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Chapter 4 - Genetic Curse
“Stop this cruelty at once!”
“This half-witch has to be punished, Father Juliano! The Devil in him almost killed two students today! If not now, then when?”
“To condemn a boy for the sins of his parents is not the answer.”
“What do you suggest, then? One day, the abomination in him will kill us all one day!”
“Have you forgotten the compassion and mercy that our Holy Mother gives? Every child belongs to Her even half-witches like Amon. I have no doubt that our Lord has a purpose for him. For now, he is under my charge. I shall personally train him to be a Hunter.”
“Using a half-witch, huh? And what if should he convert into a full-pledged witch?”
“By then, he will do what is expected from him...”
“What is expected from me, huh?” Amon murmured, opening his eyes to the white fluorescent light. Shifting his stiff neck, he saw tubes of foreign liquid attached to his wrist. Whatever it was, it made his brain numb. The muscles in his body seemed abnormally relaxed.
“About time you wake up.”
“What happened?” He closed his eyes, pretending not to notice.
“The witch somehow transferred your Orbo pendant into your body, causing a chain reaction. We all took a risky operation to get it out otherwise we'll be blown to bits. Administrator Kosaka is trying his best to pip things down. He wants you to stay sedated here permanently.”
“So that's what you guys are putting into my body. Doesn't matter. Either way I won't be able to escape my destiny. I'll be a witch and you have to either kill or lock me up somewhere.”
“If we ever come to that stage, I promise you a swift and painless death. Michael and Doijima are researching your family history. Robin has contracted Nagira. Maybe, he might find one or two of your mother's relatives.”
“I doubt so.”
“What makes you say that?”
“Karasuma, do you remember the Ten Commandants from the Old Testimonial?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Father Juliano made me memorized very single one of them, particularly the one that said, Honour thy Father and Mother. No matter how I tried, I cannot forgive what she did. I cannot.”
“Robin saw your mother.” Amon's eyes snapped opened. “Back then, she saw her and it seemed that she saw her too. Maybe, your mother had foreseen this coming. Maybe, she…”
“Maybe she did. Maybe she didn't. It's over. She's gone.”
“Excuse me?” Both turned and saw Michael and Doijima standing by the doorway. “If we aren't interrupting, there's something we scooped up.”
“Well,” Michael continued. “We found out that a witch cursed Amon's great-grandfather that if he were to have any sons, they would die by the time he reached adulthood. To counteract this, he conjured a protective barrier that resulted in a matrilineal inheritance. Perhaps, Amon's mother assumed that the curse was non-applicable if she married a human…” Karasuma's handphone rang.
“Excuse me.” She quickly answered it. “Hello? Robin. What? Where? Right, I'll bring Amon. Okay. See you there. It appears that Lady Luck is smiling on us. Nagira has located your grandmother. Think you can get up?”
“Of course, I rather die outside than here.”
“Wait!” Dojima protested. “We haven't finished.”
“It has to wait.”
“But… but…”
“It's okay,” said Michael. “I told Robin everything.”
“But Administrator Kosaka …”
Collecting can-drinks from the vending machine, Nagira made his way back to the car where Robin was waiting was. Outside, he saw her dapping her eyes with a tissue. He had seen that motion many times during his courtship with women. Not a good sign. Pasting a smile on his lips, he walked up and tapped on the car window. Robin wound down the screen.
“Here,” he tossed her a can. “Thought you might be thirsty.”
“Thanks,” she pulled up the can ring.
“Anything wrong with the last call?”
“Not really… Michael and Doijima discovered a few details about Amon's family history. A witch cursed his family and it looks as if I'm part of the curse.”
“Amon will die by fire.” She bit her lip. “My Craft power is fire. Does that mean…” She stopped and hastily gulped down her drink.
“You know this mumbo jumbo. Not everything appears as it seems. Fire could mean something else. Like…” Nagira stared at the evening skies, thin fluffy clouds stretching in the golden orange lake. “Just to let you know, it's his grandmother who contacted me.”
“She did? I thought it was you.”
“Nope,” He shook his head. “Strange, isn't it? It's like she knew.”
“How did she know that Amon is alive after being separated from him for so long?”
“The advantage of having a famous grandson,” He spotted a black car. “Ah! Finally.”
Tapping his fingers on the can, he waited for the car to park nicely behind his. Amon stepped out. Nagira was somewhat relieved that he was able to stand.
“You look terrible,” he remarked, observing the massive eye bags on his pale face.
“Dealt with it. Where is she?”
“Follow this address.” He handed him a piece of paper. “It's a few blocks straight down.”
“Have you seen her?”
“Nope. She contacted me through a phone which line can't be traced. Plus, she specifically instructed that she wants to see you alone.”
“And you trust her?”
“Don't you trust me?”
With a strained smile, Amon took the paper and walked past him. Robin opened her mouth to speak but stopped, sunk back in her seat and looked away. Within minutes, Amon reached a fairly presentable yet slightly run down building. There was no lift, only a staircase leading up to the fifth level. Thankfully, she lived at the second floor. Amon felt breathless by the time he finished the last step. Brushing his stray hairs aside, he walked onwards to the third gate to his right and pressed the doorbell. Controlled by some invisible force, the gate and door unlocked themselves and opened. After making sure that he wasn't watched, he entered.
As soon as he entered, he was in a place filled with crystal water. Giant lotus leaves floated quietly on its surface, carrying their radiant flower above the waters. A marble path lay in the middle of the water. Its sides were lined with golden burners, producing an appealing balsamic scent. At the end of the path, there was a silk curtain. When he took a step, the curtain rose, revealing a woman sitting on a cushion, cross-legged in a meditation position.
The woman opened her eyes. Vivacity glistened in her dark purple eyes. Her supple rosy lips broke into a smile, revealing a perfect set of human teeth. Long masses of raven black curls fell upon her slim shoulders, blocking the glow of her bronze crescent collar. The bracelets on her naked arms and ankles tinkled as she moved. At a glimpse, her bosom rose beneath the fragile fabric.
“Welcome, Amon,” the woman beckoned, her voice deep and somewhat ancient.
His eyes darted about the place before realizing he was already sitting next to her. His heart skipped a beat. Speechlessly, he stared, feeling the woman stroking her cheek and down the lining of her jaws with the back of her fingers. The anxiety in him dissolved and vanished. In a moment of uncertainty, he slapped her hands away.
“What form of trickery is this?” he demanded.
“Is this the way to treat your grandmother, my half-blood grandson?”
“Impossible! The last time I saw you, you were an old woman.”
“A true witch never reveals her true self to a human.”
“Is abandoning me and my mother one of them?”
“So you finally accept my daughter as your mother? Odd, seeing the way you hunt witches made me believed you did this to spite her.”
“Why did you send for me?”
“When it comes to our offspring, we, like humans, will do what we can to ensure their survival. Since your mother is decreased, her duty falls back to me. Considering how much you bear her features, it is impossible to me to remain heartless at a time like this. Your mother and I did hope that you were spared from the curse by marrying your father. Alas, what is done is done and cannot be undone.”
“Is there a cure?”
“At least your feelings about the outcome are honest. My father, your great-grandfather, was well versed in his Craft powers but it is strongly connected to his emotions. He had to remain stoic at all times for his powers often reflected his feelings.”
“What does he have to do this?”
“Everything!” She retorted. “The solution to this I see is to fully accept your witch heritage. What did you do when you had those attacks?”
“How did you know about the attacks?”
“I'm your grandmother, foolish child. It is natural for parents to sense the Craft powers in their children. When your mother sensed yours, she almost went berserk. Fortunately, she had some premonition abilities that enabled her to see a way to end the Curse through you.”
“Through me?”
“Think, boy! Do you think she deliberately display her powers on that day just to get caught? No! In her premonitions, she saw the people who could aid you. Your mentor, Father Juliano and the witch whom you are currently with, Robin…”
“Robin? How long have you known? Why is she involved?”
“Why are you with her? Of all the women, a witch!”
“She's… she's… I don't know. She's different. She doesn't use her powers to hurt or kill people.”
“So was your mother. She gave up her life to save yours and you repay her with blood.”
“It's not my fault that they abused their powers. Besides, since you are obviously almighty, why don't you do something?”
“Getting bratty, aren't you? Your mother made me swore not to interfere.”
“Convenient. What would you have done?”
“Simple.” She flashed a serpent's smile. “Castration.” Amon was taken back. “Most curses have no effect on the sexless. Naturally, your mother objected fiercely. Now that I have re-evaluated this, it seemed to be the second best solution.”
“Guess you preferred me dead. What about the ensuring your offspring's survival?”
“You are my last. What options do I have left?” She leaned forward. “Believe me, there are plenty of people out there wanting your pretty head. They all are just waiting for me to die so that they can get yours.”
“Should I be grateful?” Amon stood to leave. “I should have never come here.”
“Waste of time? For your mother's sake, I have kindly confirmed your worst fears. You will become a witch, Amon and there is no other alternative ways in stopping the Curse besides those mentioned.”
“You said my mother saw Robin in her premonitions. What does she have to do with it?”
“My dear half-breed,” she smiled knowingly. Amon could not tell if it was an expression of sadness or wickedness. “Elemental powers are double-edged sword, either creations or destructions. No matter how you view it, they are the solutions and I myself cannot guarantee the outcomes.”
Rashib `Carr' Hartmann chewed on his cigar. It was not like Slick and Rexas to be horribly late. Throwing it on the floor, he stamped on it. Outside, he threw hurried footsteps thumping up the staircase. Standing a few inches sideways from the door, he stuck his foot and counted for three seconds. Suddenly, a man penetrated through the door, tripped over his foot and fell flat on the ground. Rashib clicked his tongue.
“Thought it might be you, Bian,” he growled at the man with several earrings at his left ear. “Where are the others?”
“Dead,” Bian stammered. Rashib frowned. “The hunters killed them.”
“You don't say? And you have to tell me after…” He glanced at his watch. “Twenty seven hours?”
“I had to hide! I had to make sure that they weren't pursuing me…”
“Blah blah,” Rashib grabbed him by the hair. “For all I know, you sold them out!”
“No! Never!” Bian panicked. “I swore allegiance to you! I swear on my life!”
“Quit pleading like a whim,” Rashib placed his fingers upon his temple. “Don't move and keep your mind blank. Just want to take a peek of your memories.” Bian gave a high-pitched groan. “Hmm? What is this? Is that what you did? Unbelievable.” He pushed him away. “Unbelievable.”
“What did you see?” Bian tried to crawl back to his feet.
“Usually, I would have you killed but since you have produced a vital information, your miserable life is spared. Call up everyone.” He smiled broadly. “Tell them that our favourite hunter is in town.”
To be continued…
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