Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ The New Threat ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Title: The New Threat

Author: Kitsune of Darkness

Rating: PG-13 for right now...

Summary: Witch Hunter Robin/Charmed crossover. A new witch threatens to destroy Japan. Desperate for help the STN-J calls out for two ghosts and the charmed ones. Will they be able to save Japan?

Disclaimer: I do not own Witch Hunter Robin or Charmed or any of the characters. I do own Kyra though.

A/n: This is my first anime/real show crossover so feel free to tell me how I'm doing. Also I'm hopefully going to explain the characters good enough that if you have never seen either show before, you should still be able to understand it. Be sure to ask any questions as I'm writing this and I'll be glad to answer them.
Also there's the whole subject of pairings... Feel free to offer up any you want, though Piper/Leo (on Charmed) and Robin/Amon (on Witch Hunter Robin) are non-negotiable.



Long, thin wires snapped away from the tall white building rocking everyone trapped inside. Fear gripped each heart as loud rumbling filled their ears.

Slowly the top floor fell onto the floor below it. Screams echoed, bouncing off the white walls, from the workers that had not been killed instantly.

Painfully slow the top floors started to collapse. On-lookers watched as the building folded down like an accordion.

In a lone, long, winding hall three trapped souls ran, desperate for escape. They could hear the screams and rumbling above.

Leading the group was a tall, thin woman. Her rich chocolate hair flew behind her as her equally brown eyes darted around searching for a way out. Any way. Her long black coat brushing against her soft legs tickling the sensitive skin behind her knees. Her fading powers, the coat tickling her; none of this mattered now. Her only concern was escape.

Almost falling instep with the woman before him was an equally tall man. In his hands he carried a loaded gun his finger resting on the trigger. Every now and then he would throw his long brown hair behind his shoulder, his empty brown eyes watching intently the young girl behind him.

Blond hair worked its way out of the buns falling into stunning sapphire eyes. Shaky hands cleared them out of the way, only to have them fall back again. The young teen grabbed handfuls of her long black dress as she fought to keep up. To keep up with the two she knew.

'Maria, your power courses in my veins. If I die I will have failed. Help me please. Maria.'

Gasping the young girl screamed, shaken from her thoughts, as the ceiling cracked and began to fall. "Amon!" Tripping over her feet the girl's chin slammed onto the cold, hard floor.

The said man glanced over his shoulder, fear consuming his dark eyes. Reaching out he pushed the brown haired woman down the stairs. Spinning on heel, Amon reached out for the fallen teen. "Robin, give me your hand."


A shaken woman stumbled from the rubble. She had just barely avoided being crushed by the collapsing building. Leaning against the rubble she walked towards large spotlights, blinded by the sudden brightness. Fifty guns flew out of their holsters, pointed at her, ready to fire at any second.


A tall yet stout man smiled as he waved to two younger men sitting on a grassy hill. "So you two made it, I see." Despite the warm night, the man stuffed his hands deep into the pockets of his furry white coat.

Smiling he glanced back at the ruins that had once been a magnificent building.

Where his brother and Robin had been.

Where his brother and Robin were supposedly buried.

But he knew better...his brother was too stubborn to die, like that.


Chapter 1 should be out soon. Sorry if this prologue wasn't all that good, but the rest should be a lot better. Anyways read and review...