took golem and jump over a giant rock then they herd more arrows and the undead took out there swords and other weapons and look around then they herd charging the humans had come to attack again said golem and john at it same time they hers all the scrams and swords hitting each other quickly we must move said john then john asked ho old are u 13 said golem it was my birthday yesterday o said john come on then john and golem ran they ran for a good 2 hours then they stopped and were looking at a giant city here we are the undead capital lets go quickly and warn the village and the guards ok said golem. Then golem and john headed to the village were they saw a bunch of people that were dead and a lot of guards the undead people looked at golem with confusion then they approached a big building were they entered as they were entering they herd a giant fall and screaming john and golem looked behind them there was a giant human and a army they looked at the figure and then they were shoved out of the way by a army of the undead golem and john ran into the building they herd other people say what the hell is that as they ran into a room they saw the king of all the undead the king walked up to john and golem saying what is they bidding
There is a giant monster out side said golem o quickly follow me and golem and john followed they went into a basement were they saw nothing but books and scrolls he ran to one of them took it out and said aha here it is he turned a light on and herd more screaming we don't have time said the king and by the way my name is the dread lord what is yours my little orc friend my name is golem aghhh yes I have foreseen it look at this what do u think it is he said to john who was a fellow friend to the dread lord the blood sword that's the strongest yet no one has ever seen it or herd of it my dad told me about that it is the most powerful sword in all of the kingdom yes said the dread lord and it is at the museum if we can get to it we might be able to defeat that thing then the candle went out more scramming came but it was closer this time now we must move then the dread lord whistled and a dozen men came down with weapons and armor they handed them to golem and john put these on they handed john a sword but didn't give 1 to golem were my weapon you will be wielding the blood sword.
Chapter 5
The blood sword
Now quickly we must move they ran up the stairs and out the door were they saw the being and an army of humans damn it john again wares the museum asked golem it is about 300 yards to the right ok how are we going to get there so fast watch and learn we bolt nom lets go they all ran off the giant being saw them and so did the army of humans the army shot arrows and one hit john in the back of the leg aghhhhh screamed john go ahead ill meet up with u guys later ok said golem be careful said john to golem I will they finally reached the museum o thank lord no problem said the dread lord they went to entrance were there was a lot of the undead solders stationed ok good were here but we don't have much time as they went to the weapons except there was the sword it was a cause in a stone but the dread lord zapped the stone and the sword fell out grab it now then golem picked it up and said wow that's heavy but I can carry it then the dread lord said ok but here let me get this chunk of stone off for you o thanks said golem