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Shades of Red

Farfarello dreamed in shades of red: red the color of roses, red the color of brick, red the color of hearts, and red the color of rubies. Sometimes the red was so dark it was almost black, but always red. It ran, twisted, formed, and broke upon the walls of his mind in a sea of waves that turned to clay, molded an image, and melted back into the red.

Demons danced across the red wearing familiar faces. Nuns in red habits lifted red hands in prayer, while red lipped priests blessed a red sacrament. A gleaming red cup lay overturned and askew on a red stained altar, its contents spilled endlessly into a pool the color of freshly bruised flesh. Form the pool a hundred thirsty children drank. Their red hands cupped the red liquid, their red tongues lapped at it, and their red eyes stared at red.

A red hill rose atop a pile of red bones, and upon the summit sat a red church. The windows where broken, and the glass sparkled red in the red earth. No door guarded the sanctuary. There was only a gaping red portal that bled red light. The light seeped through cracks in the stone work, and gushed from the shattered windows. Red bled into red and trickled down the hill, weaving in and out of empty-eyed skulls. The flowing tide of red swept over the children, drowning the priests, and washing away the nuns.

The wave of red ran up to a pair of shoes but not over them. It swirled and raged around a figure not born of red. A green coat would not yield to red. Blue eyes stared defiantly into the red. White clad legs took a step into red, and red shuddered, stretched, and formed a path. Stones cobbled themselves together with red mortar, while the not-red took more steps. The red flowed in a great rush beneath the red path; crashing and writhing its way up to the red church.

Not-red stood upon the hill atop the red bones and looked into the red portal. The red light stretched to meet its visitor, as the not-red moved towards the church. The light swirled around the not-red, bleeding into hair a shade it almost knew and made it red. Not-red made a sound, but the red did not understand. The sound was not red. Sound was not a form red could take, so it swirled again around the not-red looking for other things it could bleed into.

Not-red moved again, displacing the swirling red, and stepped into the red church. Row after row of red pews lined the red nave. A broken red cross stood in the apse, and under it sat a pale faced figure dressed in red. Pale hands were stained with red, and pale hair dripped with red. One gold eye stared upward, while the other eye (which wasn’t so much an eye but a red void) leaked red. Red fell from the eye and ran, twisted, formed, and broke in a never ending red.

Not-red sat beside the pale figure and grasped a red stained hand. The gold eye rolled down revealing a red pupil. The other red stained hand ran through the red hair that now swirled along with the red. Not-red smiled a wicked smile that became red. A dreaming Farfarello smiled in his sleep, while he dreamed of red and Schuldig, of Schuldig covered in red, but mostly of red.

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