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Chapter 4: The Truth
“I don't have a home.” She said looking down at her feet.
Kyo and Naomi just looked at her in disbelief. Sakura started to cry, her eyes covered from her mixed color bangs. Kyo got up and walked to her, he put out his right hand to lift up Sakura's red, tear stained face. When their eyes met Sakura began to cry harder and held Kyo for comfort as her held her in his arms.
“What do you mean you have no home?” Naomi asked, starting to rise from her seat at Kyo's desk.
“Tell us what the problem is. We can help you, what ever it is.” Kyo said softly, still holding her.
“I'm…not…human.” Sakura whispered softly.
Kyo looked at her in disbelief as she started crying once more in his arms, but now her attention was focused on Kyo.
“I'm a half-breed; I'm only half an angel from my mother, my other have is devil from my father.” She was able to speak out, beginning to cry harder. “What you saw earlier was my “tainted” form. I came to earth to escape from everything and start over, but no matter what I do I can't escape from it!”
Naomi walked over to Sakura patting her on her back as she looked began to look up at her.
“It's okay Sakura; you don't have to explain any more. You can just stay here with Kyo-kun until everything is better.” Naomi said with a big smile, comforting her.
“But won't I be a burden to you?” Sakura asked, now staring up at Kyo.
“No, not at all.” Kyo said with a gentle smile.
“Thank you!” Sakura whispered as she fell a sleep in his arms.
Kyo and Naomi smiled weary at each other. Then Naomi left promising to drop some more clothes off for the sleeping hanyo. As she left Kyo carried her to his bed, as he sat up on his bed as Sakura laid sleep in his arms.
When morning came Sakura woke up to find her self in Kyo's arms. When she looked at the digital clock nest to the bed it read 6:40 AM. She then looked up to see Kyo still sleeping peacefully like a young child. Kyo then slowly opened up his eyes to find the lovely female staring at him.
“Good morning Sakura, do you feel better today.” Kyo asked tiredly.
Sakura just gave him a small, tired smile. As they got up Kyo heard a knock at the door. As walked up to answer the door he only got mauled by his three good friends. But when they saw Sakura on his bed she smiled and waved to them as she walked in to the bathroom. (A/N: Kyo lives in one of those apartments like in the U.S. Like the ones I live around.)
“Hey guys what can I do you for you this time?” Kyo asked laughing very nervously.
The three of them just gave their pal a `What the fuck!' kind of look. Ken just handed him a change of clothes. Naomi wanted them to drop it off for her since she had to go to her family's shrine this.
“Uh, Kyo, why was Kamina-san in your bed?” Ichi asked as he adjusted his glasses hoping his eyes were playing tricks on him.
“WHAT THE HELL KYO!!!” Yuki shouted.
“She slept over.” Kyo responded sheepishly, his hand reaching for the back of his head nervously.
All of Kyo's friends mouths fell open in astonishment as Sakura came out of the bathroom in a small bath towel. She walked over in the room with the four boys as they gawked at the glistening sight of her.
“Kyo-kun, I need another uniform from school. Do you know where I can get another one?” Sakura asked in a politely manner.
Kyo's friends stared at her, all three slightly blushing.
“Yeah, Naomi sent one over. She had to work at her family's shrine this morning.” Kyo said handing her the clothes Ken had dropped off.
“She said she'll meet us in class.” Ichi added.
After the whole feud between the four boys continued Kyo got dressed and ready for school. As they headed out of the door of Kyo's apartment Yuki and Ichi hid behind the three students as they saw Kyo's neighbor, Mrs. Shiozu and her daughter Kiku.
Kyo got slapped in the back of the head with a brown suitcase. When Kyo fell to his knees in a daze Sakura ran to his side.
“What did I tell you about making so much noise in the morning? You woke up poor Kiku up.” She yelled in a motherly tone she began to lock her door. “And you promised to pick her up from school today too and baby-sit until I come home.” She added on as she walked towards the young girl. Sakura stared at her with her crimson colored eyes.
“What did you do that for?” Sakura asked as Ken helped her pick Kyo up fro his knees.
Shiozu only gave her a death-like glare in response.
“I'm sorry, my mom likes to pick on Nii-san a lot.” Said the young girl.
Her mother just took her hand and left as the as the young girl waved good-bye.