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Chapter 3: Transformation
Now we see it's later in the evening and Naomi is riding on Kyo's back as if she was a little girl again.
“Hey, Sakura you should try riding Kyo-kun's back, it's a whole lot of fun!” Naomi stated, Kyo ignored her comment.
“So how was your first day at school?” Kyo asked, pushing Naomi off of him.
“Oh, it was great I-” she stopped.
Her eyes widen as her whole body began to glow a white light. Her hair grew longer as her hair and eyes turned pitched black. Then with out noticed she fell down to her knees as small black angel wings grew out of her back. By the time her transformation was complete she began to fall as Kyo caught her. Only thing he and Naomi could think of was take her to his place.
After Sakura opened her eyes she found her self lying on a full-size bed with blue comforters.
“Well hello there sleepy head. Do you feel any better?” Naomi asked, setting beside her.
“Where am I?” she replied starting to sit up.
“Where at Kyo's house, and actually you're laying in his bed.” Naomi said standing up.
Naomi walked over to Kyo's dresser to find her a pair of boxers and a long sleeve dress shirt. Sakura just sat there on the bed watching the older girl search through Kyo's clothes. Then when Naomi turned around to face her she threw the clothes at her. A few seconds later Kyo walked in the room to find his dresser a mess.
“Naomi what happened to my dresser?” Kyo asked pointing to his dresser a mess with clothes hanging out of the drawers.
“I was just picking something out for Sakura silly.” Naomi said smilling at the fuming boy who was slightly blushing.
“It's okay; she only did it for me. I hope it's not a problem.” Sakura said standing up with only a red lacy bra and panties showing through her torn-up fuku.
When Kyo saw her he began to blush many shades of red. Then Sakura just walked towards the bathroom right next to Kyo. Before he knew it Sakura was taking a shower in his bathroom. Moments later she then came out with a Kyo's white dress shirt and light blue boxers (A/N: just like the one Ed wares in FMA^-^). Her hair was dripping onto the wooden floor, shining from the bathroom's light.
“Sakura, would like us to walk you home?” Kyo asked her.
She shook her head.
“I don't have a home.” She said looking down at her feet.