Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ I Cannot Offer You Freedom ❯ Chapter 11 ( Chapter 11 )

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I Cannot Offer You Freedom


Michael had lost the feeling in his arms a long time ago; even the tingling feeling that told him the blood flow had stopped was gone now, replaced by a cool numbness that engulfed his body from the shoulders upwards. His head was down, resting on the slim chest that rose and fell raggedly with each shuddering breath. He was glad for the lack of feeling in his arms, otherwise his shattered right arm would be hurting like hell right now.

He had grown accustomed to the darkness now, so that it did not seem so dark, but even his sharp eyes still couldn't pick out anything. The hacker had tried turning himself around to see if there was anything behind him, but his arm had crackled in a dangerous sort of way so he had aborted that little mission and remained as he was.

Now there was nothing left to do but wait, wait for someone to remember about him. . . wait for someone to come and kill him. For Michael knew what he had done and he knew what the consequences were; despite this, he had no feelings of regret. He had avenged his mother and now the factory had taken Miro away.

The only thing that needled his mind still was Robin and she . . .

The door to his cell burst open, flooding him with a bright light that blinded him and forced his eyes shut. He turned his head away a little and listened as the sound of heavy footsteps grew closer and eventually stopped before him.

Picking his head back up, he tried to open his eyes and see who it was that had come to kill him. The light made his eyes hurt and he closed them until they were almost shut, catching a glimpse of his boss through slitted eyes.

"You're not going to die," were Zaizen's first words. Michael's heart lifted a little at that, but then fell again when he realized the intolerant tone in the man's voice. "Robin asked for your life to be spared and told me your mother was killed by that witch." He spat the last word, as if it fouled his mouth just to say it.

Michael nodded, his eyes able to open a little more now. "But from now on, I don't care if the witch kills Amon, kills Robin, kills me, kills anyone! You are forbidden to leave again! One more step outside of this building and you will die. No questions asked and certainly no time for explanations. Do I make myself clear?"

Robin . . . Robin asked for my life? His mind spun at Zaizen's words. But she was the one that . . .

He nodded at his boss's words and watched as the man turned around to go. "I will send someone down to get you," he told the boy in a flat tone that reminded Michael of Amon.

Once the man was gone, the orange-haired boy let his head fall back down to his chest and breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn't going to die. He must have a guardian angel after all. He winced as his shoulder twitched and sent a spasm up his arm. Maybe he could get Karasuma to splint his arm or something.

Footsteps sounded again and he glanced up, hope shining in his azure eyes; someone was here to free him. Eagerly he watched as a slender form entered his cell, wearing dark clothes and carrying the keys to his bonds in one hand.

Robin stepped forward a few steps more and looked at Michael. Michael . . . She held up the keys and watched as a veil drew over his eyes and his face went blank. He turned his head away and Robin saw the blood on the left side of his face. Her heart cried out and tears began forming in her eyes. This is all my fault. . .

She took one of his wrists in her hand to undo the lock, and jumped a little as his breath hissed through clenched teeth. Glancing up at the arm, she saw the odd shape it was bent into and winced. He would need a doctor. Being as gentle as she could, she undid his handcuffs and lowered his arms slowly to his sides.

Moving down to his feet, she unlocked his shackles also, then rose to stand before him. "Michael, I-" But he merely cradled his shattered right arm in his left and limped past her, his entire body sore. "Michael!" She fell to her knees in the chill cell, watching as his retreating form disappeared down the hall leading to the upper levels of the STN-J.


Doujima fidgeted; Robin had gone down to Michael's cell several minutes ago and still there was no sign of the hacker. Sakaki laid a hand on her arm and she stilled, shooting him an annoyed glance. He merely smiled at her and she couldn't help but smile back. Doujima had always found it hard to stay annoyed for long with the rookie hunter.

Karasuma reentered the room, her face flushed and her breath heaving through tired lungs. She tossed her coat down and strode over to join Sakaki, Doujima, and the Kosaka as they sat and waited not so patiently for Michael.

"I told Amon," she said in a winded voice. They had called Karasuma's phone and found her at the hospital visiting with their injured leader. She had rushed back at once when she heard of Michael's miracle and was now fidgeting like Doujima.

Shuffling steps were heard and then the slim form they had all been waiting for crossed the threshold into the room, his head down and one arm clutched close by the other. With a gasp, Doujima ran forward with the others, immediately demanding to know what was wrong.

Michael looked up at the onslaught of sudden attention and smiled as best he could. "Nothing . . . I just hurt my arm," he replied in answer to Doujima's question.

"Nothing?!" Karasuma exclaimed, gingerly pulling his arm away from his body. "It looks broken to me. We'll need to get you a doctor."

"I'll go call one up right now," Chief Kosaka announced, actually being helpful for once.

"So I guess he's not all full of hot air like we thought," Sakaki muttered quietly to the others once the balding man had moved away.

Doujima stifled giggles and smacked his arm lightly; Karasuma only gave him a wry grin and led the exhausted teen away, setting him down on one of the couches. "Where's Robin?" Doujima asked, suddenly noticing that the other blonde girl wasn't with them.

All eyes immediately went to Michael and he shrugged, eyes flat and emotionless. Karasuma caught this, but decided not to push the matter any further for the moment; what mattered now was that they got Michael a doctor.

Michael stared down at the floor, his heart in pieces and listened to all the noise and hustle around him with muffled ears. Black skirts appeared in his line of vision and he looked up, eyes meeting Robin's red-rimmed ones. She looked down at him, seeming to be considering something, then sat next to him.

The others all moved away a little, pretending to be occupied with something else, giving the two some room to talk and work things out.

"Michael, I-" Robin started again.

But he cut her off with a grimy finger held in front of her lips. "Don't." His voice was thick with penned up emotion and his throat could barely get the words out. "I know you had to." His eyes swept away from her face once more and she bit her lip; seeing him in this much pain, both physically and emotionally, was hurting her just as much as it was hurting him.

"I'm sorry Michael," she whispered and touched the bloody side of his face with extreme care, her smooth fingertips gently caressing his skin. He drew a shuddering breath and refused to look at her for many more long moments.

He met her gaze then, and in that split second, Robin saw a deep, lingering ache overshadowed by a confused cloud of forgiveness and hope. "Just promise me, promise me that-" His voice broke again and she out her arms around his fatigued body and pulled him close.

"I won't ever leave you, Michael," she whispered and placed a soft kiss on his ear.

With a tired sigh, he nodded and closed his eyes, falling into a deep, healing sleep in the craft-user's arms. The others glanced over with knowing smiles and exchanged knowing glances. They left the two alone until the doctor arrived and then separated them with veiled regret.

It seemed things were going to be okay, but little did any of them know that this was just the eye of the storm. Little did they know that the worst was yet to come.


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