Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ unexpected gifts ❯ the hunt ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Unexpected gifts
By: black rose15

Chapter 1 - the hunt

“Michael..... Were the witch? “Asked amon
He’s on the 4th floor, in apartment 204. Replied Michael
Ok, robin lets go.
Robin nodded and put on her glasses, and then they took off ford to the apartment. When they got there the apartment door was ajar a little.

“Do you think ...he knows were here?” asked robin

Maybe, let’s go. And with that Amon pushed the door open, gun drawn and ready.

Come on. Said Amon motioning robin to come in

Robin go check his room and the bathroom, while i check the kitchen and living room, ok.

Ok and then robin went off to investigate his room

Umm............Yuck, it smells like somebody died in here. Said robin

Someone did, replied a male voice from the shadows as he went over robin’s body with his eyes.

Uh ...gasped robin, whose there? Robin asked.

Your a witch are you not girl? A male voice asked

Y...yes, come out now, who are you? Asked robin

So, you are uh...... what’s a pretty little witch like yourself doing hunting your own kind? Asked the male.

"Own kind '? Are you the witch whose been killing other witches? Asked robin

Yes, that would be me....Mammura mamoru. Said Mammura as he came out from the shadows, facing robin.

She was going to use her craft, but before she could, the witch grabbed her and pined her to the wall, and her glasses flew off.

Uh.....gasped robin as she realized what had happened, my glasses where are they?
Oh no, I can’t use my craft without them. She thought to herself.

But, how did.....

How did I move so fast, my power is to kill witches and take their powers for myself, I can also perform this on seeds, I used one of the powers I stole.....

Speed...said robin.

Very good, little witch

And with that, he bent down closer to robin and started to sniff her.

Uh... get off me you......you creep. Yelled robin

Oh, you’re a fire witch I see, I wouldn’t mind having that power. Said Mammura

Uh....gasped robin

"Oh, don’t worry my little firefly you are to be my queen. And bear my children.

Ha, in your dreams ....maniac. Robin yelled.

Now, get off me. Yelled robin

You heard the girl get off her, said a harsh voice, as three gun shots rang out strait for the witch’s chest, luckily two shots hit his chest but, when the last bullet was coming he grabbed robin and used her as a shield.

Ahhhh.....screamed robin as she crumbled to the ground holding her wounded stomach.

Robin! Amon yelled, running over to her side.

Robin! Robin!, wake up. But it was no use the orbo had already had its affect on her.

Hey, ill be back for my firefly latter. Yelled the witch as he jumped out the window.

Damn witch. Said Amon calmly

Amon, what’s going on? Karasuma asked, flying in the door to the room.

Robin. Breathed Karasuma

Karasuma, what are you doing here? Asked Amon

Well, Michael sent me he couldn’t reach you on the headsets, communicators.

Amon, what happened to robin?

uh.... the witch had her pined to a wall I shot three times and somehow he was fast enough to use her as a shield, good thing he did get shot two times, but we have wasted enough time here, so lets hurry a get robin to a hospital. Said Amon

And then they left.

Author’s notes: so, how did you like it, please tell me and ill have the second chapter soon. hope you like and please read and review!

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