Warcraft Fan Fiction ❯ Uprising of the Sindorei ❯ Realization ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 1:Realization
©This story was made and thought up by Jensen Jones.2009(AN:This story belongs to me,yes Blizzard owns World of warcraft but the characters and plot are mine.I will copyright this in case anyone tries to steal it for their own use but I'm putting this up for everyone's pleasure so let others enjoy it.:) now on with the story.)Attack after attack after attack.The enemy wasn't letting up,barely had a scratch and here Kellis was about to give up on his life.Things were looking bad for him.His left arm was shattered,right kneecap was out of its socket,his energy was nearly depleted,and his vision was blurred by his own blood.Kellis coughed up more blood and his lungs twisted in pain.

"Khaa....Khaathun...you still there?"

His felhunter,a dog type demon beyond explanation,limped to his master's side and growled in a low demonic tone.

"We will not survive this battle...my mana is gone...and casting a spell is impossible with my left arm broken."

Kellis lifted up his gaze and stared at the once proud leader of the bloodelves,Kael'thas Sunstrider.Kael's glowing green eyes stared straight through the warlock's own soul which sent shivers down Kellis' spine.

"S..sir...why?Why did you attack your own people?I thought you were going..to save us..."

Kellis struggled to stand up and defend himself but his legs gave out from underneath him.The lord of the bloodelves could only look down at Kellis with disgust.

"That was my plan when Quel'Thalas was attacked by the scourge.More than 90 percent of my people were slaughtered without mercy and that's when I found refuge in the Outlands along with blood elf warriors.We found our own way to satisfy our desire for magic...and now.."Kael rasied and aimed his palm at Kellis.A small spark of fire grew in his hand."I see no use to waste our finding on the likes of you weaklings."Kellis gritted his teeth,frustrated that there was nothing he could do.

"Luna!"A female voiced yelled.The warlock peered over his shoulder just in time to see a light blue frostsaber leap over his head and sink her fangs into Kael's arm.The bloodelf leader threw his head back in pain and thrashed his arm around,trying to dislodge the feline from his body.A young female draenei strolled by Kellis,a bow in one hand,an arrow in the other.The warlock growled low in his throat and the anger he felt gave him enough strength to stand on his feet,though they were still wobbly."Draenei...I do not need your assisstance.Now..leave before I kill you myself."The hunter meerily huffed,her tail swaying back and forth in a playful manner."You're too badly hurt to fight,admit it."Kellis clenched his gloved fist."How dare you speak to me like that!Maybe a curse will silence you."The draenei sighed and shook her head.She notched her arrow,aiming for kael's chest.The bloodelf's eyes widened in surprise at the hunter's bravery but probably stupidity as well."You throw your life away so easily.Do you have no pride?" "My life is not so meaningless.I'm sacrificing it for you,"the woman confessed and she released her arrow,a ray of purple light following it.Kellis' jaw opened slightly."..sacrifice for me?"Kellis' eyes slowly opened.He replayed that dream over and over in his head as he sat upon his dreadsteed.A sigh passed the warlock's lips as he waited for the gate to open.He was in Alterac Valley,a very popular battleground.He had no more use for it since he had all of his armor but his close friend,Slaven,wanted to go so Kellis happily abliged.The undead warrior peered over at the warlock to see him in what seemed to be a trance."Kellis..."he said in a raspy voice."What is it?"Kellis asked while looking forward.Slaven lowered his eyes."Do not let it worry you.Not now."A laugh echoed through the cave which grabbed the other hordes' attention."Slaven,my dear friend,my problems should not be a concern at the moment.I am fully focused on this battle,just like any other.You are the one that is worrying."A smirk formed on the warrior's bony face as a tauren druid pushed through the crowd and stood by the bloodelf."You sound confident and cocky.Might I remind you that the alliance win Alterac Valley a good portion of the time.What makes this one different?"Kellis didn't even bother to look at the tauren as he asked,"What is your name?"The druid was surprised by the sudden question but answered with humility."It's Blackhorn." "Well,Blackhorn,you are in my group so you shall see why I am so called..."confident and cocky." The tauren could tell that he wasn't going to get anymore out of the warlock and he was about to head back to his original spot before a skinny and fleshless hand gripped his shoulders.Blackhorn turned around to see a serious face on the undead warrior,well,as serious as he could get."You under estimate this warlock.Every battleground I have been in with him whether it be Arathi,Warsong,Alterac or Eye of the storm,we won and it wasn't by luck."Blackhorn snorted and scratched his back."I want to see it with my own eyes first before I believe."Slaven shrugged his shoulders as if saying whatever.A troll priest,who was recieveing mana biscuits from a mage,overheard the conversation and motioned his raptor to move toward the bloodelf."Kellis,I believe it is.I have fought by your side in past battles and your strength amazes me for just being a warlock."Kellis took that as a compliment and smiled at the troll."Your name please."The priest smacked his forehead and chuckled a little."Mon,where are my manners?The name is Zen'jin."Kellis got into a more comfortable posistion on his dreadsteed as a loud orc horn sounded the one minute mark."The battle is about to start,"the warlock whispered to himself.He nudged the side of the horse's plump belly and it obediently turned for its master.His eyes scanned the horde.They had no confidence in their own power and no hope in their victory.Some were ready for battle,some were leaning against the walls,and to his disgust,some even had the nerve to stay in the back and just sit to let everyone else do the work.Well,not while he was here."Listen up,you maggots!Your past leaders may have been lazy but I command you now."His allies started to sit up and listen to what he had to say."You allowed the Alliance to walk over you in Alterac Valley!The Frostwolf Clan is losing faith in us.Show them different.Bring out your pride as a horde!" Slaven peeked over his shoulders to see their reactions and it was shocking.Every horde in the cave stood at attention with weapons drawn.'Well,that got their spirits up,'Slaven thought."Group 1 and 2,you will be coming with me to Dun Balder to claim the graveyard and clear out the north and south bunkers.3 and 4,you will stay on defense,do not even give them a chance to see Drek.5,take care of Balinda.6,7,8,take out the bunkers and recap if needed.When you finish your duty,excluding defense,meet up north and we will show these alliance who is the true conquerer of Alterac!Understood?"After the long battle plan,it was quiet.No one knew what to say.Blackhorn looked around to see if anyone was going to reply but if no one had the pride to say anything,he would.
Raising his staff over his head,the tauren's eyes met the bloodelf's."For the horde!"A smirk appeared on Kellis' face.Now that's what he wanted to see.Slaven mounted his undead horse which made a loud screeching demonic "neigh" while others mounted their mounts as well."For the horde!"Everyone screamed.The undead warrior stood proudly next to his close friend."You ready?" "More then ready,"Kellis answered.Another loud orc horn sounded and the gates to Alterac Valley raised.Kellis reared his dreadsteed,the fire engulfing the animal but didn't effect Kellis.He kicked the sides causing the horse to break into a gallop.
Automatically,groups 3 and 4 steered their mounts to the horde base and would wait for the oncoming alliance.Kellis led the rest over the glistening snow field.Slaven,Blackhorn,and Zen'jin made sure to stay close behind him and the other horde followed.The undead quickly glanced over at the warlock.He didn't seem to be himself.It had to be that troublesome dream.Slaven could only pray that Kellis would keep his mind on the battle.The horde jumped off the cliff connecting to the field of strife,barks and yelps came from the mounts.Kellis raised his right hand and pointed at the first alli bunker.Group 6 veered off into the direction of the stonehearth bunker,a rogue stealthed and shadowstepped up to the flag.They started to pass the large building where the mage Balinda waited for them.Kellis glanced over his shoulder."Group 5,eliminate her."Evil smirks came onto their faces as group 5 rushed into Balinda's lair.Kellis was feeling very good about this battleground.Everyone seemed to be paying attention and following orders quickly.Plus,they seemed to have their pride back.Groups 1,2,7 and 8 followed the warlock up the hill toward icewing bunker."Group 7,secure the graveyard.8,clear out icewing,"Kellis commanded.A bloodelf female paladin jumped off her charger and agroed the 5 dwarves protecting the graveyard flag.The rest of group 7 came over to assist her.While 8 laughed as victory neared and stormed into icewing.
All Kellis had to do now was finish the last 2 bunkers.He kicked his mount to go faster.The others did so as well,trying to keep up with the warlock.Kellis could see the flag for stormpike graveyard as they came over the hill.He pushed everything out of his mind to concentrate on this last rush until his eyes widened at the sight before him.That draenei woman in his dreams stood there and had an arrow ready to fly at his heart.Was she...real?Was this her?Before he could even answer,she released the arrow and it soared straight at him.His faithful steed got easily spooked by this oncoming weapon and reared up,knocking his unexpected master off.Kellis landed on his side in the freezing snow as the arrow that was about to hit him dissappeared in thin air and so did the draenei.Slaven and the others slowed down their mounts as they came upon Kellis lying in the snow,wiping some off his face.His undead friend dismounted,running to the bloodelf's side to help.Kellis looked up where the draenei once stood and noticed that her figure was no longer there.She was just..an illusion?Anger built up inside him while Blackhorn and Zen'jin got off their mounts too."Kellis..did you get hit?"Slaven asked while kneeling beside him.Kellis continued to stare in the direction where the draenei stood and glared with fiery rage.Fire started to build up in his palm and some little sparks even leaked out of the corners of his mouth.Slaven noticed this and backed off a little."You alright,mon?"Zen'jin wondered.
The warlock brought up his fist that was engulfed in flames and punched the ground below him,casuing all the snow around him to melt and crack a little from the impact.Slaven never in his life saw his friend this way before and in the back of his mind,he wanted to know why but decided not to ask.Kellis slowly got to his feet,his dreadsteed coming up to its master's side and nudging his elbow as a sign of an apology."If i ever.."Kellis whispered.Slaven and the others looked over at him as they got back on the mounts,wanting to listen to what Kellis had to say."If I ever...see that draenei woman anywhere in Azeroth...I will be sure to end her life painfully and without mercy."