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Hunger Red Moon by: Labyrinthine Reflection Poison
Pairing(s): Kiba/Kagome and Tsumi/Sango
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Author's Note: I changed my pen-name finally but it makes no sense whatsoever since Labyrinthine means complex so…Complex reflection poison? Anyway thanks for reading this fic and enjoy this Chapter! Flame if you will if you find this chapter confusing cause I am right now sleep deprived and am Sugar high which is a dangerous thing mind you. I think that this story will be about 20 chapters long…so be happy!
Summery: (WRxIY KibaxKagome) a prophecy is unfolding, and untold secrets are being whispered. When the moon seems to be bleeding red, the ancient divination of the wolves begins. The end of the world is near, but paradise can be found with the help of a new alliance. Can Kagome help the wolves find paradise? Or does paradise even exist?
Chapter 5: Paradise
(Kiba's Dream)
He cradled her body tightly against his own the smell of death had already started to overpower her sweet scent. His instincts were strong as he held tightly onto his mate his befuddled mind thinking that if he held tightly enough that she will stay with him and not be brought to the world of the dead.
Kiba howled into the night sky his howl sorrowful and grief stricken. Kiba's face had softened under the mask of stifled misery while he looked with woeful eyes at his dead mate. He reverted back to his wolf form his pristine white muzzle buried deeply in her glossy raven hair. Kagome's sky blue dull eyes starred lifelessly into Kiba's golden eyes her moonlight skin had turned a shade paler showing blue veins that coursed underneath her skin.
The portal to paradise had started to grow smaller almost closing but Kiba did not care. Kiba curled around his mate his head lying onto her swollen stomach which held his dead kit. Kiba whined his human mate lying coldly under his warm body. He got up once more circling around Kagome his tongue licking at her pale cheek.
The portal to paradise had finally closed but he snarled at it knowing that his mate had died opening the damn portal. There was no paradise…
He howled once more the air around him thick his soul wailing while the cry arouse in the piercing silence. Finally he ceased his howling laying carefully onto his mate laying his head on her chest. He stayed there unmoving not leaving even when his body yearned for food or something to drink. Kiba finally lay there not even breathing for many months. The moon had turned an angry red swirling and trying to dominate the silvery light that the moon had once produced. Finally the moon had settled on red and let its illumination fall onto the dead couple well with what was left of them.
Steadily the crimson light vanished waiting for the couple to find other bodies to once again go on the mission to find paradise. A fate destined for star-crossed lovers…
Kagome starred idly at the withering scroll its yellow complexion looked as old as it felt. The ancient scroll was tied with a dusty purple ribbon, with fumbling fingers she to untied the small knot and opened the paper. Kagome bit the inside of her cheek the tender flesh already welling with blood as she bit harder. She tried to make sense of the antiquated handwriting the Kanji's too emaciated to make sense of. A deep and velvety silenced settled in the small hut as she opted towards biting her lower lip.
Kagome wondered how Keade had read the prophecy when the paper seems to want to turn itself into dust. Kagome still wanted to know why the old miko thought that it was her that the prophecy was describing. Her whole life had turned complicated after she had fallen into the ancient well. Well she did expect it since she did travel 500 years into the past. Kagome laid the scroll back under the floorboards of the huts where the old miko instructed her to do after she had read it.
So many emotions welled up in her chest as she sat graciously upon her haunches the tatami a bit uncomfortable to sit on. She couldn't understand why she couldn't experience normalcy for maybe just a fleeting moment. So many responsibilities lay on her shoulders making her carry the burden of her chaotic life. Kagome delicately brushed a few strands of hair behind her ear as she regarded the sleeping Kiba that lay on the futon.
A wet cloth soaked in sweet smelling herbs lay on his head since a small fever had formed. His chest was bare except for the bandaged that covered the wound that the dead miko had inflicted upon him. Her brows furrowed as she looked at the wound knowing that it was her fault that he was hurt in the first place. Kagome laid her hand on the wound feeling the blood soaked bandage.
“You know that hurts right?” A masculine voice said as Kagome jumped back a few feet. Sky blue eyes regarded the flustered miko as he tried to dispel the weird dream that he had experienced. Kiba tried to sit up but a soft hand stopped him from doing so making him lay back once more on the futon.
“Maybe you shouldn't move around so much.” Kagome whispered her voice soft as she remembered his cold golden eyes when he transformed into his natural wolf form. She was stilled puzzled as to how he was not a demon but he could transform into a wolf. She stretched out her aura making it wrap around his own aura, it was a jumble of colors each color depicting what he felt at the moment. A feeling of contentment filled his body making his heart beat quicken as he looked at the young girl that sat beside him. Kiba for some reason remembered the vivid dream his emotions were still raw as he saw those dull blue eyes.
He shivered involuntary as he dismissed the feeling of grief that coursed through him when he looked at the young girl. Kiba just realized that he didn't even know her name.
“Higurashi Kagome. I need to change those bandages…” Kagome said feeling his confusion since her aura was still wrapped around his own. She looked at the blood soaked gauze that was the only thing that covered his bare chest.
Kiba nodded his head as he tried to relax on the futon that smelled of her scent. He closed his eyes as her cool hands started unwrap the bandages. The wound was small but the arrow had embedded itself very deep making the wound bled constantly Kagome sprayed some disinfectant making him wince. Kagome blew on the wound trying to sooth the small pain she inflicted once more she wrapped a new bandage on his chest.
“There, all done!” Kagome said cheerfully as she looked at her handiwork finding it acceptable. Kiba smiled a bit as she seemed to glow at what she accomplished. Kiba's blue eyes took in his surrounding finding a sleeping Toeboe resting on the wall; Kiba considered the younger wolf a younger brother really. Kiba's half lidded looked at Kagome, he still had no reason as to why he had saved her. He acted on impulse and instinct which resulted in a painful wound on his chest. Her delightful wave of scent made him close his eyes almost letting his befuddle mind to take pleasure in the world of slumber. His nose twitched when he smelled another scent it closely resembled to his own but it was slightly different. The scent was tinged in arousal making him wrinkle his nose in distaste. Finally he figured out that it was another wolf…..
Kouga ran through the dense forest the leaves brushing against his tan skin. The loamy scent of the damp earth invaded his senses as he ran at an inhuman speed. Well he was far from human….
His bright blue eyes scoured the forest hoping to find the owner of the delicious scent that wafted towards his nose. His eyes narrowed when he didn't find the young priestess, Kagome. Kouga punched the nearest tree as he caught the scent of Inuyasha and an unknown person so close to his woman. His possessive instincts kicking in as he ran once more towards the village where his woman resided in. The shikon shards glowed in his thighs as he felt the adrenaline rush as he jumped every once in a while to add more speed. Today was the day that he would take what was his and no mutt face was going to take what was his….
He ran his fingers through his silvery white hair pulling at the small pony tail at the nape of his neck. He growled in irritation as he pushed shrubbery and leaves away so that he had a clear trail to walk. Hige was lagging behind which made the irritation surge through his already confused mind. Tsume had no idea where he was the air pollution that once tainted away was cleared away.
“I'm starving…” Hige said as he was hit by a branch courteously of Tsume. Tsume wondered how Hige could think about food when they didn't know where they were. Hige rubbed his cheek where the tree branch had hit him as he sent a glare towards the older wolf. Hige's whining had cease as he starred wide eyed at something that stood behind Tsume looked towards Hige finding it odd that he had stopped talking abruptly when he rambled about anything every chance he got.
Tsume turned to look at the younger wolf finding that his magenta eyes were wide, he raised an eyebrow at this but suddenly something flew towards them. Hige and Tsume ducked just in time as Tsume looked up in time to see a girl dressed in a tight fitting suit with what seemed a giant boomerang in her hands.
End Chapter
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