Warcraft Fan Fiction ❯ Uprising of the Sindorei ❯ Strangers ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3:Strangers©Again I do not own World of warcraft.It belongs to Blizzard but I,Jensen Jones, do own the characters and plot.

~~~Warsong Lumber camp~~~~~~

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary here.All Reia could see was orcs cutting down the trees of this beautiful and mysterious place.The draenei hid her best upon one of the hills overlooking the camp behind a large,old tree with her faithful companion,Luna beside her observing as well.The frostsaber looked up at her master to see her eyes watering up.Luna gently nudged Reia's thigh as a sign of comfort and she got a pat on the head in return."It just pains me to see this...the destruction of the environment....how can they do this?"Reia turned her gaze to the tree she was hiding behind and placed her gloved hand on its bark.A warm but painful feeling came to her fingertips.She winced and drew her hand away."The tree...is in pain.I wish I did not have to see this site with my own eyes,but if they are doing it here.."Reia shook her head,getting rid of that thought.She pictured orcs going to her home,slaughtering everyone just to get their greedy hands on lumber,minerals,money.

She ran her fingers through her pure white hair and rose to her feet.Luna quickly followed suit but continued to stare down at the orc workers."I do not wish to stay here longer.Let us return home."Before Reia could turn around,she felt a sharp sword or dagger brushing the skin on her back and a gloved,masculine arm wrapped around her throat.A warm breath tickled her ear as it whispered,"So..we finally meet at last."

~~~Few minutes ago.Kellis' P.O.V(point of view)~~~

He had searched the entire Ashenvale area for about..oh..35 minutes he guessed.Every nook and crany was not left unchecked for this alliance tresspasser but he had yet to check the lumber camp.His dreadsteed galloped toward the orc site while the anticipation made Kellis' heart race.He never felt this much excitement from a battle before but this one he looked forward to.The lumber yard started to come into his line of view...but..so did something else that made his eyes widened just like they did in the battleground.He motioned his horse to halt which it did a few feet away from the creature he saw.The draenei hunter...the one that plagued his dreams like a disease...the gods of Azeroth must have gave him a better chance.Today would be the day he'd finally rid himself of her.Kellis slowly got off his mount and was stunned when she did not even hear the leaves crunch underneath his boots.She was a hunter,right?Then her senses should be tenfold better then his.
Before he moved any closer,he calculated the situation.He had the upper hand since she was clearly blind by the fact he was meerily a few feet behind her.He'd have the first strike.Second..her gear didn't seem all that well...he'd seen better gear for hunters.His bright green eyes changed from her to the frostsaber.It was huge,compared to the draenei...well trained probably he guessed.A slight movement caught his attention as he watched her reach up to touch the tree infront of her.He raised an eyebrow in question as she seemed to show..sympathy?..For a plant?Why?In surprise,she drew her hand back as if she was hurt or attacked.Kellis looked to the tree beside him and noticed no thorns..or abnormalities that would cause her pain.Then why?Growling to himself for worrying so much about trivial matters,he inched closer,being careful where he stepped.The draenei slowly stood and the warlock saw this as his chance.Before she even had a chance to respond,Kellis darted toward her and drew his dagger from its sheath,holding it against her back while he snaked his arm around her tiny throat.The bloodelf leaned his head down to her ear and whispered,"So..we finally meet at last."

~~~Normal again~~~~

Reia felt a shiver go up her spine at her rather poor situation right now.Luna growled and bared her fangs at Kellis but instantly stopped when she heard her master's voice."Luna..it's okay."The frostsaber,however,continued to keep her eyes on this warlock.The draenei looked down at the arm that held her captive and sighed.Kellis again was confused by her actions..she did not struggle?or yell?What was with this alliance?"What trickery do you play with me,hunter?"he asked.Reia drew in a short breath when he asked her a simple question.Trying to peek over her shoulder at him,his arm wouldn't allow her and all she could see was his glossy black hair."What do you mean?"His arm tightened."Do not play dumb with me! It'll be so easy to kill you right now and yet you do not fight against me."Reia thought about it for a second and asked herself..why didn't he kill me?"Well...if you meant to kill me,you would have already..no?"Kellis stood dumbfounded and wanted to smack himself in the head.He walked into that remark but she would not get the better of him."Maybe I have a few questions for you before I end your life."Luna's head tilted when Reia actually smiled."What are they?I'll help anyway I can."

The warlock started to become angry at how calm she was..either she was toying with him or was being extremely stupid."Why..."he stopped himself.Should he ask?He bent his head down.He could kill her,yes..and that would be the end of that..but..that wouldn't help him answer all these nagging questions in his mind.Even after she would be gone,they would nag him."Why what?"she said almost in a hushed voice."Why does your image haunt my dreams for the past month?Tell me that much.What spell did you put on me to make me dream that over and over?"Reia was at a loss of words.A horde..was actually dreaming about her?She wanted to laugh but decided not to since her life hung in the balance right now."Well.."he rose his head to listen."I believe..that everything happens for a reason..I did not put a spell on you if that's what you think but...maybe your dream means something or shows the future.."The future?..Sounded a little ridiculous to him but then again,Thrall had a dream as well that was a prophecy and it came true.

He remebered Lor'themar telling him about Thrall when he was young but could the same be happening to him?His arm around her neck loosened and Reia found herself free of his grasp.Rubbing her sore throat,she turned around to face the warlock.To her surprise,he was glaring at her as if his eyes were trying to kill her on the spot."You still do not fear me...it irks me to see that,"he spat out with venom.Reia lowered her gaze to the grass and scuffed her hoof against some blades."Fear the horde....cause they bring death..fear the alliance..for we also kill...when will it end?"he could pick out the sadness laced within her voice."Death will always be apart of the spiral in Azeroth..there is no escape.."he answered her,surprised that he did so."But..why did it start?When?Why do we have to kill each other when we see the opposing faction on the road?"She raised her eyes to stare into his."I fear you..and yet..do not for I do not wish to fight."Again,she confused Kellis.Fighting is a normal part in this world.If she did not fight,how was she even alive?Surely there have been horde in the past that attacked her."So..you do not wish to fight with me?..Is that right?"he questioned looking down at his dagger."..yes,"she replied with hesistation.Kellis looked back up at her and smirked."That's good to know."Reia gasped when she saw the warlock rush at her with his dagger ready to impale her.Reia quickly drew her sword and parried his attack.His face was mere inches away from hers and she saw the fire that burned in his eyes.She pushed him back with her strength and he skidded to a halt.Luna charged at the bloodelf but he clenched his fist and reared his head back,letting out a loud scream.(for those who don't know,he feared her)Luna found herself running in circles which she couldn't control.Kellis gazed back at the draenei who was in a denfensive stance.

"I do not wish to fight you!"Kellis chuckled."Then you shall die a dishonorable death."Raising his hand again,he began to chant to himself and Reia found her head beginning to hurt.A burning sensation ran through her body and caused her to double over in pain.Reia fell to her knees as her vision clouded.Kellis approached his dying victim until Luna bit into his leg.The warlock cringed in pain and glared down at the cat."Curse your pet."Raising the dagger above his head,he brought the weapon down and dug it into Luna's back.The frostsaber roared in pain,releasing Kellis' leg and wiggled in pain."Lu..na.."Reia tried to reach her pet but collasped from the curse Kellis had put on her.Even though his leg bled a little,the blood elf made his way toward the hunter who lay helpless before him.He knelt down beside her and turned her over so that she laid on her back.Reia's mouth was slightly parted and her lungs tried to get oxygen."This is the end for you."He placed the tip of his dagger against her throat which made her open her eyes and stare up at her executioner.

Her vision was blurred but she could still make him out.Kellis pushed his dagger lightly into her neck,only enough to draw blood until he stopped when Reia began to cough.Her chest heaved as the curse took its toll on her body.Blood leaked from the corners of her lips.She closed her eyes as the pain overtook her and she fell unconscious.The warlock ignored all her signs of agony and willed his hand to finish the job..but..it wouldn't move.He growled and raised the dagger,lowering it with speed but again,his hand stopped just at her neck."Why?"he asked to no one in paticular.Sighing to himself,he returned his dagger to its holster and just stared down at Reia."The curse will slowly consume her...she will die by midnight."He rose to his feet while his dreadsteed came to his side.Grabbing the reins and mounting his horse,Kellis gazed down at the draenei one last time."Maybe now...you will cease to plague my thoughts."With those words,the warlock galloped into the forest on his steed but did not notice that after he left,the draenei he thought he killed,opened her eyes with life and sat up.She rubbed the mark on her neck where Kellis almost drove his dagger into her and she smiled."Feign death sure does come in handy."