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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 4

I felt the agony from the bottom of my essence. Not a good feeling, I have to admit. I waited for Omi to come back with our older brother. I was going to be waiting a bit, I could tell by the voices, hushed, outside of my room. I picked out Omi telling them I was coming to, but slowly. I heard Lantis snap at him and the sword toting stranger getting on both their cases.

"... and you know it. She acted foolishly, as did you two. Lantis, of all people I would have figured you could see it in her eyes. You've been there, you should have known she would do something like this.. I feel incredibly fortunate that a friend of mine over heard his plans for her."

"He wants her alive. Torture is a bad way to go, as are several other ways I could mention and some you already know. You know as well as I do, he won't give up on her. That and the fact that she killed one of them isn't going to help her if he ever gets a hold of her. Oh, yeah, this is nowhere near over." Well this didn't sound very good.

"You can't blame her, she's always been protected by the family." Omi said in defense.

"No, but I can blame you two." The man responded.

"She doesn't have a clue, because we didn't want her touched by such evil things. She's the innocence that Lantis and I have lost, mostly through contact with you." Omi continued as if he hadn't been interrupted.

"We don't want her to understand some things in this world. Not as we did. I have understood what was going on since I was 9. Since the day those things stole our parents from us. She shouldn't have to know that, we had always been able to protect her." Lantis was very close to screaming. Wait, that can't be right, no matter how angry he would get with Omi and I, he never screamed. This really couldn't be good.

Omi tried to quiet him down, probably hoping I hadn't heard what was going on. "Lantis, shush, she was coming to when I came to find you. If we want to keep her in the dark, then you need to quiet down." What am I, a mushroom?

"We've all had our confrontations with them. But we try to keep it away from our families and out of other parts of life. Question, I never met Darien, but did he hide what he was well?" Omi's question didn't make much sense to me but hey, apparently I was far out of that particular loop.

The stranger's deep voice echoed through my body as he responded, "Yeah, to all but the most sensitive, and even then they usually can't quite figure out why he bothered them. Another thing is that most not involved in that world, don't know what he is. They tend not to survive. And those that do, don't tell."

"Shit, maybe that explained her behavior with him. Serena is usually very dedicated to her guy, she's a committed relationship girl. She'd usually bring them home after 6 months of dating. She kept hedging with Nonna, almost as if she didn't want to introduce him to the family."

"She's successful enough to put aside her work for a while when she was with a guy, and they usually understood. She was restless with this one. I have never seen her so, not serene, as she normally is. Of course the last 3 months not with standing. I honestly hadn't thought she would do something like this. I thought she had grown out of this." Omi's voice held sadness in it that I was beginning to think would never go away.

What Omi was referring to was my habit as a little girl to defend my family at all costs. Nonna had despaired in ever making me a real lady for as long as I did that. Some one hurt my brothers in any way and I rode in to the rescue. It had gotten to the point that they didn't tell me what was going on. Kids at school quickly figured out that you didn't mess with any of the Carter kids, they'd just kick your ass, or more specifically, I would. I guess I had created more problems for my brothers that way, but I was the one with the enemies, so they left my brothers alone, until some new dumbass came in and thought he could beat any one of us. My brothers could hold their own. They didn't needs me after a while, they started to protect me in the same way as I got older

"She's had her first taste of the world and she doesn't know. You guys are fucking priceless. Are you trying to get her killed?!" The man was really beginning to piss me off. I wasn't clueless, or helpless. I could defend myself, granted tonight wasn't my best display of that skill but hey, everyone had a bad day, and the pain coursing through my body reminded me of that. I was determined to get out of my nice warm, not moving bed, and give him a piece of my mind, a rather large one at that.

I managed to make it to the hall before I sagged against the wall. The three of them, surrounding me, came forward as if to help me. I was having none of it at that point. I waved them off as I caught my breath. They moved as one, almost as if a puppeteer had them all on strings. I waved them off.

They didn't want to respect my wave, so I spat "Back off," Into the circle of men. This might not have been a good idea, but then most of my ideas tonight hadn't been. Between that thought and my weakness, I was becoming very pissed off.

"You," I stumbled to the unknown element in my midst, I had to look up at his face to see it and he was taller then Lantis. "Leave my brothers alone. I don't give a shit if you are king of the world, but no one gets away with harassing my brothers. "

"Back off! You hear me?" I was poking my index finger in to his awesomely chiseled chest. I hoped it hurt and at the same time couldn't help but to notice it was chiseled. Oh, hell not good.

His icy eyes were fixed on my face, and if my sense of self-preservation had been working right, I would have run for the hills. No joke, his eyes were just that scary. I stayed put, but wished I hadn't. I got a sound in the back of my head. "I hear you, but there is a world you know nothing about. Your brothers know where it is; they have to live in it. This is a place where some of your worst nightmares become legal citizens of the world." His eyes seemed to get colder as he spoke and I didn't seem to get it.

"Oh, wait, there is no way you are serious. I mean, I would have heard something about it." I gave them all incredulous looks.