Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ In the life of prologue ❯ Alchol smells bad ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Love who can't.

Sakaki woke up and realised that he was fired so he lay in his bed for an extra hour before getting bored and making his way to the kitchen.

By noon sakaki was reminising about the previouse nights events, he chuckled to himself as he pictured the way her nose wrinkled up when she sneezed. He suddenly realised he could use a break from all the trouble the STN-J had caused him. No wonder they didn't offer life insurance.

So he got changed and set out to find his midnight godess. It was only polite to return her glooves, she was probably getting cold.

By two o clock Amon was wondering where the hell Sakaki was. He then rememberd what he said and knew that Sakaki had taken it seriously.

The day went quick and Sakaki was getting put off because of his lack of luck in the love life department. He slowly walked to the band stand hoping to see her but with no luck he turned to walk back when he knocked a girl flying.
'Oh my god are you hurt sorry I'm such a clutz' Sakaki mumbled.
When sakaki finally looked down into her face and realised that she was her his godess.
'Well long time no see I've missed you, plus I want my good gloves back'
at that they threw their heads back and laughed for a good 2 minutes.
'Here sorry I have been trying you know'
'Most likly'
'Hey I know a good bar a couple of blocks away, you wanna go'
'Are you asking me out on a date?'
'What if I said yes?'
'Then I'd accept, on the other hand if it wasn't then I'd decline'
'well I guess thats a yes then'

Ten minutes later the couple ended up at Harry's. Sakaki noticed a particular vehical in the lot, but he paid no attention.
They walked inside and sat in a window box.
'what would you like?'
'what ever your having'

Two minutes later sakaki turned up with the drinks. Amon had noticed and was now entoxicated on sherry and large brandys.
Amon finally decided to take action on sakaki's absence.