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World of War in War.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except Baran Sunheart and the concept of the Guardians of Dimensions. Shade Moonblood is the exclusive property of my sister and used with her permission.
Notes: As I read more and more about WoW online and its RPG twin, I begin to understand the difficulty of my task. As I said before, I don't have WoW online, so of course reading about what one can do in the video game and using the D20 RPG as basis for my story present an interesting challenge.
Many fans of WoW wouldn't recognize how their game has been adapted on another support. Oh well, I love a challenge… (No, I'm not Ranma… I assure you…)
And yes, Baran is going to be powerful by introducing something unknown in Azeroth: Psionic powers.
Chap 1: A Strange Newbie
Gormoroth was smiling.
The powerful Major Demon had been selected by Kil'jaeden from the ranks of the Burning Legion to be the first one to enter another world. Another conquest for the evil magic-consuming society.
This particular Dark Portal was floating among swirling debris somewhere in the Twisting Nether and more precisely well hidden within some of the smaller debris of the shattered world of Draenor: What was now known as Outland.
Kil'jaeden, also known as the Deceiver, smirked as he watched his minion activating the portal. Earlier probes had revealed a realm with low-level magic and high-level technology beyond the threshold. An entire world that would fall easily to the skilful manipulations of his peers and to their powers. Especially since it seemed containing only humans.
He chuckled. The human race was so easily manipulated by a few whispers of powers, a few scraps of forbidden knowledge. The actual problem of the plane of Azeroth was but a little bump for them.
Sooner or later, one of his plans WILL succeed and Azeroth WILL fall into oblivion as he and the others gorged themselves with the precious Mana extracted from the very reality of the doomed world.
There! This new world's future was sealed: Gormoroth had passed his clawed hand in the aperture.
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A young woman with red-brown hair and hazel eyes stopped tapping on the keyboard of her computer and frowned as her senses perceived something… Something fishy…
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There had been no warning, no signs of anything strange or dangerous.
Gormoroth simply exploded. Literally.
Kil'jaeden was flabbergasted for a fraction of second. Not only did he perceive nothing, but his superior mundane and mystic senses were telling him that nothing remained of his minion except an utterly non-living vague bio-mass.
The power, the mind and the soul of his former Major Demon were…inexistent. There wasn't even a trace of what had caused such a thing.
He snarled as he summoned his might. Spells were cast at the speed of thought, magical probes were launched and even his basic senses stretched to analyze what they could perceive.
Nothing. Nothing at all.
Before Kil'jaeden could take a decision upon this weird situation, the Dark Portal suddenly opened by itself.
An eye. A giant blood-red eye stared through the aperture of the portal.
Kil'jaeden smiled viciously. At least, the one responsible for the delay of his plans was showing himself. He launched the most devastating of his attack at once.
Pointing his clawed hand and uttering words of power, he casted the legendary spell known as the Greater Finger of Death. A ray of Fel energy sprung from his finger and hit the giant eye like a red lightning bolt.
The Eye didn't even blink. However, Kil'jaeden blinked, dismayed that his most powerful spell had been completely ignored without any apparent effort. Almost nothing could have stopped this spell. The target was slain instantly and consumed in unholy Fel fire.
Kil'jaeden sensed a pulse of…something that radiated from the Eye and suddenly the Dark Portal imploded.
The floating debris were sucked into a dark void at the heart of what was a portal and disappeared without traces.
Completely astonished, Kil'jaeden could sense that there wasn't even a tear to the reality layer at this location. It was as if no Dark Portal had been created here. Nothing, to his knowledge, could have done that. Even the Titans of old would have been challenged by the task.
What the hell was going on…?!
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Shade Moonblood smirked as her infinite power enabled her to observe the frustrated Arch-Demon in another part of the whole Creation without any knowledge from him.
She narrowed her two eyes: One hazel and one blood-red. She nipped in the bud this tentative of invasion of her home reality, but countless others didn't have the chance to have a Guardian of Dimensions to protect them.
Her total mastery over the Void, her own personal power among the Guardians, had allowed her to block any future actions, direct or indirect, from this Kil'jaeden to open or make opening a portal to her world.
She frowned. She had analyzed the other world during her action and wasn't surprised to discover that a game online of her own world was the almost exact representation of this other dimension.
She was greatly tempted to intervene in the “World of Warcraft”, as the plane of Azeroth was known to her, because of the suffering of countless people in too many worlds.
The problem was her own lunar nature. Her last name had much more signification than one would think. The power of the Moon was already represented in Azeroth by the Goddess Elune. Entering this world would provoke an unbalance, something that was forbidden for a Guardian.
She shrugged. She would just have to choose another Guardian of Dimensions to take her place. Now, who should she select…?
She smirked. Oh, yes… She had the perfect candidate for this mission. She even knew that he had only passing knowledge about Azeroth, so knowing too much wasn't an issue. She giggled and raised her hands, summoning anew her mighty power.
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Many saw the falling star as it passed through the night sky. It wasn't the first time and too few thought about this, except perhaps as a source of Meteoric Iron. However, numerous children made a wish upon this particular star and generally wished that their future shone brighter.
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There was a relatively small explosion within the deep of Northshire Valley in the Elwynn Forest as a falling star hit the ground.
Small fires erupted around the impact point, but the humidity of the early spring season smothered rapidly the potential danger. As the night progressed and the moon passed the zenith, a small rain fell on the clearing, generating steam as the fused earth was cooled.
At the centre of a small crater, an ectoplasmic cocoon was glowing lightly with a blue-white pulse. Then as the moon passed and a pale light signalled the dawn, the cocoon began to loose its consistency.
The first rays of the sun made it completely disappeared and revealed what was protected within it.
He was a young man, just under his twenties, with shoulder-length black hair combed in a low ponytail and Caucasian skin. He was average in built and height with glasses. He was clothed in a strange Gi-like silk shirt and drawstring pants in a dark blue colour with a black trim. His feet were enclosed in leather black soft low boots and a black silk sash completed his appearance.
He seemed asleep and was breathing regularly. Then the combination of the light and the songs of the morning birds awoke him.
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Baran Sunheart blinked and covered her face as the rays of the Sun touched his eyes. He grumbled and turned on his side on the glassed ground.
His green eyes blinked again as he remarked that he was sleeping on a fused ground depression and was no longer in his bed at home.
He sat up and examined the area. “What the hell…?”
Well, he was no longer at home, or even in his home universe. He examined himself and held a crooked smile as he detailed his new clothes. He had no weapon and no knowledge of wherever he was, but found his current clothing perfect.
He sighed in relief as he noted that he was currently in the body of an Avatar: A fantasized and upgraded version of his original body. He was younger, minus a few weaknesses and imperfections, more powerful physically and could probably count on a few hidden features. He was perplexed to have retained his glasses and his bad vision and was a little apprehensive at the absence of any type of weapon despite the presence of his infinite Dimensional Pocket. He checked and whined in dismay as it was currently empty.
He breathed deeply and let his senses tasted the environment around him. He could already perceive that the level of magic was rather high here and probably up to a standard Heroic-Fantasy reality.
However, he couldn't perceive the characteristic spark of power within his soul that marked those able to use magic. He frowned and reached deeply in himself to perceive his potential.
Well, what a surprise. It had been a while since he had such a high level of Psionic potential. He could also perceive that his Ki-levels were higher than the normal and he shouldn't have too much difficulty to develop them in the future.
He blushed then laughed as his stomach signalled that it was time to nourish the beast.
He exited the impact crater, closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of Nature. He smiled when he perceived the gentle song of a brook nearby.
As he walked to the source of running water, he thought about his situation. Once again, a world was in need of a Guardian.
Somewhere in this dimension, there was something that only a complete outsider could resolve. It wasn't the first time that he was without his standard allotment of powers or even without the famous “Phantom-Memories”. Those sets of emotions and memories were the best instrument to integrate a Guardian within a world with everything he needed for his mission. He concluded that he was in a world he knew about or where it was easy to learn what was needed.
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The water was completely unpolluted and very fresh. Baran basked into the sensation of such pure water. Nowhere in his original world could he do something like that. Kneeling, he cupped again some water to quench his thirst.
Oops… He wasn't the only one thirsty here. He blinked as he saw the wolf lapping into the brook just in front of him.
The grey beast and the white man observed themselves a few moments separated by the rather little stream of water. Baran sighed. Of course, the wolf was also as hungry as him. Damned Murphy
As he saw the predator preparing to leap at him, Baran readied one of his weapons: Her right hand seemed to curl around a non-existing handle.
The wolf charged across the brook, impatient to gorge himself with the delicate flesh of its prey.
Baran focused on his inner power and a two foot length blade made of semi-solid blue-white psychic energy materialized in his right hand. Staying firmly kneeling with one knee on the ground, he slashed at the throat of the beast before rolling on the side and turning to face the wolf.
The predator seemed to wheeze in confusion as he turned to continue its attack before he fell on the ground. Its life had fled along with its life-blood by the wound at its neck.
Baran smiled as he considered his first kill in this world. He had summoned without effort his Psi-Blade. It was the Psionic equivalent of a Jedi Lightsaber. It was shorter now only because he needed to develop his power.
He looked around to see if this wolf wasn't alone and smiled as he saw at a distance a dirt road among the forest.
There weren't many clues on the road, so Baran decided to follow his instinct and took the Northeast direction. A panel indicating a direction achieved to make him happy. Although written in a different alphabet than his native tongue, Baran could read it. His Universal Translator power was active and he shouldn't have any problems when he reached this “Northshire Abbey”.
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Notes: The use of the Guardian of Dimensions was just the pretext for sending my Avatar to WoW. And yes, my sister has this sort of sense of humour.
Yes, the dark blue colour of his clothes is a reference to the dark blue robe exclusive to the GM-controlled characters in the online game.
I intent to explore the whole world of Warcraft and probably save it at the same time. (No, I'm not Ultra-Powerful… I swear…)
I think I'm going to use the various quests of the online game as a support. After all I need to build a good reputation with as many people as I can, right?
Of course, if a fan wants to give me advices or suggestions, do it. The only problem is that only the review system work. I have no E-mail for now.