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Author's Note: Okay the reason it takes me so long it that I type like a 3-year old.
Chapter 5: Now Enter Satoshi Sagara
By the time got at school Naomi was in the class before them. She was talking to Hanna, another close friend to Kyo. Then she turned back to the girl she whispered something in Hanna's ear making her eyes widen and turn in to a deep dark red as her mouth gaped open. Kyo walked over to the tow girls, Sakura following right behind him.
“Good Morning you two.” Kyo said cheerfully.
“Morning Kyo-san, Sakura-san! Hanna.
But instead of Naomi just saying `Hi' she jumps Sakura with a big hug.
“Did you sleep well?” Naomi asked, raising a eyebrow.
As usual Kyo ended up ignoring her and asked Hanna for her homework, but before she could reach for it the classroom door busted open and it wasn't Mr. Hideki.
“GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!!” shouted a young boy with blonde and ebony color hair. “How is my most favorite classroom in the world? Long time no see, huh?”
“Sagara, get the hell out of here!” Yuki said popping out from behind Naomi.
“I only came here to see my dear friend Kyo-ku-” he stopped when his eyes fell upon the lovely Sakura. He walked over to her ignoring Yuki all the way. “Hi there, I am Satoshi Sagara, but you my dear my call my Satoshi and what my your name be my sweet?” he asked bowing and kissing her left hand as if she was a princess.
“I'm Sakura Kamina.” She said slightly blushing.
Yuki just stood there giving off an ominous aura around him.
“How would you like to my girlfriend?” Sagara asked down on one knee as if he was some sort of prince charming.
Sakura gave him an uncertain look. She knew what he meant just not sure how to respond to such a request. When Kyo noticed the look on her face he stood in front of her, Yuki joining in.
“Tell me where you live and I can pick you up later this afternoon.” Sagara said pulling Sakura closer to him. (A/N: he's slick!)
“Um, I'm not really sure, but I do know I lived with Kyo-kun.” Sakura said as if there was no problem.
Sagara gave them a horrifying look on his face. When he saw Kyo's blushing expression he knew it was the truth. He gave Sakura a gentle kiss on the check and left the room quietly. The whole classroom fell silent and everyone stared at Sakura and Kyo. Bt the time Mr. Hideki came in the room he looked at Sakura and Kyo and announced that they had to stay after school.