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Chapter 7 - Resolution (Final)
Glancing at her comrades, a pair of female twins and a scrawny lad, Zena turned her attention to a plain beige building. A local hostel for foreign backpackers, she was told. Without doubt, it was a poor hideout. No crushed beer cans or cigarette butts. Not even a sound of any foreign tongues. She was right. STN-J had gone sloppy. The last fight with Sakaki and Karasuma wasn't even a snack. She glanced at her comrades again. This didn't feel right. Rashib `Carr' Hartmann never… never sent anyone else to assist her. Was there something else he was hiding from her? She carefully concealed her smile.
There was more to this venture than she considered, even more about Rashib. Within a few years, he gained the trust of many witches and warlocks. Those who opposed him seemed to have conveniently disappeared. However, he was pretty sincere about bringing down the legendary witch hunter, Amon. A personal vendetta?
“In a good mood, aren't you?” One of the twins spoke up. Zena cringed at her squeaky sugary voice.
“Does that bother you?”
“No. But we would like to remind you that Rashib wants Robin alive.”
“Alive?” She concealed her smile again. The daughter of Father Juliano could be a worthy bargaining chip to the cause. On the other hand, why would Solomon regard her safety?
“Very well.” She replied, hoping that her fake reluctance was convincing enough. “You three return. I'll handle her while Rashib deal with Amon.”
“But Rashib said…”
“You three are a distraction. Now leave!” She lashed out her snake-whip. Quickly, the twins and the scrawny lad backed away.
Fastening her pace, she entered the hostel. The main counter was empty and once again, no tourist trash along the main hallway. Turning to her right, she saw an ebony staircase leading to the second level. Cautiously, she headed upwards, unsure whether something unnatural was drawing her in.
Very soon, a door was in front of her. Zena drew her hand to her snake-whip, scowling at the sensation that someone or something was directing her movements.
“No need for such violence,” said a voice behind the door. “Please come in.”
Scowling even more, Zena turned the doorknob and entered. Sitting on a chair, a lady in black, with one leg tucked beneath the other. Her hands folded neatly, displaying a regal presence for a brief moment.
“Solomon's little princess,” Zena hissed, determining not to let a brat overshadowed her. “How would you like to proceed five seconds from now?”
“If you are civil and sincere,” Robin replied. “Then here are my conditions. Firstly, release Sakaki and Karasuma. Secondly, leave your organization and keep a low-key life. Just these two in exchange for your life.”
“Do you think this is some TV drama?” Zena's hand flew to her whip. Suddenly, hellish orange flame engulfed her weapon into ashes. Gasping, she turned to Robin.
“Please consider my offer again.” Robin stood up. “And kindly close your mouth.”
Silence reigned between the two. Their eyes locked upon each other.
Then, Zena crackled a deep laughter.
“I don't know where Rashib keeps his spoils. He practically runs everything around here. Cockroaches can really climb high,” She turned to the door. “However, I don't intend to sacrifice myself for his ambitions. You win this time, little princess. And oh… by the way…”
Then, by the trick of the lights, Robin thought she saw two gleaming fangs emerging from her mouth. Quickly, she moved backwards, assuming that she was aiming for her neck. Something cold grasped her wrist, after which something sharp sinking deeply into her flesh. Her eyes moved towards the touch, catching a brief glimpse of Zena sneering.
And then came the darkness.
Stamping on his finished cigarette, Rashib stared at the cloudless sky. As a child, he wondered why skies were created. Apart from the usual ecological explanations that were forced down in every child's throat in school, he always felt that there were mystical forces behind it all. Were skies made to remind men their insignificance? Their fragility? So yes, the skies were no doubt the winners. Who could withstand their elemental powers?
He stretched out his hand, curling his fingers into a ball. He would. Someday, he would unlock the secret behind the mystical forces and end this stupid war between mortals and witches. No more pretending. No more lies. No more double-lives that destroyed everything and everyone he came into contact with. Yes, he wanted to end it all. With that bastard's head, no one would dare to oppose him, not even his superiors at Solomon.
But first things first.
“How kind of you to seek out me first.” He causally took out another cigarette from his pocket, watching a slender tall man emerging from behind a tree. “I thought that was my job but I guess old habits die hard, don't they?”
“I suppose,” Amon politely replied. Curiously, the photo that STN-J provided didn't seem to do justice for his features. He seemed somewhat younger despite his unshaved cheeks.
“Solomon's most fearsome witch hunter. We haven't had the pleasure of introducing ourselves. I am Rashib Hartmann or sometimes known as `Carr' to some. By now, you have probably figured out that I'm a double agent for Solomon. And yes, they still want you more than ever, considering how volatile your craft or whatever powers your dear mama had given you.”
“As for your woman, my orders are to take her back to Solomon. Father Juliano has only room for his little princess, considering his ageing heart. You, my friend, are to be terminated.” He threw the finished cigarette and crushed it beneath his shoe. “Recognize this place, mon ami? This is where it all started. I was in a café not far from this beautiful park. It was then I first felt you. Coincidentally, it was during my assignment to eliminate the most potential witches and warlocks. After which I found you through dear old Bian, do you remember him? The one who stuck that Orbo pendent inside you? By now, he should be in the morgue. A stroke of luck, it was.”
“Well, your luck will soon run out.”
“Maybe,” Rashib unbuttoned his jacket, folded and placed it onto the bench. “Nothing personal, Amon, just business. Even if you killed me, Solomon will not stop sending hunters after you and your woman. Meanwhile, your comrades, Karasuma, Sakaki, Administrator Kosaka and Hattori are undergoing a special treatment. The other two will eventually be found. STN-J is in deep trouble. I cannot guarantee their lives but I will guarantee yours to be a living hell. In the long run, either Solomon will have your head on shiny sliver platter or your own powers will consume you.”
“Then as conciliation, I will take you with me.”
“Doesn't matter. There will be replacements. Who wants to live forever?” Rashib positioned himself. “Do you?”
Naturally, Amon assumed that he would be using a weapon or some sort but he didn't. In fact, he disliked that causal attitude. Made him feel like he was having a normal session with a sensei. Quickly, he dismissed the negative thought. This was going to be his last fight. After this, he's taking Robin out of Japan and to somewhere else safe. Europe sounded nice. Maybe, they could have their honeymoon at Paris.
Sprinting forward, Amon went straight for his vital areas. Rashib was already getting ready to defend himself. Just the way he wanted him to. As if he were in a baseball game, he skidded down and slipped past Rashib, landing on his back as he spinned. The barrel of his gun aimed perfectly at Rashib's forehead, right between the eyes. His fingers held the coldness of its metal exterior as he pressed the trigger down. An unnatural thunder roared in his ears. The last thing he saw was Rashib's face going blank as he fell backwards with a soft thud on the ground. After panting for a while, Amon stood over Rashib's corpse.
“Nothing personal,” he knelt down to close Rashib's rolled up eyes. “I just want to be with Robin.”
As when he about to do so, a familiar acute pain shot up in his chest. Amon stumbled, falling over to his side. The muscles in his brain pounded crazily. Fighting to breath normally, he turned his face at Rashib. It was not intentional. It seemed like Fate wanted him to. To his horror, he saw Rashib getting up, rubbing at the sides of his temple.
“Okay, that really hurt.” A bloody bullet popped out from his skull. “This is probably the first time anyone has shot me like this.” Amon struggled to get up but couldn't. The pain was increasingly unbearable that his mouth couldn't make a single sound.
“Looks like your genetic cocktail is having party,” Rashib stood over Amon with a smug, reckoning the blood on his face should be gone by now. “One of the criteria for Solomon's double-agents is that they must have regenerative abilities. That way, they could accomplish their mission without having the fuss for replacements. Every time, those pussies freaked out. And you know why? Because they know that they are going to die. And why? Because I can't have mouths wagging my secret. Hey! Are you listening?” He saw Amon's eyes turning white. Sighing, he took out a pocketknife from his pant and straightened it out.
“Tell you what. I will slit your throat and dig your heart out. How about that?”
Awaking in a drugged-like manner, Robin found herself at the backseat of a car. Strangely, she was not bounded or gagged. Within twilight seconds, she recalled the last thing that happened to her.
“Enough beauty sleep, little princess?” Zena mocked, turning the steering wheel. “Don't bother to do anything till it wears off. By then, you'll be back with Solomon.”
“Aren't you going to hand me over to Rashib first? Isn't he your boss?”
“Not if he's going to double-cross me like the others.” She calmly stopped at the traffic light. “My little hunch tells me that he's an agent for Solomon yet for some freaking reason, no one can defeat him. The best advantage I have is to let you witness him killing your honey. Amon was among the elite. Fighting with him might cost him some energy. Then, when you see his bloody corpse, you'll kill him with your rage.”
“Amon will not die,” Robin spat. “You assume too much.”
“Then, if Amon kills Rashib, then you two can go and build your love nest. I, on the other hand, will take over his place and make every single mortal suffer. Still planning on killing me?”
“First of all, you have to find Rashib.”
“I know where he is. At some park. He said that was the proper setting. That stereo beginning-of-the-end setting… and what in Hades is that?”
Looking out of the car window, Robin saw flashes of white light exploding from somewhere. The car began to increase its speed immensely. A daunting feeling chilled down her spine. She recognized this area. The place where that painful conversation led to Amon's ill-fated destiny. The effect of that anti-whatever-protective serum has gone off. Amon was going to die excruciatingly.
Not if she killed him first.
As soon as the car arrived a few meters towards the designated area, Robin opened the car door and jumped out. She landed with bruises on her arms and legs. As she got to her knees, she saw the trees burst into tiny splinters. The trash bins flattened like soda cans. Neighbouring lampposts distorted like those in the murals of art museums. A deafening horn flooded her ears. Turning around, she saw Zena's car aiming for her, threatening to run her down.
She was about to unleash her flames when an invisible force swept the car up and spins it into a whirlpool motion. Bloodcurdling screams filled the air.
“Stupid fool!” Robin muttered. “A bloody fool!”
Rashib cursed as he got to his feet. That was why he disliked mixed breeds so much. Apart from their volatile genes, this one just had to get the worst of the lots. A sharp sting swept past his cheek and sticky fluid dripped down his chin. Another one came at his arm. And another at his leg. He needed not see the cuts on his branded pants. Raising his arms, he tried to move forward while maintaining his ground. Christ! This was walking against a wave of bees. Though pain was no issue for him, it was beginning to get onto his nerves.
A few meters in front of him, he saw Amon glowing in dazzling white light as his body levitated from the ground. He appeared to be unconscious. He better be. Killing him in that state was a complete luxury for the hunters of Solomon. Bloody too good for that bastard. If he remained in Solomon, he would probably be sedated for life.
Suddenly, Rashib found himself dazed and supine on the ground again. Why that son of a bitch… Rolling onto his stomach, he crawled towards where he thought that might be the safest area to plan out the most appropriate strategy before everyone exploded into oblivion. Being a hero never came across his plan. But there's no profit in being dead. Just then, he saw a car flinging high above him. As the car crashed onto the ground, its metal body was crushed like a sheet of paper into a ball. Streams of blood and oil spewed into the air. Droplets of organ matter splattered onto the ground. Rashib rolled out of the way, wanting none of that unfortunate soul on his skin. Then, something hard and wet fell onto his chest. He looked at it and cried out in horror. The object was none other than Zena's head that was ripped apart from her body. Her eyes still held the terror of her macabre death. Hitting it aside, Rashib scrambled for his life. This was one mixed breed that he preferred to stay away from. Solomon could sue him for insubordination for all he cared.
Squinting his eyes, he thought he saw a young lady in black staggering. She was rather bruised but not too badly. Where did she come from? Who's she? … Robin?!? Guess that Zena's death was not in vain after all. Solomon might let him off for this. Gathering his strength, he sprinted forward.
“You're coming with me, little missy!” he yelled, grabbing Robin by the wrist. She resisted. He knew she would. Punching her in the stomach, he tossed her across his shoulders. Then, a hot sizzling sting burnt his arms. Yelling, he dropped Robin. The next thing, he realized that he was holding up his arms against a wave of fire.
“What the hell you're doing?” He screamed angrily. “Solomon sent me to get you to safety!”
“I'm not going back!” Robin retorted. “I'm going to save Amon!”
“Are you mad? He's beyond any hope.” Rashib then released strings of odious language. Why did he even bother to reason with this woman? “Fine! If you're willing to die, go ahead! I'll just… Argh!” He held his scorched hand. “What the hell…” Lifting his other hand, he again felt the same pain but this time, he managed to see ripples of some forcefield before they disappeared.
“Looks like Solomon had thoroughly planned this out,” Robin remarked. “As your lackey drove me here, I notice that there weren't any people or cars in the street. I'm guessing that Solomon or some other organization have created a forcefield to lock us inside.” Her eyes diverted to where Amon was. Though the distance was quite far, she could see him standing in a zombie-like state. His eyes were pearl white and blood was streaming out from the corners of his eyes.
“Like hell I'm going to die in here,” Rashib cursed, pulling Robin forward by the front of her coat. “Use your flames or else!”
“Or else what?” Robin pushed him away. “I'm prepared to die with Amon anyway.”
“This is madness!” Rashib faintly replied, not believing what he just heard.
“Love is madness.” Fiery flames began to surround Robin. Its warmth was comforting. “I would rather die than to live without Amon.”
With these words, Robin ran, paying no heed to the destructive environment around her. It wasn't long before she reached to where Amon was. Concentrating, she walled the flames around Amon, enclosing him in one swooping motion. His clothes started to burn yet he fought against the walls. White light emitted from his body, wiping away her flames in an instant. It was not the power that made Robin gasped but rather that blood was leaking copiously from Amon.
Then, in a moment of recklessness, Robin threw herself onto Amon, screaming out his name over and over again. Rough arms wrapped around her, threatening to break her back like a twig. Despite the agony, Robin channeled her flames to engulf them both.
Burning flesh.
Cracking bones.
Waves of serene happiness…
In front of her, there was a barren tree where a naked man hung, crucified. Despite her confusion on how she got here, she spin around, desperate to find Amon. There was no sign of him anywhere in this white dimension of emptiness. When she turned back, she nearly fainted at the recognition of the crucified man.
Instantly, she tried to use her powers to free him but nothing worked. Suddenly, a wave of black flames twirled around him like a venomous snake. Vile chants echoed in her ears. Numerous scenes of past history zoomed past inside her mind. Forbidden love. A promise that was never fulfilled. Betrayal. Pain. Death. The cursed punishment. The Curse on his lover's descendants.
Then, Robin finally understood the ill fates waiting for Amon. Either he die by his own powers or by the flames of hatred from the one who initiated the Curse. Her Craft powers of the Flame had nothing to do with it. Falling to her knees, Robin wept. Enough. She begged. No more. No more.
Then, she heard a raspy voice that sounded like winter's wind. It seemed to be coming from the black flames.
Are you weeping?
“I'm weeping because the love of my life is going to die and he's innocent.”
Innocent? The flames shook violently. In what way? He's a backstabbing traitor. Like his ancestor. The whore she was!!
“Amon is no traitor. He did what he had to do back then. Torn away from his mother. The one person who love him. And you think it's fair to punish him because of what you failed to do?”
Me? Failed?
“You promised his ancestor that you would come for her!”
I did come for her yet she chose to stay with him!
“You came after the wedding vows! By laws and by rights, she's already married! Have you ever considered the consequences her family will suffer if she chose to go with you?”
She broke our promise!
“I'm glad she did!” Robin answered unsympathetically. “She deserved better! I don't think you understand what love is. If you truly loved her, you would confront her family and tell them straight in the face that you would love and treasure her always instead of choosing to elope!”
Because of her, my bloodline is dead!!
“Even if you kill Amon, your bloodline is still dead and you will remain in this hell hole for all eternity! Is that what you want?”
What do you purpose? The flames spoke after a while.
“I don't know,” Robin blurted, frustrated. “But I don't intend to let Amon die here.”
Then, die!! The flames encircled Robin, suffocating her in their stench. Hers will die along with mine. The flames sang. Hence, sealing our fates together, as promised so long ago… No! It can't be!
Between coughs and teary vision, Robin watched the flames returning to the barren tree, swallowing Amon in a black whirlpool.
No! It can't be! The flames wailed horrendously. The deed has already been done! Damn him! Damn his whore! Damn they all! Her bloodline continues to exist!!
Pressing her hand to her womb, a stunning realization came to Robin's mind. Tears came to her eyes as she bit her lower lip. A child. Created out of love. Her heart pounded. Was she ready for motherhood? Amon. She needed him more than ever. He cannot die. Not now. But how? That vengeful spirit probably came from the pureblood lines that she read about during her younger years at Solomon. She was no match. If she were to die, then this child would… No. Not when there were so many things to look forward to. A future where witches, warlocks and mortal could live in harmony. No discrimination. No more witch hunters. No more Solomon. Oh god, if that's a dream that seems so… impossible.
But right now, there must be a way to appease this vengeful soul to release Amon from the curse. There has to be a way… unless… no… she couldn't… she shouldn't… what if… what would… what if she don't… would Amon… No… there's no other way….
“I have a proposal for you,” she spoke up, weakly. “I have a proposal for you,” she repeated, this time, stronger. The flames seemed to be responding. “What if …” She inhaled deeply for strength. “You want to end her bloodline because she is responsible for ending yours. If you end Amon's, your bloodline is still dead and you will spend your eternity like this forever.”
Why are you repeating the obvious?
“Listen to me!” Robin fought to keep her voice steady. “I'm pregnant. What if I could continue your bloodline through this child that I'm bearing in my womb? Would you then release Amon from your curse? It is what you want, isn't it?”
You would do that for him? The black flames uncurled itself around Amon and flew to her, aiming towards her lower belly. You do realize that my foes will sense my aura in this child whom I intended to conceal in him my past memories and powers until the time is ripe. Any houses of the pureblood, if they still exist, will not acknowledge this child. In other words, this child is doomed to live a life of sorrow and pain till the fulfillment of a task that was bestowed to my ancestors. A task I strayed from as result of an emotion that should have never taken place at all. These are the terms in exchange for your lover's life. Will you willing to sacrifice this unborn child of yours despite the fact this child is much more innocent compared to all those you have met in your miserable lifetime?
“Yes, I'm willing,” Robin answered, not fully comprehending what she just heard.
Without seconds wasting, the black flames penetrated into her womb. She threw back her head, crying out at the heat scorching her inside, as if there was an unsettled furor that was never going to end. Between tears, she saw the barren tree releasing its hold on Amon. He was no longer naked but there were tears rolling down from his eyes. Grabbing Robin, he held her close to him, murmuring something into her ears. She couldn't hear what he was saying.
She blacked out.
Ten years later….
With the palms of his hands pressing the railing of a fourth-floored balcony, Amon watched the children merrily playing at the playground area. Robin was there, sitting on one of the benches, reading a story to a young boy. He had chestnut locks that curled girlishly at his ear lobes, brown eyes and lips that could smile like an angel. Then, he shifted his attention to another boy playing happily by the swing. Unlike the first, he had raven black hair and dominant facial features that could obviously point out his biological father instantly. A characteristic that neighbors observed from his sons. Considering the medicinal fact that they were twins, most assumed that the genetic cocktail had played a joke on him and his lawful wife. A few others teased that the babies were accidentally switched.
As soon as he turned around, he found himself in place filled with lotus leaves floating upon the crystal waters. At the end of a marble path, there was a woman sitting on a cushion.
“You know, grandmother,” Amon began calmly. “It wouldn't hurt to visit me like any other mortals instead of snatching me to one of your dimensions.”
“Oh shut up!” She hissed, getting up. “And stop addressing me as grandmother. Makes me sound so old. Call me Lita. Congratulations on surviving the curse!” She continued briskly. “Shame that you had to depend on Robin to bargain for your life. What a delightful choice she had made!”
“The memories of that incident are vague but I don't recall you being there in the first place. Both James and Judas are my sons.”
“James, you mean,” Lita corrected. “And Judas… Ha! Did you know that's the name of the man who cursed you and your male ancestors? That little boy is exact replica of him!”
“That doesn't change anything. So far, we have been living peacefully. STN-J is disbanded. Karasuma, Sakaki, Administrator Kosaka and Hattori are living as normal civilians. Michael and Doijima's whereabouts are unknown but they did drop in a nice Christmas Ecard. As for Rashib `Carr' Hartmann… I don't really care but I'm guessing that you're here to stir things up as usual.”
“The war between mortals and us is raging, my naïve grandson. I'm truly glad you have finally become a full-pledged warlock but someday, you and Robin have to choose which side to fight for. More than ever when your sons grow up to accept the cruel reality of their birthrights. Aren't you afraid that one day Judas might end up killing James when his awakening comes?”
“For a long time,” Amon replied after a moment's deadly silence. “I always wondered why my mother left you and chose to live among mortals. Now, I do. If she hadn't, I wouldn't meet Solomon, STN-J, Nagira and Robin and learn from them how to accept my past, my heritage and my powers with its blessings and curses.” Lita saw the pupils in his eyes transforming into pearl white. A strong gust of wind blew past her, menacing to grip off her fragile clothing. “My mother had hope. The hope of possibilities that your wicked heart is so eager to stamp out.” Then, the winds softened and disappeared as Amon's eyes returned to its original colour. For the first time, Lita felt a mortal chill down her spine.
“I will not deny the harsh future Judas will face when the time comes for him to learn the truth. Nonetheless, as his father, I will be there for him. So will Robin and James. Till then, my sons will live the childhood that I never had. Should you attempt to ruin that in any single way, I solemnly swear that I will kill you and all those who abide you. Perhaps, mortality is a welcoming change for you.”
“As much I appreciate you embracing your heritage,” Lita snarled. Her dark purple eyes flashed resentment. “You are still a half-ling. Someday, you will die. James is already under my protection as degreed by my kinsmen. As for Judas, how long you can protect him from himself? His true nature of the Dark.”
“That is none of your concern. All that I have just said is the resolution of your half-ling grandson who once wandered aimlessly and now found his place as a husband and a father.”
“That was more or less what your mother said to me,” Lita smiled, somewhat pleased. “Moreover, you two are somewhat like her. Duty and Family before one's heart. Despite the curse that the first Judas made, his lover led quite a happy life. Her decision at the marriage alter was much admired. In fact, her lawful husband would probably annul the marriage if she had chosen the other path. I supposed that our ancestors' continuous attempts to break the curse, to some extent, diverted its outcome to this. As unpredictable as our powers can be, it is odd or rather a coincidence that your darling Robin happened to have twins in her womb. Or is it that that the first Judas' unforgiving spirit was touched by her sincerity that it magically produced a twin to coincide with your unborn child? A mystery, isn't it?”
“A mystery preferred to be unsolved.” Amon prepared to leave. “If you were excuse me, it's my sons' teatime.”
“We will meet again.” Lita waved her fingers to return her grandson to his rightful world. “That is, if you are still alive!”
“Count it on!” Amon whispered, relieved that he's out of that dimension. Then, he heard someone calling for him.”
“Daddy!” cried the chestnut-haired boy, running into his father's arms. Amon picked up him as if he were made of feather. The boy squealed with glee. Then, he sensed something strange. “Daddy, what's wrong?”
“Oh nothing, Judas,” Amon replied, fondling his son's hair. “I saw you and Mummy reading a story. Care to tell me what it is?”
“It's Harry Potter again!” responded a voice that came from behind. “Judas is soooo into it!”
“So are you, James!” Judas protested. “You're just pretending.”
“Alright boys, enough now.” Amon put Judas down while rubbing the dirt off James' cheek. “Go in and clean up. Daddy brought chocolate fudge for teatime. Come on. Go! Go!”
“Chocolate fudge?” questioned Robin, watching the boys disappearing into the bathroom. “Tomorrow is their dental check-up.”
“Just a little fudge.” Amon pecked her on the lips.
“As long as you're paying the bill.” Robin kissed back. “Where were you? For a brief moment I thought you actually left this world.”
“Something like that. Tell you tonight,” He led Robin inside the apartment. “Right now, I want to enjoy my time at the place I loved most…”
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