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Chapter 2: The Kiss
The whole class stared in amazement as the two broke apart from their kiss.
“Oh my gosh! What have I done? I'm so sorr-” Kyo was cut off by the soft touch of Sakura's finger.
“It's okay I'm not upset.” She said in a soft voice.
But the next thing he knew the bell had rung for gym class. When Kyo woke up from his daze he realized his that his friends had been staring at him.
“What's wrong with you Kyo have you lost your lost your mind?” asked Ken.
“Yeah Kyo, kissing the new girl?” asked Ichi in astonishment.
“It's not my fault. It was all Naomi's fault, she's the one who pushed her into me.” Kyo said blushing many shades of red.
After that was said Kyo ran out of the classroom on his way to gym class waving nervously good-bye to his three friends. The three boys just stood there watching him leave the room.
“You think he'll be okay? I mean do you think we should watch over him?” asked Ichi in a low voice.
“Yeah, especially with that Sagara guy around?” asked Yuki with a little of both concern and slight anger.
Ken looked at both of them and just patted them on the back giving both boys a smile. Later after school we see Kyo erasing the chalkboard. Then when he heard a knock at the door he saw Sakura blushing looking down at her feet.
“What's the matter Sakura, Hideki-san stepped out for the moment.” Kyo said with a smile as if nothing had happened that day.
“Oh, but I came here to see you were still here. I wanted to know if it was okay if I could walk home with you and Naomi-san?” Sakura asked while blushing.
Kyo just stood there and smiled at her. But when he repeated what Sakura had asked him he thought, Why she called her `san'? She's the second person I've met whose done that! Oh well. (A/N: Naomi isn't the person you would expect to be called san.)