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When Heroes Get Bored
Christmas Special!
By: Dinara Tetryanus / Garahn Spiritscryer
About time I started writing this story again, and I got a great idea with how to actually get on and do it so I thought cobblers to everything else and lets get this one down before it escapes me…
I mean come on, it's been… *counts on fingers* 23 million years since the last chapter *smirks*
Disclaimer: I don't own em! *waves hands innocently* Highly unlikely any characters I own will be in this, but we all like a little self publicity
Note: This may be a little `adult' in content so all the ickle kiddies who have pure minds best not read this…
Antonidas: Why would any children with pure minds be playing WoW?
Good point, most of them learn leet-speak in school these days anyway…
(Authors note: Yes I know I say Christmas and not Winter-Veil, but this is only a parody fic after all :P )
December 21st
A quiet alarm pierced the air, gradually getting louder…
The being in the bed shifted and turned over, snoring louder to make up for the alarm before swinging his blade whilst asleep and smashing the clock in two…
A loud alarm pierced the air, from the far side of the room…
The being in the bed expertly threw his blade and pierced the clock directly through the middle, turning over and returning to his joyful sleep…
Suddenly, a bang came at the door before a furious Lich burst in, eyes aflame for reasons known only to him.
Kel'Thuzad: My King, that's the 422nd alarm clock this week, What do you have to say for yourself?
King Arthas turned over in his bed and smiled in his sleep, removing the thumb he'd been sucking from his mouth and not even opening his eyes.
Arthas: Cobblers, I got nothing else to throw at the loud Lich trying to wake me…
Kel'Thuzad gave a low growl and floated back out and into the icy sanctum that constituted for the dinner hall at the tip of Northrend, seeing Anub'Arak at the far end and gracing the beetle with a nod before moving to a cupboard and pulling out a box.
Kel'Thuzad: Mmm, Frosted Flakes… the best daily start for any Lich… hey, wait…
He shook the box.
Kel'Thuzad: Why's this empty?
Anub'arak let out an enormous belch, followed by a childish giggle.
Anub'arak: Also how Crypt Lords start their day…
As Arthas pulled himself together and slipped off his Action Man boxers to pull on his armour, he was confused by the screams from down the hall before moving into his shower room and began to finger around for something.
Arthas: Come on Come on… wake up water where are you?
Clutching a block of ice Arthas tapped it to test it's hardness and grinned, bringing it around and smashing it into his face, giving a satisfied groan as the chill of the ice and the wet water (in it's small presence) woke him up completely, and as he entered the dining area with a smile he saw a frantic Kel'Thuzad biting Anub'arak's horn and hanging in midair.
Arthas: When I tried that Kelly it didn't work, remember?
Kel'Thuzad: *puppy dog eyes* He stowe my fwakes…
Arthas: That's no excuse for an international incident…
Kel'Thuzad narrowed his eyes and grinned
Kel'Thuzad: He also replaced all the coffee in Icecrown with Iced Tea
Arthas stopped in his tracks and span on the spot.
Arthas: That's it Bug, your going down!
Jaina: Which of you complete bastards screwed this up then?
The Archmage stood over her two captives, tied back to back as the lady stood over them with a red hot poker in her hand and a threatening look on her face.
Garithos: It's not my fault my lady…
Kael: He sort of… got away?
The Blood Elf gave a worried chuckle as Jaina narrowed her eyes and leaned in close.
Jaina: It took me months to persuade Antonidas to play Santa for the children at the Stormwind Orphanage, he refused to do it unless he had his Llama for a ride and I finally managed to arrange it all… but you had to blow it!
Garithos: What do you mean my lady…
He wiggled his moustache to deal with an itch, given his hands were bound.
Garithos: We kept an eye on him like you said… accompany him through the lands, get information…
Kael: Of course, but we lost him in the hotel, he said he had some people to meet…
Jaina gave a laugh.
Jaina: You know those people were those hookers we've been trying to keep away from him?
The two men tried to look to each other, both bearing a `what the hell?' expression on their face.
Garithos: I cant see what they see in him… I mean he's old, fragile and rides a Llama, whereas I am MUCH MORE attractive, I have a moustache, I am young… and I have a title!
Kael: Yes, but that title of yours isn't something you should brag about… Private Pussy…
Garithos blushed as Jaina raised an eyebrow
Jaina: Umm…
Garithos: I was a big cat lover my lady!
Kael: No it's because when you were a Private and they dropped the soap in the Lordaeron Barrack showers…
Garithos: ENOUGH!
He tried to struggle out of the bonds, only annoying Jaina further as she gave a frustrated sigh.
Jaina: Going back to the topic at hand gentlemen… we need a new Santa for the orphans… and we have bugger all chance whilst you two go around squabbling like girls and discussing how many men have had Garithos… Now think, who would make the ideal Santa… we have 4 days left before Christmas and we need someone NOW!
The two men instantly shut up and the three began to think about whom they could choose for such an occasion.
Arthas: Why is there a Locust in my Cornflakes?
Anub'arak: I finished mine and you didn't seem to want yours…
Arthas lunged again, leaving more teeth marks in the beetle's horn, not noticing Kel'Thuzad struggling alone with the immense frozen tree he'd ordered bought in for the decorations to be hung on…
Arthas: Kelly, what Decorations did you eventually decide on…
Kel'Thuzad: The tame ones, the bog standard ball-balls and tinsel used by most every Christmas… the other idea was preposterous…
Arthas: What was wrong with it? I thought disfigured corpses of our foes would work wonders for the Scourges morale…
Kel'Thuzad: That and the fact that instead of an Angel you made me make an effigy of Uther Lightbringer sitting on the toilet to put on top of the tree…
Arthas: Well you see, after I killed him, I had this bright idea about shoving a whole tree up his…
The beetle coughed and stopped Arthas, getting the attentions of the other two
Anub'Arak: Call it my hunger but the tree is missing another Christmas tradition… ooo, what are they called?
He stopped to think, prompted to think faster by the tip of the Frostmourne waving in front of his face.
Anub'arak: These… white and red canes, nice and sweet, I haven't sucked one for years…
Arthas: Anub, for once I love what you say… Candy Canes, I haven't had once since I was a kid… Youth was fun with those, you could give them to your friends and everyone would share their sweets…
Kel'Thuzad snickered.
Kel'Thuzad: Did you give Jaina one my king? I bet you gave her the cane a lot didn't you…
Anub'arak: Did you sir? I bet she loved it sir…
Arthas: Well as a matter of fact… wait, Hold on!
The Lich and the Crypt Lord broke into laughter before Arthas grabbed a hold of them and dragged them both out towards the glacial valley leading to the coast of Northrend.
Anub'arak: I've never left this continent… wheres the best place to gather these legendary sweets?
Arthas: I seem to recall I heard about them being readily available in Stormwind… the rebuilt keep…
Kel'Thuzad instantly faultered and turned to Arthas.
Kel'Thuzad: My King… I don't recommend it, if you recall you aren't exactly very popular down there, and the guards will attack you on sight…
Arthas: No, they'll attack you on sight… and hopefully the other cretins that would try to stop us will be to busy with the holiday bug they wont even think of striking us
Anub'arak gave a groan as Arthas gave him a shove and pulled Kel'Thuzad onto the beetles back, using him as a snowboard to reach the coast faster, the King giving a cheer of joy before they flew into the air and slammed into the ocean, Arthas summoning a tidal wave to move them faster.
Kel'Thuzad: So my King, can you finally steer this thing?
Arthas: I should hope so, I've only done it twice before…
The grin given didn't do anything to help the mind of the Lich as they headed for the human lands to the south.
December 23rd
Kel'Thuzad: Did it honestly take two days for you to navigate all the way over the bloody ocean?
Arthas: Well I needed to get us close…
The Death Knight tried to reason with the undead construct, pulling him out of the northern coast of Westfall where he had been embedded up to his skirt in sand following a rather glorious final wave from Arthas to propel them onto the land…
Arthas: And nothing says closer than the humans own doorstep, besides, I blame the loading lag…
Kel'Thuzad: You always say that, now where's Anub'Arak?
Arthas: Beats the hell out of me, like we could hide something like him around Stormwind anyway.
Kel'Thuzad: I've been meaning to ask my king… how exactly are we going to disguise me in there to get these sweet treats?
Arthas grinned and reached into his steeds saddlebags, pulling out a bright pink hooded robe and held it forward, together with an umbrella and a cheeky grin on his face, admiring the estranged look he was getting off his majordomo
Arthas: No sacrifice is too great for Ner'zhul!
Kel'Thuzad: I'd be willing to dispute that… Now can we please head off over to Stormwind? `Human' makes me break out in a rash…
Meanwhile in Stormwind City, Jaina and entourage were talking in the trade district, watching their friends going past as Kael tightened the leash on Garithos and held him close.
Kael: No Garry, bad dog, resist such impure thoughts and act like the respectable Grand Marshall you are!
Jaina: *under her breath* Cobblers…
Garithos wheezed as he fell over, being laughed at by the Gnomes as they bounced over his armour.
Garithos: But I am needed in Goldshire Elf, pressing human matters you see, your kind would not understand…
Kael: Oh yes… are these the “Jump on a bed, stick it in and jiggle it about a bit” human matters? I think we actually invented it…
Garithos glared and turned a light red, his moustache turning up at the edges in annoyance as Jaina turned back to them and shook her head.
Jaina: Guys, it's hopeless… absolutely no one has got the balls to even try it, not so much for helping the children but in the sense that they don't want to humiliate themselves.
The Elven Prince pondered trying Ironforge, but before he could vocalise it Garithos had darted towards the entrance yelling something about Goldshire, making Kael growl in anger and follow him, with an angry mage in close tow.
Kael: Garithos, arse here now!
Garithos: Up yours elf! Goldshire here I come!
And as he dodged the volley of arrows from enraged Night Elf Archers in the nearby vicinity the Grand Marshall charged into the Valley of Heroes intent on settling his `mission', whilst Jaina hummed to herself about making the best of the situation and asking around in Redridge.
Arthas: Get away from me you peasants!
He was knocked from his mount by a crazy lass and spat a lump of dirt from his mouth, quickly rolling to dodge her.
Kel'Thuzad: It seems they don't like us my king…
Arthas: You can say that again, why wont you let me use Frostmourne?
The King was fending off the attacking peasants with his bare Fists, his Lich holding the Runeblade back to prevent him from actually killing anyone whilst they were there.
Kel'Thuzad: Because it's Christmas!
Anub'Arak: Outta the way, Cannon Ball!
Kel'Thuzad dodged and Arthas Yelped as the Crypt Lord rolled himself up and launched himself from a hill, going straight through the Goldshire central square and either sending the peasants flying or concussing them with his bulk before slamming into a tree and heading back, collapsing in a pile in the centre of the path.
Arthas: Anub, that's by far the best thing you've ever done… as a reward, take a short holiday…
The beetle smiled for an instant before Arthas spoke again
Arthas: Did you enjoy it? Right, get up we're heading to Stormwind…
Kel'Thuzad: My King, there's a group of people coming…
Arthas looked up the path towards Stormwind and saw a form running towards them, closely followed by two other running forms and the Death Knight swang back around into the Blacksmith and dragged his friends in with him… before setting Anub'arak outside.
Anub'Arak: My king?
Arthas: Your arse is to fat and it blocks my vision… get ready to gank em!
Anub'Arak: … do I need my PvP on?
Arthas glared at him with the `I'll kill you later' expression, and the beetle sighed and got himself ready
Garithos: Where's all the babes?
He looked around the place in desperation, before a laughing Kael caught up with him and looked around.
Kael: Congratulations Garithos, you are the second person ever to come to Goldshire seeking sex and found absolutely no one here!
Garithos: Who was the first?
Jaina: *blushes and coughs* Ummm…. That's not important right now… Now, what happened here?
The three took looks around at the scattered peasants, the flattened and the concussed and sat deep in thought.
All at once: Horde attack
Kael: I'll put the word out, where's the parchment?
Jaina: Should be some in the Smith for orders, come on guys…
And as they approached the Smith, a gruff male voice yelled `NOW!'
The scuffle was quick and vicious… (Imagine Batman style screens with Big letters and Flash Colours for inserts here )
Arthas: Ha-HAH! *Kick*
Garithos: Scourge, DIE! *Punch*
Kael: In just yer undies Marshall? *Shazam*
Kel'Thuzad: Taste defeat Heroes! *Freeze*
Anub'Arak: None may stand before the Lich King! *Horn*
Jaina: Wait a minute… *Staff Slam*
She looked around the swirling melee of blades, fists, spells and a pink robe and widened her eyes.
Jaina: ARTHAS?
Arthas: Oh fuck it's the sexy one…
Anub'Arak: Ooo, I see what Kelly meant when he said…
Arthas elbowed the beetle in the horn and gave a sheepish grin.
Arthas: Uhm… Hi?
Kel'Thuzad broke into laughter and looked to a certain white faced Blood Elf, sighing and removing his pink gear and placing the hidey umbrella to one side, getting a giggle as Kael looked at him.
Kael: What… meh… how?
Kel'Thuzad: Always the way, we go shopping and have to bump into arrogant killers…
Garithos: You killed my babes!
Kel'Thuzad: Actually that was the beetle…
He pointed to Anub'Arak, who had sat down and started to read a copy of Azerothian World News, humming softly before Garithos tried to leap and bit his horn, hanging from midair and getting a grunt from the beetle.
Anub'Arak: What is it with you all and mouthing my horn?
A quick headslam detached the marshal and Arthas had to hold a hand to his forehead.
Arthas: I don't know them… move quietly to the exit…
Walking backwards he tripped over the steps from the Blacksmith and gruffed as he hit the floor, pulling himself up his eyes met with something interesting.
Arthas: I spy a Mages chest…
Jaina: You haven't changed a bit…
A hard whack to the head knocked him out, and looking over Jaina saw Kel'Thuzad inside a small box held by a happy Kael (don't ask me how, it's a good mental image I'm working on it) and Anub'Arak on a rope.
Jaina: Guys, where can we hide them?
Garithos: There's a house to the north my lady, we can hide them there!
He beamed as Jaina turned and followed his direction as Kael leaned in and whispered to him.
Kael: Any hookers at this place?
Garithos: Only Jaina…
And the Fireball that impacted with him made Kael and Anub'Arak laugh as they started to move towards the shack, ironically Anub'Arak dragging his captor all the way.
December 24th
Arthas: Uhhnnn…
Jaina smiled by his bedside and put a wet cloth to his head, getting no response she instead slapped him with a large wet trout and it just managed to rouse him
Arthas: Mwehh?
Jaina: You slept heavily after I whacked you hard…
Arthas: What time is it?
Jaina: 1 in the afternoon
Arthas pulled himself up and stretched, somehow wondering why his armour wasn't clanking as he usually got when he woke up.
Arthas: Thank the Lich King for that I thought I overslept.
Giggling came from outside as Garithos came in holding the boxed Kel'Thuzad and getting a weird look from Arthas, giving one of his own.
Garithos: For Lothar's sake traitor, put some clothes on!
Arthas: Meh? Only if you put down my Majordomo and release him from the box!
Garithos shuddered and closed his eyes, backing out of the room as the box shattered and the Lich shot out and into a wall, and as he was dragged out the King turned back to Jaina and raised an eyebrow
Arthas: Why am I naked?
Jaina: You'd have broken the bed…
Arthas strode into the main room of the two roomed house, now clad in his full armour and looked around, seeing Kel'Thuzad poking Garithos with a big stick and Kael swinging on Anub'Arak's horn
Anub'Arak: Your obsessed with the horn…
Kel'Thuzad: This is fun my King, can we keep him?
Jaina: He's ours to poke and prod…
Arthas raised an eyebrow and sat down, chair creaking due to his armour and he stretched.
Arthas: Now, I guess there's a reason you haven't tried to kill me yet, as usually your Marshall there would kill on sight, your Elf would given our history and you… well it's probably your time of the month or something for the third week in a row, so why am I here?
Kel'Thuzad hit the floor laughing as Jaina gave a very obvious, and red faced, pout.
Jaina: Actually, I kept you alive so I could ask a favor… you have the right build, but just a bit thin, to do us a favor…
Arthas: If this is model Dresses for the Dalaran Roadshow forget it I have no desire to dress as a woman again…
Kael wondered the meaning of again and gave a perplexed expression, the look Arthas gave him helped him decide not to pursue it further.
Jaina: Actually no, it's a little more… meaningful to the season…
Arthas: Meh?
Arthas: That's CRAZY!
The King stood up and smirked as the chair finally gave way under him, watching Jaina hold her hand to her face.
Jaina: Come on, Kael's too lanky, Garithos is too wanky, Antonidas is AWOL and I cant do it as Santa wasn't a woman…
Arthas: Why not Anub'arak?
Jaina: Come on Arthas, the bringer of happiness was not a giant beetle!
Anub'Arak: I can be anything for you babe…
A quick slap silenced him where he was as Jaina turned back and put on the pleading face with puppy eyes which seemed to affect Arthas… either that or the tight Festive shirt that exposed a fair portion and had Arthas shaking his head a little.
Arthas: Fine… just not a word of this to anyone…
Jaina bounced and tackle hugged him, getting laughs from his aides and the others as his breathing was suddenly impaired before he looked up in thought.
Arthas: So, will YOU be the lovely wife then Lady Jaina?
A grin flashed on his face and a blush flashed on hers, before Garithos coughed and stomped over with an outfit
Garithos: Make sure you wear this, but don't mess it up for the children betrayer…
Arthas: Keep that moustache away from me and we have a deal… now then, a festive mount?
Kel'Thuzad: Leave that to me, my king… Anub'Arak, a moment?
Nodding to the beetle and moving over he swiftly bought his closed fist around, a magical charge held within and upon impact the Crypt Lord roared. Staggering back and through a wall with his horn glowing a bright red the Lich beamed and nodded to the others.
Kel'Thuzad: There ya go, a festive steed!
Arthas: Brilliant Thuzad! I'll see you get a promotion for this…
Kael: He's already top butt-sucker, whats higher?
Before an answer could be given a girly screech filled the air as Kael shot through the roof, a death coil impact clearly smoking from his backside as Arthas blew on his blade.
Arthas: When spoken too…
December 25th
Arthas: Is all this drivel really necessary?
The Dark King was standing in a large red santa suit, fake beard attached and his hair fuzzed with some of Jaina's lightning to more look the part.
Arthas: I mean sure I don't mind helping children find joy… I mean Children don't try to kill me at least… but do I have to dress like Tichondrius overdosing on moulting sheep to do it?
Turning and spying Jaina walking out in her skin-tight revealing gear his scowl changed into a bemused smile and his right eyebrow raised.
Arthas: Of course it's amazing how long it takes for one to quickly feel the holiday bug…
Jaina: Oh put a sock in it… you know what you have to do?
Arthas nodded, pointing to his lines, the bag of presents, the beatle outside and the Lich wearing an elf costume who was holding a less than enthusiastic elf with a big moustache.
Garithos: Why must I Humiliate myself with dressing like a lesser race?
An arrow thudded into his backside.
Kel'Thuzad: Where the hell are those coming from?
Kael walked over to join the group, clad in what can only be described in a festive spandex outfit that left nothing to the imagination as he struck a pose and got a few giggles before climbing onto the back of the huge crypt lord.
Kael: Tell me I look hot!
Arthas narrowed his eyes and climbed up after throwing Jaina over his shoulder.
Arthas: You most certainly do not… Now come on, it's nearly 8am, lets go make some children happy!
Jaina: Put me down!
Arthas: No way babe, this is the first time I've picked you up since Dalaran…
To all in the city of Stormwind it was a morning of happiness and joy, happy children waking up and pestering their parents, opening presents… you get the general idea… but imagine the surprise of the people when a Deathly looking Santa with a Blonde Mage in a skin-tight outfit, an Elf in a skin-tight outfit, an Elf with a big moustache and an Undead skeletal looking Elf with no legs on the back of a giant beetle with a red horn riding towards the Cathedral… pretty damn surprising ay?
Arthas: Well I ain't shocked…
Arthas: Eww, I forgot how much this place reeked of holy…
Standing before the Cathedral of Light, Arthas held his nose and turned back to Jaina, who simply pointed over her shoulder towards the building with the sign over it saying “Orphanage”
Jaina: It's not in the Church…
Arthas: Funny how ya miss the sign when they all look like Stars around here…
Softly trudging over and beckoning his `assistants', Arthas felt a nervous twinge as he wondered what would happen inside, putting this aside as his human side again before casting his icy eyes towards the door itself, reaching out for the handle and stopping.
Kel'Thuzad: My king?
Arthas: Something… doesn't feel right…
He let go of the handle, and Jaina's hand gripped it instead.
Jaina: Oh come on ya big baby… Garithos, park the Beetle!
The Grand Marshal nodded and took Anub'arak around the back, letting him rest as he and Kael joined the others and Arthas took a deep breath and opened the door.
Kel'Thuzad: We're screwed…
Striding inside and giving a glorious pose accompanied with a lord `Ho Ho Ho', Arthas received a lot of confused looks from the children before giving a warm smile and kneeling down beside the closest girl, who was wondering why Santa was making strange clanking noises.
Jaina: **thinking** Will the kids take it?
Arthas: … Have… You been a good girl this year?
The smile seemed to touch something inside her as she watched Santa stand up and hoist the sack over his back, beckoning his aides over and opening the sack
Arthas: You've all been good little boys and girls from what I hear… I'm willing to bet there's a good little something in here for everyone!
Cheers went up from everyone as Garithos raised an eyebrow, sensing something strange in how jovial the Death Knight was acting before a small boy began to tug on his moustache, getting a yelp from the Grand Marshal
Boy: I didn't think Elves had Moustaches Mr.
Garithos: Eh? Heh… well… We like to be different… I'm a… New age Crusader…
The Marshal flexed and got a clap from the fascinated child, and a sigh from Kel'Thuzad before a girl began to pull on the Lich's Elf Robe.
Girl: Mr. Why are you dressed up as a lady… and… you look like a skeleton… like one of those bad ones daddy used to talk about before the war when we were in Stratholme…
Kel'Thuzad saw Arthas instantly cringe from behind when he heard those words and the Lich smiled, looking down.
Kel'Thuzad: My dear… do not let the disguise fool you… it is merely an Arcane Illusion to show you young ones that even alleged monsters such as the Scourge care about you at this time of the year… and all should be happy, especially those who are suffering…
That sentence was directed at Arthas, who gave a thumbs up over his shoulder before handing out more presents and hearing a slight gasp as the girl tackle hugged the Majordomo
Girl: You know, you're my fave…
Kel'Thuzad: **thinking** Oh god… how do I fake not being able to breathe?
Kael: You see… you're a hit with the children…
Arthas laughed as he saw Kael sit down and talk with the Orphanage Matron about how the event was going… the old woman had been told about the 3 Alliance members but was genuinely confused about who the other two were before Arthas handed out the last of the presents and looked to the two who were impressing the children.
Arthas: Well… have you had a good time Children?
A loud chorus erupted as most of the children as one tackle hugged the astounded Death Knight/ Santa, and Jaina was now thankful about the safe pillows in front of his armour in case of this, and as all the children let go Arthas turned to Jaina and beckoned her over.
Jaina: You really know how to make the children happy, ay Santa?
Arthas: Oh yes J… my dear, it really comes to one who spends so much time away from the youths…
Standing up with a creak and a smile he suddenly changed his expression to confused and looked down to Jaina who was still sitting down.
Jaina: Hmm?
Before she could react Arthas grabbed her by the shoulders and lifted her up, getting a light squeak before chuckling softly.
Jaina: What bought this on?
Arthas nodded upwards, and the last thing Jaina spied was a piece of Mistletoe before Arthas made his move.
Garithos: Oh my…
Kael: Think of the Children…
Kel'Thuzad: Phwoar kids… look at Santa Go!
Hours later after a gradual party and the children each in turn speaking to Santa, the team left and headed out of the city at a slow stroll, letting the events of the day sink in before Anub'arak caught up and waddled behind them.
Anub'arak: I heard all the fun you guys had…
Arthas: Sorry we couldn't take you in Anub… but you wouldn't have blended in at all…
Anub'arak: Well whilst you were indulging I went out and actually got some work done…
Arthas turned and mouthed the first two letters of “WTF?” before Anub leaned forwards and a box dropped at their feet.
Kel'Thuzad: My king?
Arthas sniffed the air around the box and instantly his eyes went wide, pulling out Frostmourne Jr. from his dagger sheath at his pocket and taking out the catch, yanking the top away and getting handfuls of Candy Canes.
Arthas: Anub, I'd completely forgotten!
Kael: This is why you came down here?
Kel'Thuzad: Originally we were to get those and bugger off back to Northrend as fast as we could… but I'm thankful now we didn't…
Arthas: Yes, it's certainly been the most unique Christmas event yet…
Jaina giggled as she watched the boys around the crate and dug a hand in to grab some for herself, getting a grin from Arthas.
Kel'Thuzad: No my King, shes got some… You CANT give her one!
Anub'arak and the lich burst out laughing, an embarrassed Arthas smacking them both around the head as Garithos chuckled and beckoned for them all to leave the city before causing a commotion, and as the crew walked out happy that this Christmas had been an intense and enjoyable experience, only one question plagued everyone's lips.
All: Where's Antonidas?
And far away, atop a tree in Kalimdor in a hidden secluded area of Darnassus, the spirit of the human Mage lay surrounded by Elven women, enjoying himself before sighing and looking to the sky.
Antonidas: I'm sure I forgot something…
And so ends WHGB Xmas Special… heres hoping next years actually makes it in time for Xmas :P
Arthas as Arthas
Kel'Thuzad as Kel'Thuzad
Anub'Arak as Anub'Arak
(Can you see where this is going?)
Jaina Proudmoore as Jaina Proudmoore AKA the One with the Rack!
Grand Marshal Garithos as That Moustachioed Arsehole… err… Grand Marshal Garithos
Kael'thas as Kael'thas
Antonidas as Antonidas
The Orphanage Crew as themselves
The Goldshire Cyb0r society as Noob Twits
Written by:
DE/Elf/Dinara/BEM/Irvine/James/Any other name you know me by
Special thanks to:
Warcraft 3 RoC and TFT… without you I couldn't have ideas
Earl Grey Tea x1522… without you I wouldn't have stayed awake
The original WHGB's… without you I wouldn't have written
My Guildies on WoW… without you I wouldn't have refined my ideas
Dedicated to:
Alladar, Mori and Knupfel… the 3 biggest fans of the original and I hope they loved this just as much
Thanks for reading!
That's it, go to bed…
Okay, The outtakes of this fic will follow in a separate post… That's it! :P
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