Weiss Kreuz Fan Fiction / Yami No Matsuei Fan Fiction ❯ Memento Mori ❯ The Children in the Pink ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“You're cute.” Yuma ruffled the boy's hair.
“You're really cute,” Saya agreed. “Almost as pretty as a girl.”
Omi blushed and ducked his head. “Thanks.”
For a second of silence Saya looked at Yuma, and Yuma looked at Saya. “KAWAII!” They screamed, launching themselves at the boy and wrapping him tightly in their arms.
“C...can't breathe!” Omi choked out. Their stranglehold loosened, but only minutely.
“You're not as pretty as Hiso-chan, but you don't run away when we try to hug you.” The girl on his right giggled in his ear. He assumed it was probably a compliment.
He should have known. The moment the group had walked into this office a boy his age had called him maniac-bait. A tall orange haired man had said something to the effect of 'throw them the boys and make a run for it.' The intimidating secretary had regarded him and Nagi silently before pronouncing that their sacrifice would not be in vain. Some other guy had attempted to inform him of the 'baptism of snuggle'.
Nagi was smart. Nagi had disappeared. Nagi must have some anti-cuddling defense mechanism that sensed the approaching of fan-girls.
“You would look sooooooo cute in a Pink House dress!”
Omi had no such defense.
He had considered running for it. But the secretary...Tatsumi... had said that to process their paperwork he needed a lack of distractions. Which basically meant: 'bear it if you ever want to see outside this office and have a peaceful afterlife'. So once again, Omi took one for the team.
“Have you ever worn a dress before?” The girls regarded him a little too closely for comfort.
“Um...once...” he admitted. “For a mission. I was undercover.”
“CUTE!” They recommenced their snuggling.
“I have got to see what he would look like in Pink House's Spring line!” From somewhere Saya pulled a very pink catalog.
“Ooooh! Number 7. Number 7!” They held the page up next to Omi's face and squealed in delight
“It's perfect!”
“Number 7 matches your eyes!”
“And 10! That would look so cute with his height!”
“Two would be good, but its too far down in front. We need something like... NUMBER 21!”
Omi's neck felt as if he was watching a ping-pong match from a seat on top of the net.
“I just can't decide! Maybe the goth-loli one?”
“No. It has to be plain lolita. He needs light colors.”
“What about the yellow one? With the lace.”
He chuckled nervously as they both sighed. “Mmmm... lace...”
“I have made a decision,” Yuma said suddenly. “We can't choose until we see him in them. This demands a shopping spree.”
There are many reasons why Omi was against this shopping spree. One had something to do with male pride. Second and more importantly was the frightening glint in the secretary's glasses when he instructed Omi to keep his new 'friends' away from anything that will cost the office money.
“Um...” Omi interjected intelligently. “You could just PhotoShop it.”
The sudden silence was just as painful as the previous screeching.
“What's PhotoShop?”
'Yes!' Omi rejoiced to himself, glad for the distraction. “You can take the picture of the dress and put it over the picture of the person you want to see it on. Actually, there are some really sophisticated modeling programs that let you use a picture of the person and create a 3D model. Then you can move it into any position you want and create any sort of clothes for the model to wear. Some of them can look really realistic: it takes an expert to tell it's a fake sometimes.”
He wondered if there really were crickets chirping in the background. “I...” he ducked slightly, a little bit embarrassed. “I sometimes had to create blackmail photos to get information.”
“So let me get this straight,” Saya said in her 'pondering' voice. “You can take a picture.”
“Any picture of anybody.”
“Well sometimes it helps to have several pictures showing different angles of their face, but yes.”
“You can take these pictures and put them into the computer.” Yuma took up the questioning.
“And you can create a computerized person-thingy that looks just like the person in the picture.”
“Something like that.”
“So it's like a 3D computer paper doll?” He wasn't sure he really liked the look that these girls were giving him.
“In a manner of speaking, yes.”
“That we can put Pink House clothes on.”
“You have to scan in the picture of the clothes and make them into models as well, but eventually yes.”
“DO IT!” They screeched. Yuma commandeered the nearest computer from the orange-haired man and Saya steered the young ex-assassin towards it.
“This is the person!” Saya up-ended her purse on the desk and a rain of photos poured out. “His name is Hiso-chan!”
“Will this be enough?”
Omi glanced at the mountain of pictures of the blond boy from earlier. “Yeah. This will do it.”
He had done this so often it was practically second nature to him. Ju-Oh-Cho had the fastest internet connection he had ever seen! (And that was saying something because Kritiker spared no expense when it came to information gathering.) By the time he had finished choosing several of the good pictures that didn't include red-eyed rage, everything had downloaded and installed and was running. Omi had to physically refrain from shedding a happy tear.
Saya and Yuma watched his every keystroke as if it defined their lives. When he finally leaned back, satisfied, he knew their speechlessness wouldn't last long, and he awaited the explosion.
“IT'S SO CUTE!!!!!”
“You like it?”
“Omi-chan, you're the best!” A pair of kisses on his head made him blush again. “Put the black one on!” Obediently Omi clicked and dragged the model of the black dress onto the virtual Hisoka.
“Now the blue one!”
“The red one!”
“The white gloves!”
The littlest ex-assassin made Saya and Yuma's afterlife a much more delicious place.
“High heels!”