Weiss Kreuz Fan Fiction / Yami No Matsuei Fan Fiction ❯ Memento Mori ❯ Curioser and Curioser ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It was a close call.
Squeals echoed in the hall behind him.
Correction: it was a very close call.
Instinctively Nagi moved faster, slipping down hallways with the ease of one who spent a lot of time being unnoticed. Bombay dealt with fans every day in that stupid flower shop. He was used to them. He could handle them. By now he was probably incredibly skilled in the dealings of fan-girls.
Prodigy was incredibly skilled in running away from fan-girls.
It wasn't that he was scared or anything. Far from it. What was there to be scared of? The worst that could happen was he could be snuggled, hugged, fawned over, petted, preened, prodded, dressed up like a doll, squealed over, mobbed, forced to escape leaving torn shreds of his clothes behind and dart down a side alley and hide behind a fast-food dumpster until the manager of the store chased the girls off with a broom for blocking the entrance... No, Nagi absolutely did not have any fan-girl phobias.
It was Tot. Really, he was only thinking of Tot. He loved her dearly, but when in came to smelling other women on her not-quite boyfriend she had the nose of a bloodhound. And Crawford had assured him that they would be returning to the world of the living shortly, back to Tot and her psychic ability to detect just how close Nagi had gotten to a female over a period of 48 hours. Never underestimate what Tot could do with that umbrella she always carried.
It was all for Tot, Nagi told himself as he skulked down another corridor.
There should have been enough distance between him and the squealing bags of raging hormones he had sensed approaching. The downside was he was officially lost.
His desperate retreat slowed to more of an amble. There wasn't much to see: one hallway typically looked exactly the same as every other with the only differences being the number of doors per hallway.
“Coming through! Coming through!” Startled, Nagi spun on his heel, just in time to collide with a stack of books. “Sorry! Are you hurt?”
Nagi blinked. Then he blinked again. The floating white turkey was still there, and still talking to him.
“Hey mister, you're alright aren't you?”
'Do turkeys wear hats?' He wondered. Apparently they did.
“Well if you're okay then I'll be going. Nice to meet you!” The turkey fluttered around, gathering up the spilled books into a stack. He/she/it heaved the stack off the floor, bobbing wildly to keep the top books from crashing right back down. Then it bobbed merrily down the hall.
'Alice in wonderland,' Nagi thought to himself, following the floating turkey for no other reason than it was going somewhere. 'Down the turkey-hole. Turkey nest? Do turkeys make nests?'
“No! Nononononono ... stay up, stay up, please stay up?” The top book had no intention of staying up.
Nagi caught it, absently levitating it just before it hit the floor. Startled, the turkey flapped its stubby wings, sending the rest of the stack of books after the first.
“You know you could have helped me 5 minutes ago!” It said, floating among the levitated books. Nagi shrugged.
“You didn't ask.”
Turkey must have been used to dealing with stubborn people.
“Oh no!” The younger bird, (Gushoshin, not Turkey, Nagi was primly informed) whined, peering through the library doors. Elder Gushoshin glanced over from his perch on Nagi's shoulder.
“What's wrong? No, not that one; the 'Annotated History of Lycanthropy',” he directed.
“It's Tsuzuki!”
Elder Gushoshin froze. Younger Gushoshin floated in circles, alternating between tossing worried glances at the door and calculating damage costs. “Lock the doors Brother!”
“It's too late. He's already inside! Our poor library! We just got it finished last week!”
“Nagi-kun.” Nagi found it difficult to keep a straight face while a solemn bird floated at eye level. “Could you please throw books at him until he leaves?”
It was inevitable. He already followed the white turkey; it was inevitable he would have to battle through the deck of jokers.
“Is he that bad?”
“Seven seconds.” Younger Gushoshin piped up. “Seven seconds is all he needs to burn down a full sized library. Last time he did it in four, but he had help.”
“Tsuzuki!” The purple- eyed man held his hands up in surrender when both Gushoshin screeched his name.
“I won't break anything this time, I promise!”
One fat dollop of pink icing painfully wound its way off the side of Tsuzuki's plate and landed with a splat on the carpet, where it stood mockingly against the dark brown.
There was a flurry of feathers and yells as the Gushoshin descended on the man, and on the innocent third party who just happened to be close by. Siberian, Nagi remembered. Once Younger Gushoshin started beaning the pair with 'Birth Records of the 17 th century' Nagi decided to step in. A gentle shove propelled the pair through the entrance, slamming the doors in their faces.
“The shelf brother! The shelf!” The chubby birds flung themselves against the closest shelf, shoving it against the doors. Nagi watched in undisguised amusement as Elder Gushoshin brushed nonexistent lint from his clothes, his puffed chest heaving with exertion.
“Alright Nagi...kun, we were... at Lycanthropy?” He wheezed.
Drama quickly forgotten, the birds merrily went back to their organizing.
'I think it's safe to say' Nagi decided, picking up the books Abyssinian and his friend left near the back library entrance, 'that everyone here is insane.' That settled, he went back to being the Gushoshin's step-ladder and book-mover.
At least it was better than fan-girls.