Wedding Peach Fan Fiction ❯ Genuine Love ❯ Chapter 1

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[disclaimer]: i don't own any of this character. i just used them for my story...
This is my third poem and I dedicate this to one of my Favorite Anime… Wedding Peach… and my favorite pair… Momoko and Yousuke.
Hope you like this…

Genuine Love

Angels keeps on sending
This precious thing
Directly from up above
This thing called love.

Heaven keeps on showering
This kind of blessing
Scattering all around
And it is full of sound.

Birds keep on singing
This song of greeting
Which everyone loves to hear
To lessen their fear...

Trumpets keep on blowing
Lights keep on glowing
Everyone keeps on shining
And love still keeps on growing.

Genuine love is this thing called
The most beautiful one
In a thousand fold.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A poem I made when the two of them realize that they love each other...and when Yousuke and Momoko share their first kiss in the park beside the Lover's Fountain... It's really brought me a shivering feeling down my spine...wehehe... it's look like i feel a ghost instead of feeling inlove.*_* please send me reviews if you like this poem. and please tell me if you want me to make a story of the pairs you like.=D
Oh and thanks BL for posting this