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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 5

"Yeah, Sere, its true. If they didn't exist then tell me, why do you fear werewolves?" Omi asked with eyes filled with concern. Lantis just glared at the other two.

"Not like this. Not like this," He said as he sagged in defeat.

"Like how, Lantis? How did you want her to find out? How about a witch puts a spell on her, or she becomes contagious and furry once a month? Talk about P.M.S., Christ. No, no, it'd be called F.M.S. full moon syndrome. Here's another one for you, let's just throw her straight to the vampires right now. Let's leave her with them for a few nights and see how far she gets, how long she would stay alive!" He was doing it again. The man was getting after my brothers and I didn't like it.

Lantis had been held back by Omi when the man started in on them. It wasn't an easy thing for my baby brother at that point. Lantis managed to break away from Omi, getting close enough to slug the man standing in front of him.

I stumbled as the action ensued between the two men. I grasped on to Lantis to steady myself.

"Lantis, please stop this. If for no other reason then because Nonna wouldn't allow this." He stopped only because he realized his grip was the only thing keeping me standing. Man, that grip hurt. "Let me go, so I can find a spot to sit." I glared at both my brothers and the man. I was startled to hear sounds burst from the back of my mind. Sounds that had always been like a white noise I could always ignore, like a symphony I had heard again and again. But not right now, Why wasn't I sure this was a good thing?

My eyes widened. I tried to inch away from my older brother, only to hear sounds get stronger as I came closer to the other guys. I tried to inch away from the other men as well. I fell flat on my ass. I don't think my eyes could get any wider or wild and I didn't have to see them. My eyes finally settled on the man, the stranger, in my home. "What are you?"