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Chapter 6: Love and War
“WHAT!!” shouted Ken and Ichi in unison in the boys locker room. Both boys' mouths hung open.
“If I knew Sagara was coming by I would have skipped my counsel meeting.” Ichi said adjusting his glasses.
“Yeah, and I would have skipped my meeting with the team captains.” Ken said while tying his shoes.
Yuki was just sitting on the bench Indian-style sulking of what had happened this morning.
“Maybe…you should, uh, claim her.” Yuki said as calm as possible.
But before Kyo could react Sagara busted in the locker room.
“Kyo, the girls are looking for you!” he said with a big smile.
“GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!” Ken, Ichi, and Yuki all shouted at once.
Kyo just stared at Sagara as he stared back at him. Before Sagara left Kyo spoke.
“Stay away from her.” Kyo said, his bangs covering his eyes.
They room fell silent. Ken and Ichi just stared back and forth at the two as Yuki just sat with an amused smile on his face at his friend's sudden boldness.
“Who? I know you're not talking about Kamina-sama. She's way too good for you. On the other hand you can't give her what she really needs, something only I can give her.” Sagara smirked.
“And just what is that may I ask?” he asked lifting up his head.
“I real man. How could I little boy like you give her that? I on the other hand I've done the same thing for that innocent little Hanna-chan of yours.” He smiled wickedly.
“SHUT UP!!” You rapped her! She came to me crying that night you bastard.” Kyo yelled in furious anger.
“Hey Kyo, Sakura and Hanna-chan are waiting for you!” Naomi said popping in the boys' locker room.
“Naomi, tell them I'll be there in a minute.” Kyo said facing his friend.
“Sagara, Mr. Hideki wants you too.” Naomi said leaving the locker room.
When Naomi left Kyo followed her signaling his friend to come a long. They left Sagara alone. Then, he started to chuckle.
“All is far in love and war my dear friend.” Sagara said to himself walking out of the locker room to join the others.