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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 9

Omi's growl grew louder and it almost made me scream when I heard a scream from behind me. I looked back to see Omi had completely changed. I had a leopard crouched behind me. Ready to spring forward if I was threatened.

The vamp lunged at me and I threw the dart and had the knife ready to switch hands. My dart had gotten off track and gone upward, right into his eye. That stopped him for a moment or two or three, hell that stopped him in agony for several. I was kinda in shock, I hadn't expected it to work.

I collected myself and charged at the vampire. I had the knife raised and it was caught by the vamp, the asshole decided to rack his claw like hands down my captive arm. He twisted my arm until I dropped knife. I instead pulled my other arm back and tried to slug him with all my might. no such luck. Despite the loss of the one eye, which seemed to be filling in as he held my arm in a bruising grasp. He didn't seem to lose he depth perception, I know cause I was in his grasp. So much for damage.

Omi, the sleek, dark leopard at my back, jumped the vamp and sent us all spilling to the floor in an ungraceful, awkward heap. My head slammed against the carpeted floor, again and again. I think that both of them decided to use my body as leverage, and that the best spot for that would be my stomach. Their leverage caused me to buck, hence my head hitting the floor as I came back down. That sucked. Or it would when I get around to feeling the pain again.

I found the leopard stalking back and forth in front of the vamp. The vamp had his back to me. I pulled my last knife out of its sheath, the leopard slashed at the vamp. drawing its attention as I swung with all my might and lobbed off its head. Ok well, not entirely. It hung by a thread of tissue. I didn't wait to see if it might grow back, I slipped the knife in between the ribs and twisted until the heart was a lump of so much meat in the body.

I stayed kneeling in front of the body, bearly feeling the head butting against my bloody hand. What I did feel was a rough, almost sand papery, thing drag against my ripped open arm. I about screamed. It was as close to one without it being an actual scream. Splitting hairs, who me?

The leopard stared into my eyes, startled. I could see Omi's eyes bleed into the animal's. It was creepy watching Omi's concern and thoughts roll through the eyes of the large creature. The animal bled back in to the eyes a bit and looked questioningly at my arm. I held it out and the beast followed it. I was careful to breath slow and easy, though easier said then done. I nodded to the great cat, hearing those tiny bells sound off. It shifted closer, seemingly without moving most of it's body, and tentatively licked at the wound. I winced, but really couldn't do much more as the cat continued to lap up the blood as a house cat laps up cream. Creepy.

My arm was a clean as it was going to get with out a shower in a few moments. Omi's incredibly blue eyes were making an appearance, it was eerie watching as bones snapped and muscles spasmed and I watched the magnificent cat become my little brother. And he was completely nekked.

Omi looked up at me with those huge blue eyes, horror evident in them. "I'm so sorry, Serena, I never meant for that to happen."

"Don't worry about it. Look, its already healing. Wow, it's already healing?!" I examined the wounds and they were scabbed over as if it had been a couple of days since the fight.

The horror was chased away from Omi's face, leaving behind confusion. "I have never not collapsed after shifting

so soon like this." His eyebrows scrunched together as he tried to figure it out.

"Let me get this damned door open and we can discuss this in the apartment, ok? I really don't want to be standing out here all night. And dressed as you are, I don't thing you want to be, either." I was exhausted and hurt like hell. I needed to pray to the Demerol god soon. Oh, yeah, I still didn't have Demerol, I guess I was just going to have to settle for Alieve. The next best thing.

I kicked the door open after I unlocked it and opened it a bit. My cordless phone in the front hall was flashing at me, letting me know that people had tried to get a hold of me in the last 48 or so hours. Great. I dialed into it and hit my password, turning the speaker on so I could hear my messages through the apartment.

"You have three new messages, first message 'Hey Serena, are you doing ok? Lantis told me about what had happened last night. Give me a call whenever you get this.' message two, 'Miss Carter, please call me. This piece is fantastic!' last message, 'Serena, pick up, we have something to talk about. Call me anytime.' end of messages. To replay..."

I quit listening to the machine after I heard his voice. I was too scared to do much of anything. I probably looked stupid staring into the mirror in the bathroom with half my arm bandaged up.

"Serena, that was him, wasn't it?" Omi really didn't need me to answer so I didn't. I spent some time trying to compose myself, enough at least to call Lantis. Omi had already heard it.

"Sere, I'm going to make a phone call, alright?"

"Sure, whatever...Wait, are you calling Lantis?"

"Nope, I'll tell you if it goes right, give me a bit of time, May I borrow your cell?"

"I guess, it's sitting on my coffee table. I'm going to call Lantis. I just don't know what to do right now." I have to head through my living room to reach my bathroom and I usually empty my pockets out on my coffee table.

I grabbed the cordless off the table in the hall by the door, and despite the bitter cold of the night, headed to the balcony to make my call. The cold clear air helped to clear my head as I gathered my courage and energy to call him.

I dialed his number and had to wait for three rings before Hikaru picked up the phone, "Hey, Serena, what took you so long to get home?"

"Could you put my brother on, I can explain it to you after I talk to my brother."

I sounded so tired and defeated. I wasn't defeated, but I was in pain and I was almost dead tired. "Ok, give me a second." She sounded as worried as I did tired, great.

"What happened Serena?"

"What, no hello to you little sister?" Ok so lame attempt at joking. "Sorry, I have a problem. He called tonight. He also sent over a friend, whom I believe is bleeding blood that isn't his all over my hallway outside the door. Oh and two were wolves were waiting at my door with the vampire when Omi and I got to my place. Could you and Hikaru come over? Please? I really need you two here." I was about to cry, I didn't want to cry but I was overwhelmed by the events of the last two days.

"Give us some time and we'll be there." His voice was quiet, more so then usual. He was thinking.

"Thank you so much, Lantis. And thank Hikaru as well. See ya soon." We hung up and I prayed he'd get here soon.

I put in a call to the police, reporting a dead body in my hallway. I really didn't want to get involved in this anymore then I already was. Maybe I should have told them what had happened but I figured the real events wouldn't sit well with them. I left my cordless sitting on my coffee table. I seem to be starting a collection in the living room.

I changed into my favorite pj's. They had moons and stars all over them. The long sleeve and pants kept me warmer then most of my day clothes did. And right now, I could do with all the warmth I could get. Not that it could melt the ice that had settled in my soul.

I found my cell phone back on the table after I had changed and wandered back into the living room. I sat with my knees pulled up to my chest and my hair up in two odangoes on either side of my head, the rest of it trailed down my shoulders and rested on the couch beside me.

After the last couple of days I just wanted to bury my head in the sand and let the world pass me by. I knew I couldn't, that I had to finish what I started. But that didn't mean I wasn't scared. Hell, I'd be stupid if I weren't scared.

I left the apartment just long enough to tape a note to the doors that gave access to the second floor. I let any one who might come up know to use the stairs at the front of the building or the elevator. I had hoped to minimize the contamination of the crime scene should some one get to the building before the police.

I flopped back own on the couch, then was reminded of my aches and pains. I curled into a ball on my couch, waiting for the phone buzzer to go off. My building had a system that the intercom buzzer went through the landline. Omi joined me on the couch, he didn't say anything. He just let me sit in the silence.

I had kinda dozed off, so when the phone rang I jumped about a mile. "Who is it?" Omi answered it for me.

"Ok, one moment please. Hey Sere, how do I let them in?"

"Um, hit seven." I was distracted, trying to clear my mind.

I could hear feet making their way up the stairs at the front of my building, the apartment is the first on the floor so I get to listen to people tramping up and down that flight of stairs all the time. Omi opened the door and let in Two red-haired men.

"Sere, Himura and Aya are here. They want to talk to you." Omi showed him to my living room, "Take a seat please." He gestured to my reclining chairs and a little loveseat. Kenshin took the chair as far from me as he could get. Aya sat on the two seater.

"Ms. Serena, Lantis called me and asked me over here tonight. Mostly so I could try to figure out which pack members were here and to help in any way I can." He sounded so sincere.

"Thank you Mr. Himura. I do appreciate you coming over. Were you able to figure out who they were?" I really almost didn't care. But I knew I had to keep going, to keep thinking about what was happening.

"Actually, I did and they will be taken care of tomorrow."

"Good work by the way, much better then last night. By the way, give me all the weapons you used on him. I'll take official credit, only because I'm the only one officially supposed to kill these bastards. Oh and I was at your house with you for dinner and came back with you two to talk to you both." He didn't say anything else for a little while after that. I handed over my knives and darts to him, but wasn't all that thrilled. I also gave him all the details about what had happened and he Omi and I spent some time on making sure our stories were straight and kept me out of trouble. Yea.

I knew he meant it as a compliment, but that didn't stop my temper from starting to simmer. My brother had gone too far, asking Himura to come over to protect me. Then Aya complimenting me on killing a person didn't help me either. He didn't even tell me how he knew to come over, not that I was going to ask.

The phone rang again and this time I answered it as Omi drew Mr. Himura into a light conversation. "What?" I snapped. Sorry I'm not my most congenial when I'm getting angry.