Weiss Kreuz Fan Fiction / Yami No Matsuei Fan Fiction ❯ Memento Mori ❯ All-Seeing Green Eyes ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“The percolator tried to bite you!?!” Ken stared in open-mouthed shock at the raw destructive talent of the man in front of him.
“Yes,” Tsuzuki sighed. “Twice.” He attacked a particularly stubborn spot with the sponge. “Watari's always bringing weird things to life.”
“So it really wasn't your fault! I thought you were just saying that to calm your partner down.”
The footballer jumped and scooted away from the biggest black smear as it bubbled and… growled. Two sharp jabs from the broom were enough to shut it up.
“Even after I locked it in the microwave it kept crashing around.” Ken nodded sagely.
“Quick thinking. I probably would have flung it in the oven. Would have been an even bigger mess. Wait, how did you fit it in the microwave?”
“Little coffee pot, big microwave.”
“Makes sense.”
And sadly, to them it did.
“They look like they're having fun.”
“Hm?” Tsuzuki looked up and followed Ken's gaze. He smiled as Watari slung an arm around his new friends' necks and belted out the chorus to his favorite bar song. “Think we should tell them they're not singing in the same language?” German, Japanese and broken English blared, bearing absolutely no resemblance to tune.
“Think we should tell them they're not singing the same song?”
“I get the feeling they wouldn't care.” The two laughed, and it felt nice to laugh with someone else.
When the last bit of goo and ash was finally scraped into the garbage, Tsuzuki straightened and stretched. “Time for cake!” He grinned back at the brown-haired man. “Hisoka hates sweet things, so you can have his slice.”
Ken looked uncertain. “You sure? He won't mind?”
“He always gives it to me anyway.”
To be honest, it never did take much convincing to get Ken to eat cake. With gusto, the two pounced on the chocolate cake with strawberry icing. Figuring they had been destruction-free for long enough, the two new friends set out to find their partners.
The sudden change in emotion was suffocating. Moments ago the red-head was almost emotionless. He had settled as comfortably as possible in one of the library reading chairs and had immersed himself in the pages of his book. The next moment he was radiating waves of fury. Hisoka shuddered, white knuckled hands gripping the spine of his own book. What could have...?
He followed the man's gaze, and heaved a long suffering sigh.
They were too far away to hear what they were saying, but it really looked like Tsuzuki was getting along with that other guy. They laughed and shoved each other's shoulders playfully. Tsuzuki draped an arm over Ken's shoulder, accidentally lowering his guard and the footballer speared the strawberry from the top of the shinigami's slice of cake. With a devious grin, he popped it in his mouth, prompting another bout of shoving and laughing.
Surreptitiously he spied on Aya over the top of his book. The redhead followed their every move, eyes narrowing dangerously. Hisoka snorted quietly, feeling just minutely superior. He at least was above petty jealousy. He didn't get all huffy if Tsuzuki had other friends...
Wait just a minute.
Hisoka's head snapped around.
His cake.
His cake that he bought with his money.
His cake that he bought with his money to share with his partner!
He was saving that strawberry, damn it!
“What.” It was his fault, Hisoka thought. It was his fault for bringing that moronic, simplistic fool near Tsuzuki. If Aya was insulted by his tone, he didn't show it.
“I believe-”
A pair of indignant shouts interrupted him. Calmly he watched Tsuzuki and Ken be propelled out of the library by an invisible force, all while being squawked at by a pair of twin birds. Satisfied their library was no longer in danger, the birds barricaded the front door and went back to organizing the shelves with their new assistant.
“You were saying?” Hisoka ground out.
“It would be best for all involved if those two were kept separate. It would minimize potential damage.”
“That is probably best.” It wasn't a smile, but the look he gave Aya was at least civil. Minimize damage: right. That was a good enough reason for him.
The books they left on the table levitated to join the others darting chaotically across the ceiling to the tune of “A little higher Nagi-kun! Yes, there! And move the one next to it down a shelf.”
There wasn't even time for goodbyes before their partners set on them and dragged them off in different directions. Both the dark-haired men wondered at their partners sudden change in attitude, but chalked it up to mood swings.
You guys got along, huh Aya?”
Hey 'Soka, you should have play-dates more often. You're not as cranky.”
Stop treating me like a kid!”
Here ya go Aya. Saved half my cake for you.”
Want the last strawberry 'Soka?”
'Damn it,' flitted through the minds of both the reserved young men. The damn cake just had to be unnaturally delicious.