Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ In the life of prologue ❯ Music to my ears ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
In the life of- chapter 2

Sakaki came to a small band stand to see a young girl around his age playing softly. She had her eyes shut and didn't notice Sakaki leaning against the stand watching her.

When she finished she waited for a moment taking a deep breath in then opened her bold amber eyes. When she noticed Sakaki was watching her she screamed and then fell off the band stand Sakaki was shocked and ran to her aid. When he made it to the back of the bandstand her saw her sat up clutching her head in pain.
'I'm so sorry are you ok'
'A little worse for ware, but I'll live lucky for you' The girl chuckled then stood up reveailing the full exstent of her beauty.
Sakaki was instantly in love but didn't know what to say she slipped away.
'Well I better be off'
'Thanks for the fall' was all sakaki could think of
At this she turned round and laughted like a thirteen year old school girl.
Sakaki blushed in six different reds.
'You must be cold, you've gone all red' she breathed as her sweet scent floated visable in the season air.
'My face is fine it's my hands that are close to dropping off'
'Well here borrow my gloves, my hands are warm'
'Oh I...er...I couldn't' But befor sakaki knew it he was wearing pink gloves
'Thanks, I'm sakaki by the way'
'Oh oops silly me I'm Izzy Juken'
That night they both couldn't stop talking. But by midnight christmas work didn't seem too bad what did seem bad was apoligizing to Amon.