Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ Unforgiven ❯ Routine ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
It was a normal day for you, almost like every other. You woke up and slipped into the worn kimono that was your normal attire. You swiftly walked out of your room and down the hall. You could barely hear your footsteps on the deep blue carpet. You slipped into the bathroom, and tried to fix your hair as normal, but the long flowing white hair fought back. Tired of messing with your hair you swiftly brushed it, and let it float down to it natural down position. You quickly added some eye drops to your dark green eyes, to make the whites, whiter. You also applied the green make-up you were famous for wearing, everywhere but your lips. You had always left your lips alone when it came to make-up guys seemed to prefer it that way. Satisfied with the way you looked you gently stepped down the 3 flights of stairs to the main floor.

"There you are, my sunshine, and here is your first client of the day," the owner, and your boss told you with a bright smile on her face. You bowed in respect and lead the nervous looking boy to your second room. You sat on the bed, and waited. It had been about 5 minutes until he pounced on you kissing you violently, on your lips, your neck, and your shoulders. You let him force himself on top of you, and let your mind wander. This happened again and again, guy after guy, you let them take you. It was about 5 in the afternoon, when you could finally relax as another girl took your spot. Yes you are a whore, it wasn't what you wanted, but it wasn't your fault your dad sold you to the biggest whore house in Japan, the day before your seventeenth birthday. Yeah a great birthday present.

However, you were lucky enough to have your own room. One with a computer in it. All for keeping the computerized systems running properly. After you did you routine check on the system, you were able to do whatever you wanted as long as you remained on the top floor. Seeing as you weren't hungry, you decided to get on the computer.

Like always you hacked into several things, but nothing had really challenged you in the past few days and you had found something yesterday that you thought, just might break routine.