Wish Fan Fiction / Fan Fiction ❯ Angelic Ai ❯ Meeting ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1: Meeting
We now see a beautiful land of trees and flowers. Then we see a young girl with long flowing blue and white hair between the length of her waist and thigh sitting by a small pond. A young man with long white hair to his waist was walking up behind her.
“Hey Umi, have you seen Sakura today, I'm starting to worry about her.” Said the young man.
“Hikaru-san, sorry but no I haven't seen her today either.” Said Umi with a calm voice.
“Well if you see her tell her I'm looking for her by the gate, O.K.?”
“Sure, but you know there's nothing for you to worry about. You'll probably just run into her as always.”
“I don't know what you are talking about Umi.” He said blushing a bright scarlet.
Then a young girl with short green and white hair to her neck popped out of the tree behind them. She's very shy and young looking. Hikaru fell down in surprise as Umi just sat there and smile at the young angel.
“She just might be by her usual spot by the bridge.” Said the young angel.
“Yeah, maybe your right; I'll go check on her” he said while looking in the distance towards the direction of the bridge.
“You shouldn't get too attach to her. She's only a hanyou. She won't be able to stay here for long.” She said sadly
“I know.” He said. `I don't want to lose her, not just yet at least.' He thought to himself and walked off towards the bridge. He left Umi alone with the young angel.
<Now back to earth!>
“Hey Kyo-chan!” said a young lady coming from behind him.
Kyo turned around just to see a girl running his way. But before he could protest she leaped on top of him only to knock both of them to the ground. When Kyo woke up from his sleep he saw the girl on top of him while laughing hysterically.
“What's wrong with you Naomi, I thought I told you to stop doing that?” he asked while pushing the girl off of him.
“Sorry, I just love doing that to you. You just have no idea how fun it is to tease you.” She said while helping him and herself up.
Then Kyo just stared at her in surprise, but before he knew it she was already ahead of him. He then ran after her until they reached school. Once they got to their school their teacher, Mr. Hideki opened the classroom door for them with a big grin from ear to ear on his face,
“Kyo, you're late again. That's another week of erasing the chalkboard.” Mr. Hideki said with ease.
“Hey, wait a minute what about Naomi?” Kyo said in frustration.
“What about Naomi?” he said while giggling as Naomi passed by him to got to her seat in the classroom.
“She was late too you know, it's not fair that I always have to stay after school, I mean you could at least send her in the hallway or make her stay after school too.” Kyo protested, but when he noticed that his classmates where staring at him he blushed a bright scarlet and went to his seat.
“But I thought you liked hanging out with me Kyo-kun? What, you would like it better if I just stayed here all by myself in the dark?” He whined in a high pitched voice.
“That's not what I meant!”
“Then you'll stay, right?”
“Because what, Kyo?”
“Okay, with that said you'll still be staying after school. Now on with the lesson.” He said with a smile turning around to the chalkboard.
When the argument was over Kyo just sat their in a daze until the principal came in the classroom with a young girl with long flowing black and red hair with crimson red eyes (sound familiar?). Then out of nowhere Kyo got stabbed in the back with a mechanical pencil.
“Ouch, Ken what did I do this time.” Kyo whispered
“Hey, isn't that the same girl you described in your dreams?” asked one of Kyo's friends.
“Hmm?” Kyo paused looking up at the girl. “Yeah, yeah your right she does look like the angel in my dreams.” Kyo said in shock as he stared at the young beauty before him.
“Excuse me class, it seems like we have a new student. Her name is Sakura Kami and she's so...so...” he trailed off “Cute! And lets not to forget adorable.” Mr. Hideki went off.
While Mr. Hideki was on a rampage on how cute and adorable Sakura was. Naomi got up to walk over from her seat to walk over to Sakura.
“Don't worry about him, that's just the way he is.” Naomi said in a comforting voice. Sakura just nodded and listened to the taller girl. When Naomi got over to Kyo's seat she gave him a sinister smile. “And this is Kyo-kun don't worry about him he's too shy to pull anything dirty. But he's still fun to hang out with. So you'll be sitting next to him in class for now on, okay?”
As she finished Kyo began to raise from his seat but was stopped when Naomi pushed Sakura into him. Then before Kyo knew it his lips where pressing against hers in an innocent kiss.
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