Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ I Cannot Offer You Freedom ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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I Cannot Offer You Freedom


All day long, Robin kept shooting glances at the blue-eyed hacker. He didn't seem to be acting any different then usual today, not after this morning anyway. He kept up his usually cheerful attitude and answered any questions that were asked of him. The clicking of his deft fingers flying over the keys filled the room, providing a background to Doujima's whining and Chief Kosaka's complaining.

I wonder what he does here at night . . . all alone . . . It must get pretty lonely.

A light touch on the shoulder from Karasuma drew her out of her wonderings and back into the STN-J building. "It's time to go home, Robin," the older woman said and gave her a quick smile before heading out herself.

Slightly surprised at how fast the day had gone, Robin got up and started gathering her coat, all the while failing to notice Michael's smoldering look following her every move. Just as she stepped out, she heard his voice floating through the air from behind her. "Goodnight, Robin."

Smiling, she called back her own goodnight and left work for the day.


The screen glowed and pulsated with an unearthly light that reflected off his glasses and lit the room weakly. Even though the day was technically over, Michael's fingers still flew over the keys and his lithe form remained in its place in front of the monitor. The picture of his mother opened up in front of his eyes and he leaned back, staring at the smiling face as if his life depended on it. Mom . . .

His mind flew back to Robin, and the look in her eyes when she had seen the obituary. Maybe, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to let her know . . . I haven't told anyone before. Maybe it's about time I finally decided to let someone know how I really feel . . .

The hacker's mind toyed with these ideas, trust, companionship, feelings. Should he trust Robin with his secret? Should he place confidence in another human after so many years of relying only on himself?


"I hate you! I hate you!" The body in front of him remained silent, cold, and unmoving. Throwing himself down by the edge of his mother's coffin, Michael slammed his fist down on the edge, angry tears pouring down his face. "Why did you have to do this to me?! I thought you were my mother! First daddy leaves, and now you! How could you!? How could you?! I hate you!"

Strong arms looped themselves around his slender ones, pulling him away, and soft, soothing voices whispered in his ear, trying to calm him.

"I trusted you! And you deserted me! I hate you!

The pulling was more insistent now, the voices not so gentle.



Gasping at the sudden onslaught of memories, ones he had buried years ago, Michael focused on the screen once more and felt his stomach churn. Why?

Angrily, he pounded a fist down on the keyboard and Inara's picture jumped and crackled. Sighing heavily, he put his face in his hands and dug the usually typing fingers through thick orange locks. What the hell am I going to do?


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