Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ I found bliss ❯ Ignorance ( Chapter 1 )

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Steam rose off of the hot spring. Kagome and Sango slipped in soon followed by the young kit, Shippou. The steam gave the forest around them a dream effect. Kagome looked lazely up at the moon and stars glistening brightly above. Finally she had to make a decision. One that could hurt. Naraku was dead. Ony two jewel shards were left, the ones Kouga had. Kagome didn't want to take them from her wolf demon friend. InuYasha said he'd rip them out himself until Kagome sat him. She sighed heavily. Sango looked over to Kagome.

"Kagome, what's wrong?"

"Well there are only Kouga's shards left. What am I supposed to do now? I don't belong in this time so is it right for me to stay?"

Sango looked down at the water, unsure how to answer her sister.


InuYasha, Miroku and Keade sat around the fire pit. They all had serious expressions on. Keade looked up to them.

"I have recently heard of a prophecy that supposedly, had been going around for years. The one of the priestess dieing and rising as a wolf of forbidden blood. And after rising begins a journey that will result in the destruction of the world."

"Yes, I was told that story when I was a child by my father before he passed. Didn't she loose the past and her future to the wolf who gave her the forbidden blood."

Keade nodded. InuYasha was still caught on the fact that there were only two true priestesses left. Keade and ...

"Kykio" InuYasha murmered.

"Aye, that is what I think as well InuYasha. If ye should run in to sister, make sure to let her know."

InuYasha nodded.


Kagome was on her way back. Sango wanted to stay a bit longer and volenteered to watch Shippou if he wanted to stay longer. She was walking down the narrow path that lead back to the village. A soul collector skimmed by her. A shiver went down her spine as she sensed the dead miko drawing near. Kagome disliked when the miko was near her, afraid that she would kill her. Kagome quickened her pace a little. Her heart rate sky rocketed as more and more soul collectors appeared around her. Finally, breaking into panick, she went into a run. As fast as she could, she sprinted to Keade's hut.

They all looked up at her. She trembled slightly. InuYasha's nose twitched slightly. Clay, bones, and dirt. Kykio. He stood. Kagome looked up at him then adverted her eyes to the floor and stepped aside. She knew InuYasha would always go back to Kykio, but that never made her stop loving him. She thought it over. How she wished InuYasha would choose her over the dead women. It wouldn't happen. No matter how much she wished. When it came to InuYasha and Kykio, she would become invisible. Her heart slowed back to it's normal pace. Miroku looked up with sad eyes, understanding how much it hurt Kagome that InuYasha always went to Kykio. Kagome rolled her sleeping bag out on the floor.

She drifted off into a broken hearted sleep, to a dream that would never come true. The morning came swiftly. Kagome woke early with Shippou curled in a ball next to her. She glanced around the hut. InuYasha had not come back. She sighed. On her way out she grabbed her bow and arrows. She lifted the door flap and exited quietly. she went to the spot where she first saw the sould collectors. They were still in the same area, floating around, seemingly harmless. She walked closer and heard InuYasha's voice.'At least he is still alive' she thought.

"Kykio, I want you to stay with me."

"What about my riencarnation?"

"She is not important. You are. I want to make you my mate."

"Of course InuYasha." She replied enthusiastically.

Kagome trudged back to the hut, her head hung low.


Every one was up and doing some thing when she returned. Sango spotted her first.

"Kagome!" Kagome looked up tears streaming down her cheeks. "Kagome what's wrong?" Sango asked panicked.

Kagome shook her head and entered the hut. They all looked back to the woods were Kagome emerged from. The saw the familiar red fire rat coat the was InuYasha's. Another figure, they couldn't make out, was walking next to him. As the two drew closer they knew who it was. Sango glared at the on-coming pair. Miroku kept his calm expression but it was obvious that he to, was upset. InuYasha looked at them.

"I have taken Kykio as my mate." He stated bluntly.

Sango knew now why Kagome was upset. She glared venomisly at them. Kykio kept a black stare.

"How could you!" She screached at the top of her lungs.

InuYasha's ears flattened against his head.


Kagome looked blankly at the wall. Tears didn't cover her face. Her eyes were glazed over a little though. InuYasha felt a pang of pain in his chest. The bond was broken. His and Kagome's bond. He left Kykio's side and looked in the hut. Kagome was leaning against the wall. Sango walked in and sat in front of Kagome. Kagome didn't react. Sango waved her hand in front of Kagome's face. Nothing. She snapped her fingers. Still nothing. Shippou woke. Rubbing his eyes he saw his mother. He jumped in to her lap, expecting a warm greeting. When he didn't recieve one he looked up at her.

She didn't even notice him. Not one muscle moved, not even to blink. Miroku came in. Sango embraced Kagome in a sisterly hug. Tears fell stray from Sango.

"What's wrong with Kagome?!" Shippou wailed.

"She's broken." Miroku said, his emotionless resolve finally breaking.

"Can we help her?" Sango asked.

"Only she can help her self. It may be a temporary break, but if not, then there's nothing we can do."

Miroku looked away. Sango stood. Anger burned in her eyes. She marched out of the hut, and went straight to InuYasha. She smacked him across the face.

"You! Why? Do you even care about Kagome?!" She smacked him again.


After that event Kykio and InuYasha stayed in the village but in a separated hut because Sango wouldn't let either of them near Kagome. Two days passed by. Kagome didn't even eat. On the noon of the third day is when she came back into it. She stood slowly. Sango turned toward her in surprise.

"Kagome." She said happily.

Kagome looked at her with sad eyes.

"It is true isn't it. What I heard in the woods, about Kykio and InuYasha."

Sango nodded sadly. Sango expected Kagome to go to tears again. Nope. Not a single tear fell. Instead, she laughed bitterly.

"Maybe, he was right. Was what he said true? That I'm so worthess that even a clay pot made of bones, is better than me."

Sango took a step toward her.

"Don't. I don't want any pity. Not now, and never again." She hissed.

Sango stepped back stunned. What happened to the kind Kagome? The one that was always so full of confidence that she even stood up to some of the most powerful demons. The one that was so kind she'd give the shirt off her back to keep you from freezing. Miroku came in when he heard Kagome's voice.

"Lady Kagome, glad to see you up."

"Stoe it." She snapped. "Where is he?"

"The hut at the east end of the village." Sango said.

Kagome walked out. She went straight for where InuYasha was supposed to be. She found the hut easily. He was inside, she could feel his aura. Thanking the trianing that Keade gave her for her powers. She flung the mat open. InuYasha was about to yell at whoever just came into his hut univited but stopped.

"Kagome..." He mumbled.

"Yeah, Kagome." She spat. "Just came hear to give my blessings. Have a good life InuYasha, you and your clay pot girl."

"Kagome I..."

"Shut up. Any excuse you have I don't want to hear. I don't need this any more!"

She ran into the woods. Her mind reeled over what she just did. Then her thoughts turned to what needed to be done before she went back though the well. Two things. That's it. Only two things needed to be done before she left the time she never belonged in any way. The first, was to get the last two jewel shards. The second, was to say goodbye to all those she cared about one last time. And so, she set out.


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