Weiss Kreuz Fan Fiction / Yami No Matsuei Fan Fiction ❯ Memento Mori ❯ Sons of Patience ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Aren't you going to help him?” Ken eyed the shinigami's cute puppy-form with more than a little guilt. “I mean, he didn't mean to.”
“That's right 'Soka. I didn't-”
“No.” Hisoka bit out tiredly. “I'm not helping. You broke it. You clean it up.” Behind him, a red-haired man huffed. Hisoka wasn't completely sure if it was in approval or disgust. Whichever it was, he did not appreciate it from some random dead person who was only here because the chief lost their paperwork. As if he needed this guy's opinion.
“But I mean... he said he was sorry...”
“Maybe if he cleaned it up on his own he would be less likely to break something next time.”
Hisoka bristled at the emotionless voice behind him. He did not need any help disciplining his partner, thank you very much.
“But Aya-n...”
“But 'Soka...” Came simultaneous whines.
“Don't call me Aya-n.”
“My name is Hisoka!” Came two simultaneous retorts.
The blond and the red-head glanced at each other briefly, meaning that Hisoka glared and Aya stared with usual cold indifference.
“It's alright Hidaka-san!” Tsuzuki grinned brightly. “I'll clean this up and in the meantime you can go get me some cake from the fridge.”
“No.” Aya and Hisoka chorused. They glared at each other again. Aya shrugged and gestured as if to say 'you may go first.' The young shinigami bit back a sharp retort.
“Tsuzuki, you can have cake after you've finished cleaning up.” Tsuzuki drooped and trudged towards the giant splats in the hall.
“Ken. You aren't allowed anywhere near the kitchens.”
Ken's face visibly fell. “But! I'm not going to-”
“I will not risk destroying someone else's equipment.”
“But...” Aya's gaze changed from cold indifference to frigid and threatening in record time. Ken's voice trailed off and his shut his mouth with an audible snap.
For a moment Hisoka was tempted to ask this Aya to teach him the ways of the 'Evil eye which shuts the partner up'. For a moment. Then he went back to being annoyed.
Over in the far corner of the office, two girls squealed in what could only be described as fiendish delight. In another corner, a trio of raucous laughs erupted. Aya shuddered at the thought of just what his other teammates were doing.
“It's Kurosaki,” the boy snapped.
Aya twitched, the urge to slap the brat almost too much to bear. But he was a quick learner. Things weren't always what they appeared to be in this realm. The last brat that had been rude to him turned out to be the embodiment of Naraku, prince of war. Apparently the gold eyes were supposed to be a dead give-away. The war prince was not too happy with a katana shoved up against his throat and it took a great deal of Omi and Ken pleading for forgiveness (and Yoji hitting on Mrs. Naraku's Mother) before the furious not-brat had backed down.
Aya glanced casually over at the boy. No, it was best not to risk it. Who knew what he was capable of?
“Kurosaki-san,” Aya corrected less than graciously. “Is there somewhere that is less...” Cue boisterous laughter and an 'It's so CUTE!' “...noisy?”
Hisoka twitched at yet another outburst from the two corners. “I'm afraid it's always noisy. Everywhere.”
“Not even a library?”
“There is a library...” Hisoka conceded. Mournfully he eyed his paperwork. Finally he sighed in resignation. “Follow me.”
“Me too!” Ken had been quiet for so long that Aya had almost forgotten he was there.
“No. The point of me leaving is to find some peace and quiet. That is not possible with you there.” If it were possible for the stocky young man to deflate, he would have done so. “If you want something to do then offer to help clean. Even you can't blow up a broomstick.” The insult must have gone right over his head, because Ken was instantly next to Tsuzuki, cheerfully taking over the scraping of ashes from the floor while the shinigami manned the dustpan.
“This way,” Hisoka mumbled tiredly.
At the library he turned to leave, more than happy to abandon the red-haired man and get back to his ever-increasing paperwork.
“Where can I find ancient Chinese literature?”
Hisoka blinked. Odd. This guy didn't look like a scholar. “It depends on what you want.”
“It's called 'Journey to the West'.”
“You...you've read that?”
The man shrugged. “To chapter 30. Can't find the last 70 chapters. Here might be the best place to look.”
This was the closest Hisoka had gotten to a smile in over a week. “It's here. I'm at the part with the land of spiders.”
Aya nodded, as impassive as usual. But, if one were to look really hard, one might find just a hint of interest in his eyes. “That chapter was characterized by political commentary.”
“Right.” A not-quite-cheerful, but not-as-cranky-as-usual Hisoka led the way to his favorite niche in the Ju-Oh-Cho library. “Politics in China in the 1500's was...